Fire Magic

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Fire Magic
Fire magic.png
Hidden No.
Classification Elemental Magic
Energy Source Void
Origins Farah’deen
Average Level Caster
  • Dragon's Fire

Fire Magic is the first known elemental form of magic on Aloria, and is one of the most practiced amongst the Alorian populace. The magic can be recognized when the caster calls forth fires from their body like the dragons in the days of old. Fire magic knows one sub-school: Dragon's Fire. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of magic. Due to its age and popularity, Fire Magic has become a great fallback for aspiring mages, and is one of the simplest and quickest forms of magic for anyone to learn.


Fire Magic is assumed to have originated first in Farah’deen, due the proficiency the Qadir people have shown with the magic, and just how obsessed they’ve grown to become with the judgement of flames and worship of the Sun. The truth of the matter remains that Fire Magic originated from many areas, one sprout following the other.

Fire magic's prominence and popularity skyrocketed after the formation of the Regalian Empire, specifically during the conflicts between the Daendroc Humans and the Elves during the short Human slave insurrections that plagued the last 100 years of the Elven Empire. Fire Magic shortly had a massive boom during the Chrysant War, more so than its usual popularity. Fire mages who had been collared by the Azure Order were immediately drafted to wage war on the Naylar, and often used Fire Magic from their ships to set fire to Naylar cities or coastal villages. This spared them costly cannon balls that used more time and money than ideal. As is with many forms of magic, Fire Magic’s exposure to the world stemmed from necessity.

Fire Magic is the most commonly used form of magic in the present day due to its easy learning curve and how quickly one can catch onto it. Most book stores have an "under the counter" manual on fire magic, and there is a large abundance of fire mages that can teach pupils, especially on the Rim Isles in the Regalian Archipelago, where fire mages make up most of the personal retinues.


Fire magic was originally referred to as nothing more than a series of short, quick grunts in its early years of discovery. It was only then developed further upon being adopted by Elven mages within the empire. At that point, it was given the name of “Tur Naur,” directly translating to “to control fire.” Upon the formation of the Regalian Empire, it was then presented to the Human populace as the Common phrase “Fire Magic.” Given the Daendroque’s affinity for the magic during the time of the Daendroc Human vs. Elven conflict, the magic’s name was often spoken in such a tongue; this being “La Magia del Fuego.” The term “Dragon’s Fire” specifically came around when people took note that the magic manipulated fire, similar to that of a dragon.

Present Day

Fire Magic is the most commonly used form of magic today, due to its easy learning curve and how quickly it’s caught onto. Because of an extensive amount of informational subject matters regarding Dragon’s Fire magic, it can be considered a rather commonplace topic in a majority of populated regions.


Dragon’s Fire magic is one of the most accessible magics available to date. Instructional tomes on the magic can be found throughout a vast majority of bookshops in Aloria, often kept in more reserved sections of the stores. Because of this, nearly anyone who wishes to be a self-taught practitioner may do so, so long as they have access to the necessary materials. A variety of mentors can be found as well, should one seek direct tutoring in the magical form. These mentors can be found with great ease across Aloria, available to all who put forth the effort to find one.

Specifics of Fire Magic

Dragon’s Fire

Dragon's Fire is the most popular form of Fire Magic. This form of magic is relatively easy to learn and catch on to. Dragon's Fire occurs when the caster cast fire from their hands, expending magical power to ignite air at will. Because most mages use this form to hurl fireballs at their foes or burn to destroy, Dragon’s Fire is considered an offensive form. However, this form is also fully capable of being used defensively. A Dragon's Fire mage could cast a wall of fire in front of him to dissuade an enemy, such as an opposing swordsman, from getting close enough to strike at them. Dragon’s Fire is very versatile and easily operated, meaning even the lowest mages of Dragon's Fire can cast fireballs and create walls of fire. Higher mages of this form are known to being able to cast more efficient, violent, and lethal flames. A novice can cast a simple fireball to set something ablaze or cause burn wounds on an unfortunate victim, while an expert mage is able to cast a firestorm hot enough to melt iron.


  • The strongest fire mage ever known was an Elf called Lanwenlla Estellona. Not much is known of her life as information has been suppressed by the Azure Order, but one thing people do know is that she died in a giant fire she caused by summoning the apparition of a massive dragon almost as large as the Regalian cathedral around herself. This all occurred when she was confronted with an ex husband.
  • There are rumors of Fire Magic novels existing within the public section of the Regalian library. These are generally denied by the clerks however, who attempt to keep the library clean of magic manuals.
  • Fire mages can actually color their fire different colors than just red or blue by using certain powder ingredients that combust when in touch with fire. However, only experienced pyromancers use these dusts, as they have a tendency to burn violently and harm the caster.

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