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Half Races or Racial Interbreeding is the principle of characters having parents of different Races, making them half-breeds. Half Races follow their own special rules when it comes to character design, though they are largely categorized for ease of reference and review. Half Races also have a variety of societal positions and responses that may cause them to have a wildly different experience depending on who their parents are. This system does not affect visuals beyond the limits defined below. Generally, most Races in Aloria can inter-breed with each other freely to create a number of diverse Half-Race Characters. Half-Race Characters follow specific rules when created, outlined on this page.

Half Race List

  • All Playable Races can inter-breed to create Half Race Characters, except for the ones listed on this page. If there is a part on a Race page listed where it states they cannot have Half-Race children (and it is not the one below) (or if it says the ones below can inter-breed), please make a ticket or Wiki error report and we will fix it.
  • The following Races have specific rules for Half Race Characters:
  • Yanar reproduce asexually, in a method outlined on their page. This can include Non-Yanar, but Half-Yanar do not exist.
  • Url follow all rules for breeding of their prior, non-Url Race. Half Url do not exist. Two Url having a child have a Teek-Url, described on the Url page, which still follow the rules of their Grandparent's non-Url Race.
  • Maraya cannot reproduce with any Race, except other Maraya. Half Maraya do not exist.
  • Allar cannot reproduce with any Race, except other Allar and Slizzar. Half Allar do not exist.
  • Slizzar can reproduce with most Races, but are guaranteed to have twins as described on their page. When reproducing with a Non-Slizzar, the Slizzar has twins: one full Slizzar, and one full Race child of the other parent's Race. Half Slizzar do not exist.

Half Race Rules

  • Half Race characters follow unique rules depending on the parents chosen. Regardless of the combination, a Half Race Character must always have a Predominant Parent chosen. This determines what the Character looks more like, and what Racial Abilities, Racial Specials, and Racial Boosts the character has.
  • Visuals for a Half Race Character depends on the Predominant Parent chosen, and will be described on that Predominant Parent's Page. Unique features from a Predominant Parent cannot be taken by a character that has not chosen that Race as their Predominant Parent.
  • A Character's Racial Abilities & Specials will always be defined by their Predominant Parent, which will either be the exact same as the Full Race, or a unique Half Race Set. If no mention of a Half Race set is made, assume it is the same as the full race, with "Subrace" chosen based on Predominant Parent's subrace, if applicable.
  • A Character's Racial Boosts for Proficiency will always be defined by their Predominant Parent, which will either be the same as the Full Race, or a unique Half-Race set.
  • A Character's Maximum Age will be the Average of their Two Parent's Maximum Age.
  • For Example, a character that has an Altalar parent and an Ailor parent, if they were to choose the Altalar as the Predominant Parent, they would take the Racials defined on the Altalar Page-- which is a unique set of Racials for a Half Altalar. They would then design their character's visuals based on the information on the Altalar page, while taking some minor features from their secondary Ailor Parent.

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