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Genetics is a Point-Buy mechanic that gives a Character certain genetic conditions. You cannot learn Genetics, you are born with them, and in most cases they are hereditary. Even though all below conditions are born into, they still cost Proficiency Points for balance sake, because they all provide some kind of function. Most packs have real-world parallels, but they have been given fantasy names to make room for their fantastical aspects. When buying a Genetics pack, mention it under Abilities on your Character Application. Each pack costs 3 Proficiency Points.

Pack Description

Being a Paleblood means that a Character's hair and skin lack pigment or melanin, always appearing very pale. It also causes their eyes to appear reddish-pink (not crimson red like Vampires). Paleblood Characters also have photosensitivity- bright or flashing lights hurt their eyes. However, all Paleblood Characters can see the Soul-Rivers of Aloria, similar to the Isldar. Palebloods have a strong position in any Old Gods culture, being considered touched by the Gods.


A Character with Voluism can be up to 1 foot and 2 inches taller than their Racial maximum. Voluism also alters their proportions to be closer to an Ailor's. For example, a Nelfin's lithe body frame would become more average, with larger bones, while an Eronidas would become slimmer and lankier. Characters with Voluism are not bound to any Racially imposed Body Shape or Body Fat limit. However, they are no longer able to dodge or side-step Mundane or Ability-based projectiles, and have a permanent -5 Physical Stat penalty for being clumsy and clunky. It is not possible for Bolven Ailor to have Voluism.


A Character with Olvomism can be up to 1 foot and 2 inches shorter than their Racial minimum. They can use any other Character as an obstacle to block Mundane or Ability-based projectiles that are impeded by obstacles, and can more easily hide behind furniture and small objects. It is not possible for Dwarves and Fennh Ailor to have Olvomism.


A Character with Sanguiphobia is unable to clot their blood without Alchemy. The slightest wound or slash causes them to uncontrollably bleed, while they may also occasionally internally bleed, causing bruises. Sanguiphobia is named such because Characters with it are revolting to Vampires. Their blood sickens Vampires so badly that they do not even want to get near them, feeling awfully ill if they try to feed on them. However, Sanguiphobic Characters immediately lose Combat Roleplay upon the first hit, as any strike incapacitates them and puts them at risk of death.


A Herculean character is unnaturally brawny, having a wide shoulder frame, large bones, and an ability to build muscle with ease, fulfilling the traditional stereotype of the dumb but kind hunk. They have +5 Physical Stat (that does not break Racial cap), but cannot invest any Proficiency Points into the Science Skill Category, Arcanology Point-Buy, Roguery Point-Buy, Linguistics Point-Buy, or Schooling Point-Buy.