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Official Name Iron
Common Nicknames Aged Iron, Red Iron
Proficiency Iron Family Metallurgy
Origin Ceardia
Uses Various
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Lower and Middle Classes

Ferr-Iron is an alloy of the base metal Iron and has enjoyed near equal success to its big brother. It sets itself apart from Iron by being lighter but more brittle, along with being a paler grey with a deeper red tint than normal Iron. Still, it is just as capable of being forged into multiple objects and has an interesting history originating with the Warlord Era of Ceardia that began after the Allorn Empire collapsed. The material is largely used among the lower classes of Aloria though.


Ferr-Iron is often assumed to have been created shortly after the emergence of Iron itself, but in fact, it was nearly a hundred years after the Cataclysm when the metal emerged. This took place on Ceardia, a now-lost continent, and its origins have been much obscured by local myth. However, the general tale goes as follows: Soon after the Cataclysm, the Warlord Period broke out on Ceardia, with one of the first leading men being a Warlord named Ferrson. Warlord Ferrson had at his disposal the remains of an Allorn slaving ship that had been dashed on the coast a decade earlier, and so its Iron, Copper, and more helped to fuel his warband and its need for weaponry. But as time wore on, this metal degraded, and Ferrson began to fear the loss of his power. So, he began to mine the earth extensively, dredging up Iron ore along with other substances, which his people rapidly began to try and forge into new weapons. Their efforts, however, were ultimately somewhat sloppy and unrefined, yet Warlord Ferrson did not care. Ferr’s Iron, as he now called it, was soon wielded by his warriors to maintain his territory. But because it was of a lesser quality than his older weaponry, Ferrson’s territory soon shrunk, and he was killed by his nephew for control of his region. Ferr-Iron as a whole remained highly local to Ceardia for a further century, but as Ceardians migrated away from Ceardia in increasing numbers, the metal traveled with them. Technically inferior to normal Iron, the substance still became commonplace, prized for its color and origin in the heartland of Ailorkind rather than true effectiveness. It was also lighter, which was a benefit for simple people living simple lives, needing equally simple tools and objects. Today, this remains the material’s primary use, existing in an array of objects for the use of lower classes.



Ferr-Iron is an alloy of Iron, and so it has no natural form. After it is forged, however, the material takes on a light grey coloration with a much stronger tint of grey over its surface as opposed to the light tint of normal Iron, and the grey to dark grey coloration is flecked with light grey.

General Uses

Ferr-Iron is a somewhat more brittle metal than normal Iron, but that has not stopped its usage in just as many objects as normal Iron. Cups, saucers, plates, cutlery, candle holders, and many more simple objects can be made using Ferr-Iron. However, it is exclusively used by the lower classes of society, and the metal broadly has the same position in many places as Tin objects; simple, sometimes downright crude, but cheap.


  • Ferr-Iron means “Iron-Iron” in D’Ithanie, which meant some Ithanian smiths thought the metal was actually an improvement of normal Iron.

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