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Official Name Ferr-Iron.
Common Nicknames Old Iron, Grey Copper
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Smithing
Origin Unknown
Uses Weapons, Armor, and Tools
Rarity Common
Accessibility All Classes

Ferr-Iron is a base metal in Aloria, capable of being used in dozens of objects and has been discovered at least a dozen different times by the various Races and different cultured Ailor of Aloria. Grey in coloration, the metal is malleable and can often be reused or reformed with ease should the need arise.


Ferr-Iron is an abundant metal found and used across history by many Races. While information on some of the oldest examples are lost, Ailor records are quite complete on this particular subject. Within the last 100 years before the Cataclysm, the western Ceardian Warlord Ferrson suddenly gained iron weapons and tools. He nearly established a continent-wide kingdom, but it ultimately fell apart when he was forced to absorb other people as workers after which his discovery of Ferr-Iron was no longer a secret. From that point onward, it was a commonly used metal, and in the years following the Cataclysm, it helped the Ceardian people expand and develop (as much as they could given the warlord climate anyway). In a different part of the Ailor world, the Regalian Empire has just begun its ascent, and it too soon had access to Ferr-Iron, mined from the Anglian mountains with the aid of newly arrived Dwarves from Ellador. Since then, the metal has gradually appeared across the world and is now one of the most common materials in Aloria, used in the creation of numerous objects for war but also civilian life.



In its raw form, Ferr-Iron appears as a faded silver color ore with a highly coarse structure. Once the material has been smelted, it has a dark grey coloration with lighter grey flecks throughout.

General Uses

The middle ground of metals, Ferr-Iron is neither the most durable nor the most fragile. Ferr-Iron can be bent into many different shapes and responds fairly well to being heated, allowing for more flexibility in a blade. The metal itself is relatively impure, having a mixture of other minerals often found in the ore, which leads to the metal needing to be processed before it’s distributed to the public for forging. Unlike the superior Metalitra, Ferr-Iron is not easy to recast. This weakness results in excessive amounts of Ferr-Iron being used to create replacement or extra weapons that could be used for other things, such as cannons or armor.


Ferr-Iron has no real abilities outside of its versatility, being able to be forged into a blade or shaped into a cooking pot.


  • It took the Ailor roughly fifteen years to learn to forge with Ferr-Iron on Ceardia, with Warlord Ferrson inheriting those who had mastered the skill from the groups under the rule of his warlord father.
  • Beyond its use in making weapons and armor, Ferr-Iron is used to make cannons, and thus the demand for Ferr-Iron has been on a steady rise for the past few years.
  • Ferr-Iron essentially means “Iron-Iron” in D’Ithanie though it is unclear as to how this happened. Some say the name comes from Warlord Ferrson and others believe it was an Ithanian attempt to stop counterfeiting. Most people just call the material Iron.

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