Fletcher’s Wheat

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Fletcher’s Wheat
Official Name Fletcher’s Wheat
Common Name Sharpgrain, Arrow Grass
Classification Grain
Common Use Food
Origins Old Ceardia
Habitat Plains, Farms

Fletcher’s Wheat has a long history with the Ailor originating from their believed homeland of Old Ceardia. Carried across the world by their migrants and eventually refugees, the Ceardian people were quick to favor this variation of the grain over Anglian Wheat and Dorinn Rye. Today, New Ceardia is blanketed in fields full of Fletcher’s Wheat, and the hardy grain stands as a parallel to its steadfast caretakers.


Fletcher’s Wheat is said to be the oldest domesticated wheat in the world, and was common across Old Ceardia for centuries. There, it adapted a thick shell and a sturdy stalk to combat the varied environment and to the constant conflict that the continent endured, whether by Nelfin slavers before the Cataclysm, or the many primal warlord-fueled conflicts. Soon afterwards, the grain slipped away to distant to New Ceardia through the various migrants who escaped there. In 250 AC, its original cradle was destroyed when the Tendrils consumed Old Ceardia, leaving the wheat nought but extinct upon the beaten continent. It can still be found today in thanks to its prior migration, and now grows plentifully in New Ceardia and the surrounding landmasses.


Fletcher’s Wheat, despite it’s initial similarity to other known grains, is easily identifiable in both appearance and sensation. It is a stiff plant that grows from between three to four feet tall, with very few flag leaves upon its stalk. Any leaves that do grow are found close to the ground. The head of the grain is notably large and holds anywhere between twenty to twenty-five hard-shelled kernels, as well as a very pointed and prominent beard that is used to deter predators. The head frequently grows in clusters of three, rather than the two other species of wheat are found to grow in. Much of the plant is green, but the top section evolved to become a pale yellow as the wheat reaches maturity.

Uses and Abilities

Fletcher’s Wheat is most often used in Ceardian baked goods after being ground down into flour. It has been noted for its resilience to being ground down due to its hardy kernels. Therefore, this resilience is known to leave most Fletcher Wheat flour particularly grainy and/or impure. It also holds the distinction of being the cheapest wheat due to this perception and is most often eaten by the poor.


  • There are several theories or tales as to how Fletcher’s Wheat got its name. Some say that a despotic family named Fletcher controlled numerous fields in Old Ceardia and propagated that it was they who had discovered it. Others say that an arrow fletcher wandering through the forest found it growing in a clearing, and named the plant after it’s head appearing like the fletchings on an arrow.
  • A Ceardian tale tells of a woman who was captured by an Ogre and was told that if she ground Fletcher’s Wheat into pure flour, she would win her weight in gold. The tale has various endings.

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