Herons of Unionism

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Herons of Unionism
Notable Person
Full Name Heron Saints of Unionism
Race Various
Date of Birth Various
Date of Death Various
Claim to Fame Serving and following the Spirit to the highest level in their respective jobs and lives

The Heron Saints of Unionism (often shortened to either Herons or Saints) are a grouping of people considered second in holiness and purity to the Emperors and high members of the Unionist Church. It was over the nature of Herons that the first major Schism of Unionism occurred during the Diet of 62 AC. The Evintarian faith, later the Etosian faith, was declared heretical and so was cast out as they believe Herons can be declared when the person is still alive. Today, this schism has been healed by the Church and now all have the ability to declare living Herons, with the most notable ones today being former Emperors Alexander and Cedromar Kade. Herons are divided into four main trees; Herons of the Hand for the craftsmen and artisans, Herons of the Heart for artists, the home and the cloth, Herons of the Sword for soldiers and generals of renown, and Herons of the Crown for members of the government and the nobility. Although it is rare for a new Heron to be canonized, it is not unheard of for influential individuals of society to be elevated once they have died (since it was only in the year 306 AC that living Herons were allowed making few of them presently alive). Below can be found a listing of people who are shining examples of Unionism, and who were considered experts in each of their respective fields.

Herons of the Hand

  • Pierre the Patient, the Heron of Fishermen
  • Barton the Diligent, the Heron of Farmers
  • Aethelhard the Calm, the Heron of Beekeepers
  • Leinhart the Thankful, the Heron of Hunters
  • Randulf the Endurer, the Heron of Miners
  • Jacotin the Hardworking, the Heron of Blacksmiths
  • Jimena the Skillful, the Heron of Weavers
  • Geoffrey the Drunk, the Heron of Brewers
  • Michel the Careful, the Heron of Alchemists
  • Nicoleto the Silver-tongued, the Heron of Merchants
  • Rhyse the Prepared, the Heron of Millers
  • Virtuario the Creative, the Heron of Architects
  • Philippe the Nimble, the Heron of Barbers
  • Agatha the Placid, the Heron of Water-Fetchers
  • Galen the Withdrawn, the Heron of Candlemakers
  • Zzessen the Foreign, the Heron of Glassmakers

Herons of the Heart

  • Manfried the Pious, the Heron of Priests
  • Faust the Martyr, the Heron of Martyrs
  • Amelotte the Silent, the Heron of Silent Sisters
  • Wilhelm the Green, the Heron of Monks
  • Loyse the Graceful, the Heron of Dancers
  • Girard the Innovative, the Heron of Painters
  • Lucia the Attuned, the Heron of Musicians
  • Pasqualina the Delicate, the Heron of Sculptors
  • Alvito the Expressive, the Heron of Actors
  • Isalora the Nurturing, the Heron of Mothers
  • Lenric the Firm, the Heron of Fathers
  • Olennais the Humble, the Heron of Orphans
  • Victoria the Valiant, the Heron of Nurses
  • Ellora the Instructive, the Heron of Tutors/Teachers
  • Gonsalvo the Inquisitive, the Heron of Students
  • Volo the Poor, the Heron of Beggars

Herons of the Sword

  • Cedromar the Soldier, the Heron of Dragonbloods
  • Yvrize the Noble, the Heron of Knights
  • Reginald the Vigilant, the Heron of Guards
  • Ruedin the Inspiring, the Heron of Generals
  • Syferlin the Tactical, the Heron of Tacticians
  • Herebrand the Pure, the Heron of Crusaders
  • Harald the Steadfast, the Heron of Infantry
  • Warin the Keen, the Heron of Archers
  • Korthag the Brute, the Heron of Eronidas
  • Eurlon the Strong, the Heron of Strongmen
  • Ulrich the Commanding, the Heron of Sailors
  • Cristoforo the Toppler, the Heron of Engineers
  • Lucas the Charming, the Heron of Young Boys

Herons of the Crown

  • Alledar the Regal, the Heron of Kings
  • Alegreza the Elegant, the Heron of Queens
  • Vlaas the Powerful, the Heron of Chancellors
  • Alexander the Learned, the Heron of The Shield
  • Caspar the Proud, the Heron of Lords
  • Jehanne the Delicate, the Heron of Ladies
  • Auberlin the Sharp, the Heron of Stewards
  • Petrova the Beautiful, the Heron of Maidens
  • Helena the Gracious, the Heron of Servants
  • Aelfric the Quick-witted, the Heron of Lawyers
  • Bernhardt the Just, the Heron of Judges
  • Godeffroy the Dutiful, the Heron of Aldermen
  • Balthasar the Wise, the Heron of Lawmakers
  • Volckamar the Zealous, the Heron of Inquisitors
  • Colleta the Shadow, the Heron of Spies
  • Telembectar the Ageless, the Heron of Elves
  • John the Loyal, the Heron of Mayors
  • Sinavaal the Lucky, the Heron of Loyalty

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