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Name Hartkós
Origin Old Ceardia
Tier Basic Tier I

Hartkós, a remnant of a dead Religion and a dying people, is a necklace made of Silver with large crude links, and a large medallion-like center piece also made of silver. The origins of the Artifact are unknown, besides the fact that it is likely over a thousand years old and is resisting all weathering effects. Hartkós likely had something to do with old Ceardian Pagan faiths, or the earliest iterations of the Old Gods faith before the Proto-Velheim even left the Ceardian sphere. Hartkós harkens back to the time when the Silver Wolves had some religious importance to the early barbarian Ailor, but all knowledge of this history was completely lost over the millennia that followed active practice. Hartkós escaped the Destruction of Ceardia as it was shipped to Gallovia, where it remained in the hands of local clans in Talahm Gall. Eventually, it fell in the hands of Altalar collectors who moved to Solleria, who in turn eventually sold it off when the Shoenn Crisis caused financial woes. It eventually landed in Regalia as a fence sold it to private individuals for junk.

Artifact Abilities and Specials


Hartkós is a Tier I Basic Artifact, meaning it is one of the weakest (and presumably duplicate) Artifacts in the world.

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Beastmode Constant Passive Self

Grants the user Beastmode



  • Silverpower: Hartkós grants the user extra power. If they transform into a Marken, they gain the Melee Weapon Point Buy Pack "Unarmed Pack" and the Training Point Buy Pack "Bruteforce Pack" for free without Point Buy investment. If they already owned either pack, this Special instead grants them +1 Strength for each pack they already had, which can break Proficiency Limits but not grant additional Point Buy.
  • Silverbane: Hartkós allows the wearer to voluntarily transform into a Marken of either the Bear or Wolf variant, even if the host is not God-Cursed. Additionally if the host is God-Cursed, it gives them complete control over it, they no longer involuntarily transform, or become mindless when transformed so long as they wear Hartkós. When transformed, Hartkós will become more like a heavy chain. The Marken transformation of Hartkós is always completely covered in Silver Fur.
  • Artifact Mindwall: The Artifact protects the wielder's mind from foreign influences. While carrying or wielding the Artifact, the user is immune to Control Powers or any other Ability or Mechanic that affects the mind of the user, changed it, or subjects them to any form of foreign control or puppeteering.
  • Artifact Durability: Artifacts are immune to Physical or Magical damage, meaning the item can never be destroyed, degraded, aged, de-aged, corroded, corrupted, or damaged and blunted. Greater entities such as deities however can damage Artifacts. Additionally, the user is also immune to any Abilities or Mechanics that would disarm them.

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