Inheritor States of Ríë

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Inheritor States of Ríë
Nations and States
Full Name The Inheritor States of Ríë
Capital Ull’eanes
Official Languages Modern Elven, Imperial Elven
Regional Languages Zasta
Government Federation
Current Ruler N/A
Population 3,500,000
Pronunciation The In-herr-it-or States of Ree-ay

The Inheritor States of Ríë, also popularly known as the Nelfin Federation, is a republican union of eight different Altalar provinces bound by the sole interest of Altalar survival. These provinces were formed in the immediate aftermath of the Orc Invasion and destruction of the capital city of Ríë, but were only loosely united by common ancestry. As time went on, each province grew their own unique identities and cultures; some thrive on trade, while others find their strength in zeal. While for most of their history the Inheritor States waged petty wars with each-other for land, resources, and even petty pride, the Altalar Compact ended all of this in 296 AC. This treaty, formed in the aftermath of the Ranger’s Crisis, united all of the once individual states into a formal federation, where internal conflict was strictly disallowed in favor of combined strength against external threats, namely the aggressive Regalian Empire. The Nelfin Federation has most recently aligned itself with the Songaskian Masaya in the Magic Covenant in an effort to curb the power of the Regalian Empire. With recent Regalian success against the Masaya, it seems only a matter of time until the large empire turns its eyes towards the Elven states to the south...


The Inheritor States of Ríë gained their name from the sunken city of Ríë in a shared interest of reclaiming the lost legacy of the Elven Empire. This legacy is the perfect capitulation of the term “Nelfinism”: the idea that Teled Methen is the proper and holy birthplace of the Nelfin, and that it should always be held by the Nelfin. In an effort to destabilize the legitimacy of this claim, rival foreign powers such as the Regalian Empire refer to the Inheritor States as the Nelfin Federation.


The Inheritor States of Ríë was officially created in the Altalar Compact of 296 AC as a direct result of the outcome of the Ranger Crisis, though its origins go back to the aftermath of the Cataclysm. When the city of Ríë was destroyed, all of the Elven Empire fell into utter chaos. From the ashes of the old regime rose several new ones. There were initially twenty or so individual governments that claimed autonomy, but as time went on, the more successful states enveloped the others, resulting in eight autonomous governments by the time of the Ranger Crisis. Though the Ranger Crisis took place entirely in Daendroc, the Altalar states recognized the impending threat of the Regalian Empire. First, they conquered the Essa Empire, then, they took hold of northern Daendroc. It was inevitable that a conquest of Teled Methen was imminent, and those that failed to recognize this danger were quickly removed from power in favor of individuals who favored Altalar unification.

Thus born was the Altalar Compact: A singular treaty that united all of the scattered states into one federation. This treaty disallowed the internal conflict which riddled and weakened the Altalar provinces. In addition, it created a singular platform based in the capital of Üllarna: Ull’eanes.


The Inheritor States have no official head of state, nor a central authority. The provinces of the Nelfin Federation are largely autonomous, and make decisions regarding the Federation on a unanimous basis among the individual heads of states. At the provincial level, the substates have wildly differing governments, reflecting the difference in historical identities. Because of the high decentralization, the blanket structure of the Inheritor States only serves to keep the Altalar nations strong and at peace with one another.


The Theocracy of Ríë Rivaëlla

The Holy State of Ríë Rivaëlla is located on the northern coast of Teled Methen, bordering the Ularen Horde to the west, South Wolden to the south, and Precaëlle to the east. Ríë Rivaëlla is a highly militant, nationalistic, and zealous nation that is wary of outsiders. In spite of its cold and near-isolationist attitude towards the other Inheritor States, the partnered states are thankful for the strong arm Ríë Rivaëlla shows the Ularen Hordes, which constantly try to transgress into Teled Methen. Ríë Rivaëlla is a theocracy ruled by a board of high priests and priestesses, and is highly authoritarian in the way of religion. Ríë Rivaëlla’s borders encompass the old capital city of Ríë, and has a specific monument in memory of the Ivory Tower: A miniature-sized replica of the old home of the Elven Emperors. Most Altalar in the Nelfin Federation try to make a pilgrimage to in affirmation of their faith. Finally, Ríë Rivaëlla is very well-known for its expert guerilla fighters, who are often sent on raids against the Daendroque colonies to the north.

