Graal Bloodline

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Graal Bloodline
Pronunciation Graal
Origins Unknown
Niche Simplified Vampire Kit for Ability Stacking

The Graal Bloodline is a very watered down and simplified Bloodline. It is not an actual Bloodline with an intricate deep lore and backstory, but more of a simplified version of other Bloodlines to assist with Power-Stacking. Frequently when players inquire about Vampirism + (something else) the response is usually "Vampires already have so many abilities, that stacking these things on top of each other would lead to a Character with 15+ Abilities, well exceeding what we consider a balanced Character". The Graal Bloodline establishes a base-line of Vampirism functions without Vampiric Form or additional Bloodline Abilities, thus allowing for this Bloodline to be Power-Stacked with other things, such as Faith Manifest for example, which is something that typically warrants the response "You have enough Abilities already". the Graal Bloodline has a couple of special rules associated with it. For these rules, be careful to read the lore below.

Graal Bloodline Rules

  • Graal Bloodline Vampires can be created from any other Bloodline, if the player so chooses. Despite normally an Alais infection causing an Alais Bloodline Vampire to be created, if the player does not want the baggage of all Alais Abilities, they may opt into a Graal Vampire instead. Graal is a simplified infection that can be the result of an infection of any other Bloodline.
  • You may always choose to change your Graal Infection to another Bloodline at a later stage, even while still infected with the Graal Bloodline. In case there is additional Power Stacking however, such as Special Permissions and other Afflictions or Mechanics, be sure to consult Lore Staff for a consultation in RP Discord Community Tickets for the correct process.
  • Graal Vampires that infect other non-Vampires can infect them with any Bloodline. It would be more appropriate to remember the Bloodline the Graal Vampire was infected by, and have this Bloodline infect the Graal's victims, but this is not mandatory. If infected by a Graal Vampire, the victim may choose any other Bloodline, or become a Graal also.
  • Cursed Soul 1 that normally exists for all Bloodlines is not present in the Graal Bloodline. This means that Graal Vampires can use and wield Sorcery and Magic and use Faith Manifest (in some religious cases, consult Lore Staff in a ticket to inquire). They still however cannot be infected with another Affliction.
  • Besides these rules, the Graal Bloodline obeys all other rules as defined by the Vampirism page, such as curing, infection, etc, and is still Countered by all other anti-Vampire mechanics. The only exception being that Graal Vampires do not have a Bloodline Ability Kit, and as such cannot be Countered by Abilities that specifically target those.
  • The Graal Bloodline does not have a strict Mentality or Niche, because players can usually define the Aesthetics themselves. Mentality wise however, Graal Vampires should not veer too far from what the Vampiric norm is. Vain, proud, anti-establishment, anti-religion, disdain for non-Vampires, etc.

Graal Mentality

All Vampire Mentalities are presented as general guidelines. This means Characters should follow them to about 80% and apply some leeway where applicable to help their roleplay along. This Mentality should never be an obstacle to roleplay, so if you have questions, please send in a ticket to Lore Staff. As for the list below, it mostly operates from the assumption that the reader is not yet in a Coven, or is playing a solo-Vampire. Even though the description mentions "Enemy Bloodlines" or bloodline conflicts, these conflicts only arise insofar Vampires are not working together, or in the same social setting. For example, a Cratos and Wyrden would hate each other due to opposing themes of ideology, but this would not result in them constantly attacking each other inside the same Coven. They would rather be snarky/snippy with each other before a Dorkarth interceded and gets them to calm down. Their hatred towards one another would only express itself outside of Covens or situations where they don't need each other.

  • Graal have varied personalities as their Bloodline lacks a specific culture. They generally pick any of the other Bloodline Mentalities and source their behavior in emulation of them (meaning, you can pick any of the other Bloodline Mentalities, and use it for the Graal).

Vampire Base Kit

Vampire Base Kit are the Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to at all times. Vampire Base Kit Abilities are always roughly the same between different Bloodlines, with only incremental changes (such as Blood Eyes I or Blood Eyes II). Vampire Base Kit Abilities are inspired by the theme of the Vampire Bloodline, but detached from utility versus combat balancing. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Graal Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Blood Feeding 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Blood Feeding 1

Blood Eyes 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Eyes 1

Blood Curse 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Curse 1

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