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Appearance Brown sprinkles on buttered untoasted bread.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Baasengrat Food Importers
Class Upper Class Anglians
  • ¾ Cocoa powder
  • ⅛ Milk
  • ⅛ Sugar
  • Butter
  • Bread

Haggelslaage is a curious dish to many, as it is a low-sugar and low-milk variant of chocolate shavings that is usually eaten on bread with a thinly spread layer of butter. The dessert was born from Anglian merchants and their efforts to create an affordable but exotic dish for the Anglian population. Their effort has ultimately failed, as the dish is now almost exclusively eaten by the upper class of Anglia, but it has at least remained local, rarely being eaten outside of Anglia except by a scattering of Anglian migrants in other lands or regions.


Haggelslaage is a relatively recent invention of the Anglian people, and its curious nature has resulted in its isolation to those same lands still to this day. The foodstuff originated in the minds of Anglian merchants who, for the first time beginning around 150 AC, had broader access to the markets and foodstuffs of Daen. With this came better access to highly coveted chocolate, but the merchants had a unique idea: why not attempt to make chocolate edible by not just the upper class, but the middle class as well? In this effort, they pursued several avenues for better commercializing the product to broaden its usage by the relatively low-class Anglian people. The end result of this was only achieved in 159 AC with the creation of Haggelslaage. The dish had originally been formed from the shavings of regular chocolate, but the sweetness and general ingredients used to make it proved too expensive to truly break even for the mercantile group. However, they then chose to make their own type of chocolate specifically for this purpose and, through reducing the amount of sugar and milk added during the chocolate's creation, they ended up with Haggelslaage. For a time, the produce boomed, but the Regalian Pessimism brought this product’s time in the spotlight to an end. Today, the dish is almost exclusively eaten in urban centers and, even then, almost exclusively by the wealthy of the Culture. Some in the middle class can afford it but for the most part, the dish remains a curious delicacy of the ruling class.


Haggelslaage is made just like other varieties of chocolate, with a blending of cocoa powder, milk, and sugar together over low heat. They should then be removed from the heat and combined, then allowed to cool in a mold with a narrow, long shape. Afterward, the material should be grated or aggressively chopped, with the shavings gathered up and stored in a downright cold place so that they might maintain their form. The dish as a whole usually features these shavings sprinkled down over slices of bread with a thin layer of butter scraped on.


  • Haggelslaage looks exactly like what it is, bits of dark chocolate on a slice of bread with butter.
  • Haggelslaage usually smells slightly sweet, like chocolate.
  • Haggelslaage tastes very sweet, but somewhat artificial despite the natural ingredients. The process of creation makes for a strange taste where the actual chocolate taste is limited.


  • Haggelslaage is most commonly stored in Anglian cellars to keep it cool, but a few of the aristocracy keep it alongside blocks of ice taken down from Anglian mountains or up from Anglian waterways in the winter.
  • Haggelslaage tends to turn what can only be described as soggy when left out long enough, especially when a meal with Haggelslaage is prepared and then stored without cooling it.

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