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The following Fibers exist in canon Aloria. All Fibers possess between one and three Traits. These are: Durable (it tends to last long), Fragile (it is delicate and doesn’t last long), Light (physically weighs less), Heavy (physically weighs more), Soft (self explanatory), Warm (self explanatory), Coarse (self explanatory) and Lustrous (naturally shines and has raw beauty, but is generally thinner). These Traits are largely for flavor and to suggest what sort of creation should be made with them. Fibers are used in Crafting Point Buy Packs.

Name Traits Special Properties Appearance when woven
Fastox Qiviut Durable, Heavy When left undyed and untreated, completely weatherproof to snow and rain Range of natural white, beige, brown, and grey tones. Can be woven into thick or thin fabric
Magni Rabbit Hair Fragile, Soft None Often dyed vibrant colors, with a halo effect of soft fuzz and luxurious softness
Listigsvart Stoat Fur Soft, Lustrous None Almost always pure black unless lightened before dyeing, with a lustrous sheen
Puraanabee Weave/Puraa Fabric/Linen Durable, Light Can bear icons granted by Holy Manifestation 1 on the fabric rather than on the skin Due to a somewhat rigid nature, is excellent for embroidery and garment construction
Baadalan Tree Bast/Cotton Durable, Light, Soft None Can be dyed with vibrant colors, naturally light and airy
Sieth'lusia Seagrass Fiber Durable, Heavy, Coarse None A rough, scratchy fiber used in rope and sailing equipment
Nettlestalk Thread Light, Lustrous Always shimmers lightly as if being slightly rippled by a breeze Light and soft like cotton, though with a notable sheen
Royal Oak Bast Durable, Coarse None A favorite substitute for leather, given its rigid and tough quality, and can be dyed or painted
Brass-heart Tree Bast Durable, Lustrous Highly resistant to fire Has a unique golden sheen under firelight
Blåfrakk Goat Wool Durable, Soft, Warm Has an inherent warming effect, and is slightly warm to the touch. Typically left undyed in Modra blues and teals, and often felted into rigid fabric
Anglian Black Breed Sheep Wool Durable, Warm None Naturally dark in color, though can be dyed. Has mildly elastic quality, perfect for warm dresses with a classic drape
Ceardian Wooly Sheep Wool Durable, Warm None The most common wool, takes color well and can be made into thin or thick fiber for weather-resistant clothing
Northern Blackleg Breed Sheep Wool Soft, Warm None A very full and feltable fiber, traditionally used windproof capes, warm blankets, and insulating wall tapestries
Daen Manteu Sheep Wool Soft, Lustrous None A very fine and slightly lustrous wool that can be pure white, or takes dye well. Often used in expensive clothing for its sleek texture
Silk Durable, Light, Lustrous None Commonly used for high class clothing, takes dye very well for bright colors and is durable for daily wear
Elastan Durable, Light Naturally waterproof Appears sleek, gleaming dark blue
Peltastan Durable, Light, Soft None Appears in a wider range of colors, with the same flexibility as Elastan but lacking waterproofing, instead being duller in color tone and softer
Cäll'ashmarën Durable, Lustrous None Appears like golden thread with a smooth appearance, like flowing gold

Registered Fibers

This list will show all Registered Fibers belonging to player Characters from Custom Kits. These Fibers never require a pack for the registering person, and can only ever be used by another person with direct supervision and help from the registering person. Even attempting to work with the Fibers results in destruction of the material.

Character Name Class Special Properties Appearance when used
Example Char Rivatt Sheep Wool Soft, Lustrous None The tips of the wool shimmer in silver
Sivrid Sorenvik Helsilke Mushroom Fiber Light, Lustrous, Coarse Glows faintly when underground A pale silk-like fiber with a slightly rigid structure
Sivrid Sorenvik Frode's Hair Lichen Fiber Heavy, Fragile Organic plant matter can be grafted or woven into the cloth permanently Looks like living or dried moss, with flowers, vines, or leaves integrated into the cloth
Medea Galenea Manali Durable, Light, Lustrous Colors change depending on crystal used. Iridescent, reflective silk woven out of crystals.
Medea Galenea Shivali Fragile, Light, Lustrous Glitters like a fresh blanket of snow. Turquoise fiber woven from glacial ice, encrusted with snowflakes and translucent like glass.