From Dusk to Dawn

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From Dusk to Dawn
Author Jin’ova Jjinete’viento
Genre Fictional Prose
Accessibility Common Knowledge

From Dusk to Dawn was originally written by a twelve year old Altalar named Jin’ova Jjinete’viento in 286 AC as a gift for her scholarly father on his birthday, and was certainly never meant to be published and read by audiences around the world. However, her father noticed that it was similar to a theory he and his colleges held about the nature of Estel. They decided to publicly publish the work to promote their ideas to a younger audience. Today, the story is a minor feature of children’s literature but has fallen out of popularity in recent years, even with Yanar and Daen-native Nelfin due to Estel’s re-emergence, actions, and then disappearance.

From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn I sit on a cloud,
To watch, to sleep, to live life in sound,
I lift up my eyes to a soft morning stir,
But discover soon that my cats often purr,
“Jump down from the heavens,” a voice cried from the lonely beneath,
“Be joyful, be glee, and live underneath,
For I know you must wonder, the sands and the stars,
But at least come down so I know who you are,”
At this it was settled, I let down my fluffy cats,
One white, one black, and three times again,
As each one fell I wondered what might be,
My companion, I would find, was one I would never meet,
As the cloud became lighter, it soon went adrift,
And at once I had no choice but just to set lift,
I let go of the cloud, of my old bedroom chambers,
As I fell to the world of my newfound neighbor,
As I fell from the Heavens, to the Earth from the Sky,
I witnessed the sorrow of his dear dreadful lie,
He cast me in his shadow, he cast me away,
To an island where I sat for the rest of my days,
Now I struggle as I stir in my sleep,
I listen to the sorrow of my kittens as they weep,
For I fell to the Earth to be enslaved and propertized,
Yet I wish that could be since I am but lonely and confined,
For dreaming is my life,
And dread is my wonder,
To dance is my lie,
And my pain is to ponder,
From Dusk to Dawn I stare at a cloud,
I watch, I sleep, I live life in sound,
I lift up my eyes to a soft morning stir,
But remember now of my captor, poseur,


  • The second to last stanza in From Dusk to Dawn has been adapted numerous times into common phrases within Altalar society.
  • Despite the literature piece being frowned upon in Regalia, it is not actually illegal.

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