Galis Veleto

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Galis Veleto
Appearance A cone with shaved ice, usually dyed with a multitude of colors.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Montanian chefs
Class All Classes
  • One cup of confectioner’s sugar
  • One cup of sweetened milk
  • Readily available ice
  • Three cups of sugar
  • Dyes of your choice

The Galis Veleto is a colorful dessert hailing from scenic Montania. Its design mirrors the flowery visage of the land it comes from, representing sweetness and youth. It’s most often enjoyed by children but helps to fight off the oppressive summer heat. As a dish, it happens to be very representative of the fun-loving and leisurely attitude that the region exudes.


A rather simple dessert, the Galis Veleto had a simple conception as well. Montanians wanted something sweet and cold to enjoy during summer festivities, with the added prerequisite that it was easy to carry around. Local dessert stands responded with sweetened cubes of ice, decorated with sugar cubes. Despite their best efforts, there were complaints that the meal was boring and too square and that there was little appeal in it. To address the problems, they began to shave the ice into small crystals, dyeing them with whatever colors they had on hand, resulting in Galis Veleto. The dish gradually filtered to neighboring regions such as Brixoid and Pays Sud which then led to it reaching a much wider audience. While a rarity for much of the year, summer festivals and major public events often have a stall selling this cold dessert.


To begin making Galis Veleto, a chef must first use any method available to shave a piece of ice down until it’s as fine as snow. In a bowl, the confectioner’s sugar should be added to the shaved ice before the sweetened milk should slowly be folded into the mixture. This mixture should be cooled, but not frozen, until it starts to clump and grow sticky. In a separate saucepan, add the sugar and dyes, heating them until they become a syrup. Different colored syrups can be created by using different colored dyes, producing different colored Galis Veleto in turn as after the syrup has been cooled, it should be drizzled or poured over top of the flavored ice.


  • The Galis Veleto is a mound of shaved ice, usually grated until it becomes as fine as snow. The color depends on the dyes used, but tends to center around bright hues.
  • The syrup, which has the effect of introducing color, also provides for most of the taste. It’s often purely sugar, but some have been known to use fruitier alternatives.
  • The Galis Veleto is mostly sweet, being made from almost entirely sugar. If any fruit juices were used in the creation, it takes on that taste.


  • Unsurprisingly, the Galis Veleto is hard to come by, mostly because ice is a rather rare commodity in places where it’s not commonly available. When it is available, during winter, no one wants to be eating ice. It’s usually a luxury afforded to those who can store ice no matter the temperature.

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