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Official Name Flori’nelaya
Common Name Twisting Tree, Yanar Shrub
Classification Tree
Common Use Utility, Artistic
Origins Daen
Habitat Lush humid terrain and wetlands/swamps

Flori’nelaya are flexible trees of uncertain origins mostly associated with the Yanar. Named for one of their patron gods, Florianna, this species of tree is best known for being able to be manipulated by World Shift 1, which serves it well in decoration and artistic purposes. This means that poles and similar formations of the material are also easy to produce for Yanar, but fortunately for the armies of the world as well as guard forces, the wood of the tree is light, and easily broken under constant stress. However, because of the tree’s reddish-brown grain which is smattered with speckles, most stick to artistic and decorative uses for the plant’s wood, alongside the creation of furniture.


Flori’nelaya emerged at a similar time with the Yanar species as a whole and is widely viewed by their society as a gift from Florianna, the Yanera-Flor mother. Others believe the plant is some sort of natural offshoot or product of decaying Grul-Yanar bodies. Whatever the case, the early Yanar took to tending and transplanting the tree across Daen as they spread out following the Wildering. It supposedly took an accident for the discovery of the tree’s ability to be manipulated by World Shift 1 to emerge, committed at the hands of a Yanar cult leader in western Daendroc. Pursued by authorities for a litany of crimes, the Yanar in question sought any resource to arm their followers and ended up shaping Flori’nelaya into the base for polearm weapons that were then used to fend off those pursuing them. The incident became well-known in the Yanar community and it soon transformed Flori’nelaya into a key resource for Yanar gardeners and artists, but also for those with access to the proper abilities. However, the tree’s wood remains light and unable to support too much weight or resist damage like other types of wood, resulting in its use in weapons largely remain with simple blunt striking implements.


Flori’nelaya trees have a strange style of growth that highly varies their sizes. They have a narrow trunk with a twisting, natural shape, alongside a deep root network that can take over surrounding plants if it isn’t tended to properly. This natural twisting of the trunk can be manipulated, not even with the use of World Shift 1, into twisting along the ground and arcing in a squiggle pattern up and down along the floor before arching back up. In the end, trees can end up being as “long” as ten to fifteen feet, and similarly as tall. The tree’s bark is a reddish-brown, with densely packed, tripinnatisect leaves in a pale green coloration fringed by a shade of dark blue-green sitting close along its often winding surface.

Uses and Abilities

Flori’nelaya are best known for serving a decorative role within a household or in a topiary arrangement. Due to how easy it is to manipulate its shape, these trees are often turned into serpentine creations or are made to grow against and along structures. They are more often processed for their lumber and shaped through the use of World Shift 1 into ornate but natural-looking furniture, but sometimes into weapons wielded by the Yanar or their allies as well.


  • Flori’nelaya are sometimes grown in such a way that a tree’s trunk forms a complete circle on the ground.
  • Flori’nelaya are occasionally used to form the natural dome-houses of the Yanar known as Wetan built by those communities who exist isolated in the wilds of Daen.

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