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Culture is the norms, traditions, values and shared memories which unite a distinct population group on the world of Aloria. The world is rich in dozens of Cultures, all intricately linked with one another as the world diversifies and new ideas come and go. Culture gives one a sense of belonging, a social group to exist within and a steadfast "home" that evokes a sense of nostalgia, joy and warmness. It is both the single most unifying and most dividing aspect of civilization on Aloria; wars have been fought over cultural differences, and the world will continue to move on with an ever-changing cultural landscape.

  • Note: These Cultures represent all Ailor Cultures and a few Human Cultures that deviate from racial norms. If you would like information on the Culture of each individual Race, their Race page has an appropriate section for that information.
    • For a list of Ailor Cultures that have died out over time, please read the Extinct Cultures page.
The position of various Cultures in the Regalian Archipelago.