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Genos Seeder
Invented by Unknown
Used by Unknown
Rarity Exceedingly Rare
Common uses
  • Extracting Genos Seed
  • Identifying Genos Seed

The Genos Seeder is a mysterious and miniature device used by nefarious organizations to create a substance that they themselves even do not understand, but seems to have some quality value for certain underground mage groups and even Arken. A Genos Seeder, in the simplest form, is a finger hood-like device with a sharp needle-shaped metal ending, similar to a bee stinger. The object is used to forcibly pierce the Genos Seeder into the neck of the victim, much like a Vampire would, after which it drains blood through a chrysalis-like container in which the blood can safely be stored. This so-called Genos Seed is then sold to anybody who may have a use for them, even if the people who use the Genos Seeders usually do not actually know what they do.


The exact origins of the Genos Seeders are unknown, though puzzlingly, there have been murals depicting Seraph with similar devices performing rituals on animals and lesser creatures as well as slaves. The designs and carvings in the objects are seemingly early Elven, though the material from which they were produced is entirely unknown. These items have disappeared and resurfaced over the centuries, though have never appeared any worse for wear. In fact, scholarly attempts to reverse-engineer Genos Seeders have revealed that the Seeders are immune to the highest heats that may be produced by a forge, the greatest possible pressures available, and even to the time-related accumulation of dirt and rust. These objects have also frequently disappeared from the inventory of authorities, as if stolen by sinister forces.


Genos Seeders are not reproducible since the materials used to create them seem foreign to the known landmasses of Aloria. Rumors are afloat, however, that the Hellion Court in the Slums of Regalia has a number of them, and gives them to underground elements, who are willing to use them to extract payment for other services.

Note: You must be in possession of the Lore Staff Made Genos Seeder Item in order to actually own one IC, which can only be acquired through the Hellion Court in the Slums.


Physical Characteristics

The Genos Seeder appears like any normal finger hood, or thimble, a metal device used by seamstresses to prevent their fingers from being punctured with the needles they use to repair garments. The tip of the hood however has a needle, known as the ‘proboscis’. This proboscis, when inspected with a microscope, has a very small hole, implying it to be hollow, though no liquid aside from blood has been known to pass through it. The Genos Seeder, aside from the double layered hood, and the proboscis, has a small appendage on the underside called the Canal. How the liquid from the proboscis travels to the Canal is unknown, however when the proboscis is inserted into a victim, the Canal produces a small Chrysalis-like bubble that slowly fills with liquid extracted with the Genos Seeder. This Chrysalis bubble slowly inflates as the liquid increases in quantity, until the proboscis automatically stops extracting blood and the bubble is filled. The bubble itself then hardens, after which the liquid inside slowly changes light blue (changing away from the blood-red before) and becomes lightly luminescent. After this point, it may simply be detached from the Canal quite easily for transport or storage. The product that comes out of the Genos Seeder’s Canal is called a Genos Seed, which is usually labeled to have been made by a specific person’s blood.


The four stages of Genos Seeding on a victim, and the final product.

The Genos Seeder has two applications. The primary application is to extract blood from a victim through insertion into the neck, and extraction of blood which is then turned into Genos Seed. This process takes about half a minute to complete, but does paralyze the subject or have any form of process that makes extraction easier. To make matters more difficult, the subject must also be conscious in order for the process to work, and the Genos Seeder does not work on any other body of liquid, or animal, only the sentient races of Aloria. The second use of the Genos Seeder is a so-called Seeding Recall. This can be done by tapping a completed Genos Seed with the Proboscis of the Genos Seeder, after which the person wearing the Seeder will receive a very short flash vision of the person’s face who was the victim of this seeding, in the moment of the needle’s insertion (though without being able to make out where they were, or who extracted the Genos Seed). Genos Seeds themselves appear virtually indestructible, though fire has been reported to be able to destroy the Chrysalis vials after which they simply dissolve.

Genos Sickness

Genos Sickness is an ailment that strikes all upon whom the Genos Seeder has been used to extract a Gene Seed. For roughly 4 to 8 days, the person suffers from the sickness that causes lethargy and general weakness. Mages become unable to cast magic, while physical warriors seemingly forget their craft or become exceedingly clumsy. After the 4th day, the sickness slowly dissipates, as spells and proficiency skills return to the host, until it is completely gone after the 8th day. There is no known cure for the Genos Sickness, and not even healing Magic or traditional Medicine seem to be able to even identify what causes these ailments, leaving the assumption that it is somehow trans-dimensional in nature.


  • Genos Seeds are exceedingly beautiful. They gently swirl with a luminescent sparkle like a clear blue sky. As such, some rare and ancient Gene Seeds have been found embedded in jewelry, particularly in Ithanian jewelry, like the Sovereign’s Crown.
  • No known use for Genos Seeds has been found yet. One daring scholar attempted to ingest one, after which he suffered Genos Sickness for a week, in which he additionally was obsessed with the person of whom the Genos Seed was taken.
  • Those who acquire Genos Seeders sometimes become enslaved to the Genos Seeder. When performing the application on a victim, a person who wears the Genos Seeder might experience a rush of euphoria. Using a Genos Seeder frequently on different people leads to addiction, to where the person feels constantly compelled to use it more and more and create an ever larger collection of Gene Seeds.

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