Griffer Order

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Griffer Order
Leader Beatrix Schefferin
Headquarters Griff-Valk Castle, Waldmark
Affiliation Wirtem communities


The Griffer Order takes its name from the Calemberg eagle called the Griff-Valk. These birds fly with immaculate precision and have been known to successfully attack livestock, despite their small size, with finesse. This exact precision is greatly respected by the Calembergers, and became symbolic for the Griffers who similarly use tactical precision to inflict massive damage on enemies, especially those who are larger than them.


The Griffer Order is relatively old, albeit kept secret in Wirtem society. Several military-minded women developed it as early as 171 AC in theoretical volumes, but it was not put into actual practice until the deaths of Rianne and Eolaria Cadar. This was when the subject of women participating in the Regalian Military became incredibly polarized; some favored it, while others despised the idea altogether. Despite Wirtem culture’s stances on women leading from the shadows, the order rapidly developed in a timespan of a little over twenty years, creating a type of warrior who appeared to fit the ideals of a Wirtem woman who appeared elegant and dignified, but had martial prowess that could catch a would-be assailant off guard.

True battlefield applications have not been fully realized yet, but Griffers have been used frequently to track down and slay enemy officers in the middle of the battlefield. As such, in the same way that their combat skills are honed with precision, they are tactically used to strike at the very heart of the enemy formations and to inflict large morale damage by eliminating the enemy leadership structure, forcing any army to collapse.


Future Griffers come to learn at the age of sixteen to twenty, rooming at the Griff-Valk Castle. Once they enter the castle, they choose between two different Paths of training: the Huntress Path and the Duelist Path. The Duelist Path (also called the Guard Path from time to time) is often favored and focuses primarily on the use of the Griff Blade: a custom-designed thin blade made for piercing openings on a foe. The other Path, the Huntress Path, focuses on the use of the “Griff” Hunting Bow, though it is not custom-made. Instead, it is most closely related to the common hunting bow, though their arrows are some of the sleekest in Aloria. The two Paths never exclusively train in just their single weapon of choice, as the organization emphasizes surprising opponents with skills they assume others not to possess. But, for every hour spent with the lesser weapon, three are spent with the main one. Griffers are also trained to have incredible eyesight, their perception said to rival that of any predator bird in the Calemberg hunting arsenal (though it certainly is not that powerful). They are trained in this skill with complex exercises of hand-eye coordination, sight tests, and Leutz Fencing. They use these skills to deadly effect on any battlefield, rapidly identifying the weaknesses in enemy armor. Griffer huntresses also sometimes train to become lethal horseback archers, but these activities must be taught on their own time after they formally graduate. Training takes a total of six years, and once they have graduated, most stay on at their academy for one extra year as helpers and to act as support before fully leaving to go pursue the rest of their lives.

Present Day

In modern times, Griffers are present in honorary guard positions for various notable politicians. In Calemberg itself, some female-only regiments exist among the noble women who enlist to the army, especially considering the Griffer Order has become extremely popular among the newer generations of young female Wirtem nobility growing up in a male military dominated world.


  • Despite the ban on women in the military up until recent times, the Griffer Order managed to deploy in combat scenarios by using their specialized armor to mask their gender on the battlefield from their Wirtem officers.
  • The Griffer Order used to be very unpopular among Calemberg’s ruling families, though notable members such as Princess Amalia von Treppewitz, the twin-sister of Cedromar Kade and wife of Marshal von Treppewitz, have given the organization favorable publicity.

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