Garuda Stalk

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Garuda Stalk
Official Name Garuda Stalk
Common Name Sweetmilk Stalk, Nolansa Daena
Classification Grass
Common Use Poison and delicacy.
Origins Yang-Tzu
Habitat Jungles

Hailing from the distant Yang-Tzu Islands, the Garuda Stalk remained largely unknown to wider Aloria until recently. The plant was found years ago and both groups of natives to the Islands quickly made use of it. Possessing a dual function as a delicacy and a poison, it has the ability to blind those who taste or who are touched by its bark and plant juices.


The Garuda Stalk has a long history. It is unknown when the Wulong discovered the plant but Ch'ien-Ji texts dating back as far as 100 AC mark observations made by Ch'ien-Ji scouts of such a plant. Two uses of the plant were discovered shortly afterwards: First, it served as a delicacy, often used by the Wulong who drink the milky substance within the plant on special Wulong occasions as a dessert. Its second use that was established was the stalk’s poisonous bark, able to cause blindness for others which the primitive race used to tip their spears and arrows. These texts mention that Ch'ien-Ji discovered the bark’s effects through accidental consumption of it. Since this period, both groups have used the poisonous bark in different ways, with the Wulong praising it as a delicacy and practical additive to warfare, with the Ch'ien-Ji focused solely on its warfare aspect.


Very tall at a height of normally 4-5 meters, the Garuda Stalk has a similar shape and texture to bamboo. It is different from this other plant however, by being colored shades of yellow, possessing no leaves, and can be frequently be found growing in clumps across the central Yang-Tzu islands.

Uses and Abilities

There are two major uses of Garuda Stalk. The main use of the stalk is that upon reaching full maturity, after a period of ten to fifteen years, it can be dug up from the ground, allowing the top or bottom to be cut off. This allows for people to drink the milky substance inside. A less appetizing use, however, would be the Garuda Stalk’s bark. The bark or the tough juicy walls of the plant can cause periods of blindness in their subjects with even when ingested orally. The plant’s poisonous nature can be used in a variety of ways. The bark is useful as a poison, the tips of Wulong spears and arrows are laced with juices from the plant walls. It remains potent throughout all forms of application, with the period of blindness being the main difference and not the extent to which a person is blinded. With traders taking samples of the plant back to wider Aloria, alchemists and others have taken to using the plant for use in malicious potions.


  • Teas made with the bark of the Garuda Stalk lack the negative affects of the plant. The taste is also eradicated, allowing it to easily blend in.
  • One of the most recent cases of Garuda poisoning was at an Ithanian dinner party where every guest suddenly turned blind. This caused a series of accidents and damages as everyone fumbled around.
  • Garuda Stalk takes its name from the island of Garuda in the Yang-Tzu Isles, now under Ch'ien-Ji control, where reports of the plant first surfaced.

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