The Princedom of Precaëlle

Precaëlle is for mostly known for its affluence in the slave market, and imports thousands of Allar slaves into Teled Methen from Hadar on a yearly basis. This makes this slave-fueled Princedom incredibly wealthy in comparison to the other provinces of Teled Methen. Precaëlle is often regarded as the wastebin of the Inheritor States, and is the epitome of the seedy Llida-Altalar culture. Any Elf who wanders will inevitably come and go through Precaëlle. The province is ruled by a lax prince who only has one rule: “Don’t piss off the Prince.” Needless to say, succession is a sporadic and unforeseeable thing in Precaëlle.

The Holy Democracy of Üllarna

The Holy Democracy of Üllarna is a state of monks and priests, led by a singular elected official. This state’s capital, Ull’eanes, functions as the seat of power for the Inheritor States of Ríë. For decades, this pacifist state has been a unifying force on Teled Methen, and often acted as a go-between for other states embroiled in conflict until the Altalar Compact. Because of its peaceful nature and non-existent military, Üllarna is considered the weakest of all of the Inheritor States. It has historically been impossible for its neighbors to annex completely due to the other provinces intervening to maintain the balance of power within the Nelfin Federation, and has only recently seen success in being the frame that holds its fellow Altalar states together.

The Merchant Republic of Ünta’alsur

Ünta’alsur is the stopping point for every ship heading towards the western coast of Daen from the south. Its navies are the largest in Teled Methen, and rival those of Precaëlle. Ünta’alsur is fairly accepting of the other states, and because of its generally successful trade and tax income, it even sends supplies to its allies in need. Ünta’alsur is often at odds with its rival, Precaëlle, mostly because of the competitive market, but also because Precaëlle is known for providing seedier privateers and captains refuge after raiding merchant vessels from Ünta’alsur. Ünta’alsur does not do business outside of the Inheritor States, mostly because of their sense of Altalar nationalism.

The Free People of Mäers’ila

The Free People of Mäers’ila is a highly-progressive state which promotes the rights of individuals, specifically that of slaves. Forever the ire of its sister provinces, yet a necessary force to negotiate with, Mäers’ila is very well-known for its ironically progressive social and economic policies in light of it being an Altalar state. The state was initially a highly militarized one, and its aristocratic elite enslaved everything from heretical Altalar and Yanar, to Cielothar and Avanthar. This ended in complete social collapse in the year 260 AC, when the slaves cast aside their chains in favor of revolution against their complacent elite. What arose from the ashes was a strictly egalitarian society with a radically progressive agenda. Slavery, class, and individual wealth have all been banished in favor of pure equality at every corner, which has led to disastrous effect: The state has no functioning economy, and most citizens are left to scavenge or plunder to feed themselves (and occasionally, their families). There is very little structure besides a small council of mostly Altalar who claim to speak for the people. This failure of a state’s only saving grace is the fact that it is under explicit protection from the Shield of Hyärra; General Sälarna has seen fit to protect the destitute country if only to defend his own interests of a post-revolutionary society, which has essentially prevented the other provinces of Teled Methen from intervening.

The Shield of Hyärra

The Shield of Hyärra is a strictly authoritarian province ruled by a cruel and relentless military-prince known only as General Sälarna. Sälarna led his people in a populist revolt against a previously complacent regime in 234 AC, based solely on revanchism against the Dark Ungwar Orc Tribes. Since his rise to power, General Sälarna has seen his borders strengthened and expanded (both into Orc and Nelfin territories), and has improved the general well-being of his people, at a cost: There is little class equality and individual freedom to speak of. One of Hyärra’s most recent accomplishments is the construction of Sälarna’s Shield; a long yet sturdy wall running the length of the border with the Dark Ungwar tribes and Ularen Hordelands. Though it is not complete, the wall runs for miles forcing any potential invaders to trek around to reach the other side.

The Merchant Princedom of Il’siüth

The Merchant Princedom of Il’siüth is a state with one goal in mind: The hoarding of wealth. Il’siüth is administrated by the self-made Prince, Llo-tariaes. Impressively, this prince rose to power solely through his own entrepreneurship in his inherited monopoly of slave plantations. In 280 AC, Llo-tariaes bought the entire Princedom from the previous ruler, and became the new prince. Prince Llo-tariaes has no ambition or end-goal he simply makes money to make money. Llo-tariaes himself has established a reputation as a polar opposite to the Holy Democracy of Üllarna; while Üllarna makes deals between the provinces to keep the peace and maintain the balance of power, he makes deals to reap naught but profit.

