Frivolous Ale

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Frivolous Ale
Appearance A fizzy, hazelnut-brown liquid
Difficulty 7/10 (0 - Easiest) (0-Easiest)
Creator Goodlife Aleworks (Ɛ̂ᵹᵹƕƸĨ̀Ɂɞ Ũ̌ƸɞƻᵹᶋɅŦ)
Class All classes
Ingredients Unknown

Frivolous Ale is the legendary namesake of the Frivolous (Guo) Dynasty and is both the foremost triumph and the ever-lasting legacy of fabled Guo era of Sihai brewing. Like Casilleroablo, this beverage is a combination of many different mystery ingredients - in its case, 44 - that are prepared, combined, and distilled in a method that is known only by a single centralized state producer: the Sihai Empire’s Imperial Brewery. Frivolous Ale is one of few exports solid in bulk via the Sihai’s few island free-trade ports and it has used these to make its way recently into the larger world. Its ingredients have remained unchanged, but secret, for over 1,000 years, and are known to include at least a combination of fizzy and mildly habit-forming herbs, fortified alcohol and a mystery dense, highly fattening additive. The combination of a potent alcohol content, mild addiction, high fizziness, and consequential rapid fattening almost single-handedly led to the Guo Dynasty’s most popular nickname: the “Fat Dynasty.”


At the inception of the Guo Empire, the Sihai court quickly began to neglect civil advancement in favor of offering great patronage to central leisure activities in food, the arts and, importantly, drink! Pei’ming, a famous Guo Sihai brewer and the owner of the famous Ɛ̂ᵹᵹƕƸĨ̀Ɂɞ Ũ̌ƸɞƻᵹᶋɅŦ (“Goodlife Aleworks”), was one of a dozen brewers commissioned directly by a Guo Imperial Court commission to generate new drinks of leisure. Pei’ming’s development process was long and arduous, made so mostly by the characteristic laziness and procrastination of his species, but an epiphany eventually led him to a combination of ingredients that created a beverage unlike any other yet introduced to Guo society. Pei’ming submitted his creation, which he officially called the “Golden Tonic” (Ɛ̂ᵹƸƕɞḸ̆ ɎᵹḸ̆Ĩ̀Ƣ, or Ku'ing'm'te'c'ha De'ing'ha'en'lu), to the Imperial commission for evaluation and distribution. The brew, for its sweet taste and fizzy quality, immediately became a favorite of the Guo Emperor and his court - according to records, the Emperor commissioned a “small lake’s worth” of the Golden Tonic for an upcoming summer festival. While gluttony and overindulgence were already a known quality of the Guo era, the Emperor’s summer festival was in a league of its own. The court, in total, drank such a copious amount of the Ale that they found it difficult to move, and the Emperor was said to have been unable to even lift himself from his throne. The Empire went without administration for almost a week as a result, making a lasting impact on the Imperial Court’s reputation as degenerate and leisure-focused. This event was so debaucherous that the Guo were granted the jeering title of the “Fat Dynasty,” with Frivolous Ale at its center. For its key place in Guo celebration and heavy overindulgence, the brew evolved to take the name of the Frivolous Dynasty itself. While its consumption is now much more reasonable, Frivolous Ale is still produced heavily in the Sihai Empire, though its production has now become an enterprise of the state.


While Frivolous Ale remains a state-kept secret, some of its ingredients and processing methods have inevitably become known to the public in its 1,000-plus years of production. The primary ingredient is a secret cultivar of an unknown crop unique to the Sihai Empire. The crop, which is known to be produced in limited and controlled batches, is harvested and fermented in large vats - on fermentation, it creates a thick, heavy syrup with the consistency of honey. The product is flavored an introduction of more heavy syrups, ground spices, and dried fruits to give the Ale a fruity, almost soda-like flavor. The product is then filtered through a special aerating apparatus with a hand pump; this aeration gives it its characteristic popping, fizzy quality. Finally, the Ale is fortified with a highly alcoholic spirit to boost its alcohol content and is then casked in wax-sealed kegs for both aging and export.


  • The beverage appears as a deep, hazelnut brown white a pure white foam,. It is thick when poured and foams up quickly, often spilling over the edge of the drink's mug.
  • Frivolous Ale tastes sweet like cherry and vanilla, which heavily masks the taste of alcohol. It leaves a syrupy texture and a dry mouth in want of more to drink.
  • The alcoholic Ale smells fragrant, sweet, and slightly herbal like licorice. It has a slight fizz that crackles and pops on the nose.


  • House Anahera has consolidated the Regalian Empire’s import of Frivolous Ale under their organization - alongside Casilleroablo, it provides a percentage of the House’s annual commodity revenues.
  • The Ale, due to its large amount of sugary fruit syrups and other additives, provides its consumers with a huge spike of caffeine-like energy; this is followed by an even greater energy ‘crash’ a short time after.
  • When exposed to Frivolous Ale, many Guo Sihai drink it ravenously - to this date, it is not known whether it is an ingredient in the ale or a part of Guo physiology that drives them to overindulge so much and so quickly.
  • After Pei’ming’s success with his Frivolous Ale, he sold his recipe to the state and then retired to the countryside to live a life of leisure. It is said he grew so fat off of his own product that he couldn’t leave his home, and resorted to hirelings to help him with even the most basic tasks!

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