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As the Unionist Religion has expanded, divided and adapted over the years, so too has it seen the formation of various Organizations under its layers of bureaucracy. Most of these Organizations are military in nature, providing specialized security to the many priests of Unionism to better aid the lay populations of the Regalian Empire. Others, however, are more pacifist in nature, acting as specialized groups for certain activities. Together, these various Organizations of the faith better aid the priesthood in spreading the faith while also ensuring that groups that would attack other Unionists are met with swift retribution.

The Divine College

The Divine College is the body of all ordained priests within the Unionist faith. While there was initially a single Divine College (and in most cases, is referred to a singular College), the Evintarian Schism of 67 AC saw the first division of the priesthood, leading to the modern existence of the Divine Colleges for each Unionist Schism. Each Divine College is led by a Primae-Celate, who has overarching authority over the priesthood, and serves mostly as a final authority before reaching the Regalian Emperor as the Vessel.

While the Divine College is responsible for managing the many Celacies that dot the Regalian Empire, it is also responsible for the education of future Celates in their rituals and duties, such as the Unionist Sanktisms. This makes the name Divine College have a double meaning: one for the collective priesthood, and the second for the educational institution. There are currently four Divine Colleges in Unionism, which are listed below for reference:

  • Dogmatic priests belong to the Divine College of Divinity, which is headquartered in Bastadon. There is a secondary campus in Calemberg, due to the size of Dogmatic Unionism being far greater than the other Schisms combined.
  • Evintarian priests belong to the Divine College of Ionism, which is headquartered in Etosil. The Divine College also doubles as the government of the Etosian Theocracy, giving it far more active political power when compared to the other Schisms, who have to work with the secular nobility at times due to the scattered nature of College properties.
  • The Dogartan priests belong to the Divine College of Dosstism, which is headquartered in Axenfoord, at the Thousand Blades Cloister. Unlike the other Schisms, Dogartans are ascetic in nature and often mostly confine themselves in various Cloisters throughout the Regalian Empire, most notable in Anglia.
  • The Vultragon priests belong to the Divine College of Clastism, which is headquartered in Vultaro. This College used to be the smallest of the four, though has since overtaken the Dogartans with the growth and influence of the Vultar-Montanian Hegemony.

The Helerian Guard

The Helerian Guard is a specialized bodyguard force tasked with protecting the Primae-Celates of each of the Divine Colleges. Most of the Helerian Guard is composed of the best members of the Lancyon Halberdiers, though in rare circumstances, other elite warriors have also joined their ranks. The Helerian Guard is commanded by the Hellerian Commander, who also doubles as the overseer of the Lancyons, scouting out the most talented pupils to undergo Helerian training. Out of all the Organizations in Aloria, the Helerian Guard is one of the smallest, even smaller than the Imperial Guard, with only 100 members, equally divided between the four Schisms. As such, membership into this elite bodyguard unit is extremely prestigious, but also unforgiving to those who would shirk their duties and put in jeopardy the lives of the holiest men in Unionism.

The Silent Sisters

The Silent Sisters is a female-only organization focused on a single duty, preparing and carrying out the burials of dead Unionists. Most Silent Sisters are widows who enter the organization as a way to continue to care for others in the absence of a family, though there are also those who join out of a sense of extreme devotion to Unionism. Silent Sisters are responsible for all non-priestly duties of the Sanktism of Final Judgement, overseeing the cemeteries and crypts outside Unionist Temples. Reinforcing their namesake, Silent Sisters carry out their duties without making noise, believing that silence is necessary so that the souls can pass on to the Great Staircase.

The Crimson Inquisition

The Crimson Inquisition was probably the most infamous of the Unionist Organizations, owing largely to the vast number of copycat orders of the same name that have formed in recent times, all prone to corruption and claiming unworthy successorship to this far more disciplined organization. As Vampirism began to seep into the Regalian Empire’s collective knowledge, a specialized force was necessary to handle it. As the Azure Order was focused solely on magic enforcement and the Darkwald Order was less known outside of Tirgunn, the Crimson Inquisition grew to be the chief opponent against the Sanguine threat. Throughout its century and a half of operation, the Crimson Inquisition used brutal tactics such as torture, blackmail and espionage to locate dens of Vampires, arresting them en masse and performing public trials, culminating in mass executions by burning at the stake. While such methods would seem appalling to a modern Regalian, and arguably many Unionists nowadays, the Crimson Inquisition was fervently celebrated by the public in the past, as the purging of Vampires was seen as a holy mission that most people could get behind. The Crimson Inquisition would eventually disband during the reign of Justinian II, after the Divine College concluded that the Vampiric threat was mitigated to the point where a specialized order of Unionism would no longer be necessary, given the Darkwalds have already taken up the fight against Vampires after fighting against Adriaan von Kërle and others several decades earlier.

The Holy Seat Military

The Holy Seat Military is the main military force of Unionism. It is responsible for protecting the Divine College, as well as the Imperial Palace’s outer walls (as the latter is essentially a city within a city and the Imperial Guard is only about 300 soldiers strong). While it is considered a military organization, the Holy Seat Military is fully independent from the authority of the Regalian Military and Regalian State, keeping it solely within the purview of the Divine College and the Palace where the other two lack jurisdiction. The organization is technically overseen by the Holy Seat Military Representative, who is appointed directly by the Emperor, though most day to day functions are delegated to the various Field Commanders who ensure the discipline and readiness of the soldiers under their command.

Herebrand Holy Order

The Herebrand Holy Order is a crusading force made up by the successors of the Wirtem Knechts that fought against the Zvorun Ailor during the days of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom. While initially created to fight against perceived heresies against the Wirtem Gods, the current crusading order was founded by the Unionist Hero Herebrand, who desired to wage holy war against the Skaggers that forced his people from their homeland. Since re-establishment, the Herebrand Order has remained the most aggressive conversion force aligned to Unionism, waging holy war against any and all heathens that cross their path. Recent actions in the Regalian Archipelago forced the Herebrand Knights to relocate to the Forriesta Natal, where they successfully purged the Diviner Sect and exterminated all traces of it in 308 AC. Since then, the Knights have remained in Natal, preparing and awaiting the call for the next holy war called by the Divine College with fervent zeal.

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