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Official Name Iceleaf
Common Name Isl-herb
Classification Herb
Common Use Culinary, Alchemical
Origins Unknown
Habitat Various

Iceleaf has a mysterious origin, but is well known as a strange, cold plant that actually shuns the cold. Instead, it can be found both on farms but also in the wild in a variety of humid and temperate regions across Daen, Corontium, and Essalonia. It is also well known for its similar appearance to Mint, though it is often much larger with a different color scheme.


Iceleaf is a unique plant that has a surprisingly recent history in Aloria. Some believe that it existed before the Cataclysm, but it was only after that event that it began appearing in the records of scattered regions in the Regalian Archipelago, Ithania, and Essalonia. As a result, the Ailor were the first Race to experiment with it, and quickly came to incorporate it both in their alchemy and culinary creations. As other Races and regions became aware of it, the plant was soon domesticated by the Regalian Empire and shipped across Aloria for profit. It is now relatively easy to aquire for many, but wild samples are known to grow in temperate forests and riverlands.


Iceleaf appears to be some sort of cousin to Mint, with a similar leaf structure (serrated) and stem structure; the difference is in the size of those leaves and their coloration. While normal Mint is generally small and green, Iceleaf leaves are either pale green or white, with a few even having tinges of blue, as the plant’s stem is also a different color of blue-green. They altogether grow larger, some particularly large samples reaching up to a foot tall with a leaf diameter of six inches, though these are rare and only take place in the wild.

Uses and Abilities

Iceleaf has two primary uses both tied to its natural ability. For unknown reasons, the plant is physically cool, even cold, despite not growing in northern regions and in fact shunning them, growing best in warm weather. As a result of this naturally cold interior, the plant finds use in a variety of alchemical creations but also cuisine that calls for chilled ingredients or taste.


  • Some Songaskians enjoy making Sumaturun with Iceleaf instead of Mint, though the effect tends to overchill the soup in the opinion of the wider culinary community.
  • Iceleaf is thought by some to be a rare example of an Exist-mutated plant, or perhaps some unique plant specimen birthed by the icy blast performed by the Isldar that drastically changed The North Belt.

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