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Half Races or Racial Interbreeding is the principle of characters having parents of different races, making them half-breeds. Half Races follow their own special rules when it comes to character design, though they are largely categorized for ease of reference and review. Half Races also have a variety of societal positions and responses that may cause them to have a wildly different experience depending on who their parents are. Below follows a list of all the major categories, the combinations that are possible, and the bonuses that are applied. Note, just because there are general categories does not mean that racial combinations such as "Half Ailor, Quarter Isldar, Quarter Cielothar" cannot exist. It simply means for the sake of clear analogy, that this would be classified as a Half-Elf, regardless of how the composition of the Elf mixture is made up. It should also be noted that this doesn't mean your character cannot variably be shorter if their parent was Cielothar, or more tan if their parent was Avanthar. This system does not affect visuals beyond the limits defined below, and purely works to declare a standard for Proficiencies and abilities (which in any and all cases, are in fact not inherited unless specified otherwise).


Half Human are classified as any combination with at least one Human parent where the person is considered "more Human than other". This means that a Half-Human can still have an Orc mother or Elf mother, but it means their genes are predominantly Human , and that they primarily look Human aside from a few small differences (for example small tusks or pointy ears). Half-Human are reviled in Human society as tainted beings and corruptions of the Human ideal, though in recent years more progressive Emperors have passed legislation that ensures as long as they are "passably Human" that they can live well in Human society. Half-Human have no special bonuses or powers, and do not inherit any racial traits. Note, the category here refers to Half-Human, not Half-Ailor. This is because all Sihai (formerly ch'ien-ji), Qadir, Dwarves, and Songaskia are considered "Human Races", and as such have the same interbreeding rules. If a Half-Qadir Half-Elf were however raised away from Ailor cultures, for the sake of ease of review, Proficiency Bonuses would still apply a single Ailor Culture, and none of the racial traits or bonuses would be inherited.


Half Elves are classified as having any combination with at least one Elf parent where the person is considered "more Elven than other". This means that a Half-Elf can still have an Orc mother or Human father, but it means their genes are predominantly Elven, and that they look primarily Elven aside from a few small differences (for example more dulled pointy ears, and a wider body frame). Half-Elves are reviled among Elven society as tainted creatures, similarly to how Human view Half-Human, though are surprisingly more accepted in Human societies. Half-Elves don't inherit any of the racial traits of any of their Elf-race parents, for example any of the native abilities of Avanthar or Isldar or Kathar. They do however have Elven Aging. While their actual maximum age does not shift (for example, a Half-Elf born from Ailor and Elf parent will still default to Ailor maximum age), they have slowed aging. Aging for Half-Elves stops anywhere between 20 and 30 years old, and then rapidly proceeds when they are about 10 years away from their maximum age. Note, the Half-Elf mixing doesn't see any difference between Isldar, Avanthar, Cielothar, Altalar or Kathar parents, it is all "Elven".


Half Orcs are classified as having any combination with at least one Orc mother, and a Human or Elven father. It is specifically necessary for the mother to be an Orc, because Male Orcs are incompatible with smaller races such as the Human and Elven races for various reasons, and the birth of a Half-Orc would also kill the mother if they were Human or Elf. Half Orcs have a variety of special gene rules that are specifified on the Orc Page, since Orcs don't have any native abilities but specific physical characteristics that are also relevant to the Half-Orcs. Half Orcs are rejected by Orc society and considered mutt monsters to Human and Elf society, making them by far the most disliked half breed race.


Half Varran are classified as having either Varran mother or father, and an Ailor, Qadir, Songaskian, Common Sihai (ch'ien-ji), Altalar, Cielothar or Avanthar parent. Half-Varran are fairly consistent visually speaking for all of these races where only the color of the skin differs. Half-Varran are humanoid in essence. They have very Ailor-like proportions (thus they do not have the digitgrade legs of Varran), though they do have a tail of the same length as Varran tails, colored in the color of the hair on their head. Half-Varran appear as if they have smooth humanoid skin, but in fact have an extremely small fur layer on their skin that is simply colored like the skin tone of their non-Varran parent. Their facial proportions are more humanoid than Varran however. Big differences are that their underlips are often very thin and barely noticeable, while their upper lip is bigger, set under a very feline-like nose that is wide and flattened on their face, almost running linear down from their forehead. Their eyes are slightly larger than humanoid eyes, featuring slit pupils and colors that may be of any color of the non-Varran parent. Their ears are very similar to a mixture between Elven and Varran ears, set higher up on their head (but not on top of their head like with house cats) the outline of which has more thicker darker fur on it. Finally, Half-Varran have a number of striped patterns particularly on their forehead, cheekbones, neck and back, but nowhere else. Male Half-Varran have a predisposition to being more hairy than average humanoids, but this differs greatly from Half-Varran to Half-Varran.