Flatte Bröd

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Flatte Bröd
Appearance A plain flatbread, topped with slices of candied apple
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Dragenthal chefs
Class Commoners
  • Two teaspoons of dry yeast
  • Two cups of flour
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • One cup of warm water
  • One teaspoon of oil
  • One apple
  • Two cups of cool water
  • One stick of cinnamon

The Flatte Bröd is a typical dessert in Dragenthal, a light fare meant to be enjoyed after a heavy meal. Both the ingredients and procedure are non-intensive, making it a practical choice for those not familiar in the kitchen. It began as a simple pastry, meant to be consumed as a light snack, and ended up becoming a somewhat elegant treat. Because of its plainness, the dish is easily customizable, and is often topped with an assortment of fruits and sweets.


The Flatte Bröd began as a ration for soldiers and knights training within Dragenthal. At that time it was a stale slice of dry bread, with little to no flavour. To feel fulfilled, many would use whatever was on hand to season it, often pairing it with a slice of cheese or even salt. The practice caught on quickly, becoming an impromptu competition to see who’s topping was the most decadent. The most popular by far was the apple compote, glazed in sugar and sprinkled in cinnamon. It became the most widely accepted and consumed, but was by no means the only correct option for flavouring. It spread far past the boundaries of Dragenthal, and is widely consumed in the Crown Isle.


Prepare the topping first. Using a sharp knife, dice the apple evenly, being sure to leave out the core. Pour the sugar, water, and apples into a pot. Slice open the cinnamon stick, and toss this in last. Boil it for forty minutes, until the apples are brown and soft. While this is happening, in a large bowl, mix your yeast, flour and salt evenly. Add the water in slowly, and begin to work the mixture into a dough. Oil the bowl down and cover with a cloth, and allow this to sit for half an hour. Take a sizable piece and lay it flat on the counter. Use a rolling pin to roll it into a disk of any size of the chef’s choosing. Put this onto a pan over medium flame, and flip once the bread begins to bubble. This should take approximately two and a half to five minutes. When it finishes, plate immediately and spoon the hot apple compote onto the bread. Season with extra brown sugar, powdered sugar and cinnamon, if desired.


  • The Flatte Bröd appears as a simple flatbread, with a candied apples. It’s oftentimes dressed up with a glaze to make it appear more sophisticated than it is.
  • Most of the taste is derived from the sweetness of the apples or fruit. The flatbread itself tastes doughy, and adds nothing significant to the dish aside from substance.
  • The cinnamon is the strongest scent, but the smell varies depending on which topping is used. The bread itself is relatively scentless.


  • As a sort of insult, people in Dragenthal, Loiree and Vixhall have taken to calling each other “bröds”, implying that although dressed up sophisticatedly, the person in question is boring and plain; much like the flatbread is in comparison to its topping.
  • In other regions, “bröds” is not taken as an insult and instead is seen as a complement or simple identifier between young men. The phrase is often shortened to “brö” by those of Anglian, Dorinn and Leutz-Vix origin.

Writers Skeletennessee
Processors HydraLana, Drunkfailure
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