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Appearance Sour goat cheese with pine nuts and a sugar drizzle.
Difficulty 1/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Etolian slave owners
Class Lower Class
  • 2 cups of goat cheese
  • 1 cup of pine nuts
  • Sugar drizzle on top

The Fetalikos is a snack based in degradation and necessity. It tends not to be considered tasty in any regards, but is filling at the very least. Most who partake in it have few other options, and despite lacking in desirable taste, it is certainly cost effective. Those who are seen eating it are seen as unbelievably poor, eating it because they have no other alternative.


The dish traces its origins back to the Suffran Order, an organization founded in slavery, most notable for importing its slaves to Etolia. Although met with success, there was a major logistics problem that hindered their initial progression. Securing enough food for the vast quantity of slaves they imported became increasingly difficult, resulting in losses of capital due to starvation. They couldn’t afford to sustain the slaves on bread or grits as they had in the past. As a result, they turned to whatever what was abundant in the area. Thus the Fetalikos was born, a simplistic “meal” consisting of goat cheese that had long gone sour, nuts from pine, and ground sugar.


To make Fetalikos, begin with a bowl. Dump your goat cheese into it, and allow to sit until slightly warmer than room temperature. Afterward, break it apart with your fork and it should crumble easily. Add your pine nuts to this. Stir enough to incorporate evenly, and allow this to sit in the sun, adding the sugar drizzle on top. Serve it warm.


  • The dish looks like goat cheese tends to, consisting of mostly palish yellow tones. It crumbles at the touch, but generally has a smooth texture. The only real color in the dish comes from the pine nuts, sprinkled through the cheese.
  • The smell that overwhelms every other aspect of the Fetalikos is the pungent odor of goat cheese. Having been allowed to warm and expand in the sun, the sour scent is certainly distinctive.
  • The Fetalikos’ primary taste is sour due to the cheese. There are notes of earthy sweetness from the pine nuts and sugar, but it is easily masked.


  • Despite the stigma surrounding the Fetalikos, there are a few eccentrics who enjoy the dish. *Only higher nobles who, for one reason or another, have found themselves craving the food are spared from the disgrace that comes from being seen eating it.

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