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Appearance A brown, rough looking meat in sausage form.
Difficulty Rate 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Highland Ceardian chefs
Class Lower Class
  • 7/10 parts prepared horse meats
  • 3/10 parts common mixed herbs

Thought by some to be as old as the Highlanders themselves, Haastsausage is a well-known dish in lower class Gallovian homes. Haastsausage is one the most simply made meats, being seasoned with the most basic herbs, and requiring little to no experience to cook. It is unknown exactly when this dish was first created. Just about every Highland Ceardian who can cook can cook Haastsausage. In more recent times, this humble dish has slowly reached into Anglia but has also spread across the Regalian Archipelago.


It is unknown who first created Haastsausage, but its creation coincided with the introduction of horses to Gallovia. While some claim the ancient Ceardians who became the Highlanders had horses with them, many more attribute the introduction of horses to either the Velheim or the Regalian Empire. Regardless, the dish was definitely present by 100 AC and has been ever since. Today, it has remained unchanged during the past two centuries of consumption and continues to be a meat of the lower classes. Most outsiders view the dish with distaste given Regalia ideals against cruelty to animals. However, Highlanders continuously remind people that only the old, dying or truly crippled horses are killed to make the sausage, not stallions and foals in their prime. The only people who have been receptive to this dish have been the Anglians, who have a deep understanding of farming life and often understand that such events must occur. The dish is not consistently available and only appears at the table after a horse’s death.


The preparation of Haastsausage is incredibly simple. The first step is procuring the meat, which is butchered from the edible parts of a now crippled horse, or one that is simply far past its prime. The raw meat is stuffed into a sausage casing made from the intestines of several different farm animals. The sausage is then divided and cut into links, which are then either smoked or grilled alongside various herbs, such as parsley, paprika, salt, garlic, or other common herbs and spices. Afterward, the Haastsausage is completed and can be garnished with more herbs as needed.


  • Haastsausage looks very rough despite its compression into sausage form. The meat is a dark ochre brown covered in cracks and rough spots on the meat due to the added herbs and spices.
  • The smell of the sausage is similar The scent of the meat is very earthy, and depending on the spices used in the preparation, Haastsausage can overwhelm the nose with many different but complementary smells.
  • The flavor of the meat is, to a more experienced palette, rather bland. The meat breaks up easily in the mouth, and the rough, earthy meat takes on a few textures, normally rough and a little on the chewy side.


  • The name Haastsausage comes from a direct translation of Alt-Anglian, meaning literally “Horse Sausage”, as the main ingredient is horse meat.
  • When the Highland Ceardians first came to Gallovia, there was a time period when horses were used solely for reproduction and harvesting of the meat on their produced foals.

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