The Academic Board of Ës’l Sälarna

Once subjugated under the Princedom of Hyärra, the Academic Board of Ës’l Sälarna was formed by a collection of scholars gifted land by General Sälarna in an act of patronage. Named after the ever-narcissistic General Sälarna, the Academic Board is the modern center of learning and education in all of Teled Methen; many affluent families send their children to the coastal citadels in an effort to produce the best-educated children possible. Ës’l Sälarna is ruled by an Academic Board of masters from each of the citadels in the state, resulting in a congress of around seventy elderly Nelfin, both men and women, who define the course of the state. It is not unknown for foreign families to send their children to Ës’l Sälarna for an advanced education as well, mostly due to the fact that these academies are some of the best in Aloria. Ës’l Sälarna has always remained in debt to General Sälarna of the Shield of Hyärra, and as such often views the much bigger militocracy as an older sibling.

Foreign Relations

Though in the past, individual Inheritor States have aligned themselves with foreign powers to gain an advantage over one another, such an internal conflict no longer exists. With the advent of the Altalar Compact, the various states of Teled Methen no longer seek to one-up each other, but rather support the capabilities of one another. The Inheritor States have since formed a shaky alliance with the Songaskian Masaya known as the “Magic Covenant” to try to curb the power of the Regalian Empire. Besides this, the Nelfin Federation has very little foreign connections.


The Inheritor States of Ríë has no formal standing army; rather, several smaller armies and navies that conjoin into one unified force in times of war. The joint force is only formed when an immediate danger presents itself to the Inheritor States, which is an action not taken lightly. In light of the recent Regalian invasion in Farah’deen, the grand Altalar armies have combined forces and are actively training in preparation of an invasion from Regalia.


The Inheritor States of Ríë have a very free and open market, mostly due to the autonomous nature of its adherent provinces. This free market allows the transportation and usage of slaves, making the more xenophobic states much wealthier. The general ethos of the Nelfin Federation is that a rich province in times of peace makes for a stronger alliance in times of war. This practice suits the aristocracy and ruling elite; they enjoy their very fair share of alcohol and other luxuries, made possible by the successful free market.



The Faith of Estel is the predominant, and almost only, faith present in the Inheritor States. The Altalar Compact was signed by Faith of Estel worshippers, and was approved by Estellian priests and priestesses under the pretense that the preservation of Nelfinkind is right and just. In spite of this majority religion, some small pockets of the Dragon Dogma exist in secluded and private circles within the more tolerant states.


The flag of the Inheritor States of Ríë consists of a wide tree with eight branches splitting off, upon a light blue background. The branches of the tree represent the provinces of the Federation, and display some degree of symbolism towards their respective states:

  • The Theocracy of Ríë Rivaëlla: A light brown branch decorated with a sword and bow, representing the spread of faith by sword.
  • The Princedom of Precaëlle: A blackish branch with iron chains encircling it, representing slavery.
  • The Holy Democracy of Üllarna: A white branch with golden leaves, representing peace.
  • The Merchant Republic of Ünta’alsur: A long, blue-ish branch, representing the sea.
  • The Free People of Mäers’ila: A withered branch, representing the devastation the land has faced.
  • The Shield of Hyärra: A thick and grey branch, representing a strong shield of protection.
  • The Merchant Princedom of Il’siüth: A brown branch adorned with gold coins, representing wealth.
  • The Academic Board of Ës’l Sälarna: A branch with books growing off of it in place of leaves, representing knowledge.


  • The Inheritor States of Ríë are the driving force behind the Altalar side of the Magic Covenant. No news has come from them since the declaration of war on the Songaskian Masaya…
  • Many Faith of Estel adherents look to the Inheritor States of Ríë as the last chance for a Nelfin-led world order.
  • In spite of the Altalar Compact being so recent, many Nelfin have completely shifted away from identifying their nationality by their individual provinces, and simply opt to talk about the Inheritor States as a whole.

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