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Intellect is the collection of all intellectual schools and disciplines for the gathering of knowledge, skill and exploration of the mind. The foundation of intellectual progress in Aloria has always been the backs of the Scholars of the many nations, of which the Regalian Empire and the Qadir now take the forefront. Intellectual schools are often opposed to the Military and Magical schools in that they focus on the earthy capabilities of the mind, not the physical capabilities of the body or the other-dimension forces of Magic. The Intellect schools reach a wide range of subjects which are often pre-conditions to being employed in various states or organizations as leading intelligentsia. Intellect schools do not necessarily exclude Military or Magical learning, but some schools have limitations which bar a character from pursuing any other education, even other intellectual educations. Furthermore, Intellect schools have very specific time frames which must solely be spent on this education, meaning one cannot combine education with for example military training, statesmanship, rule of a noble fief, or the running of an underground gang. Most schools that function for intellectual education, are effectively boarding schools unless specified otherwise. None of these schools have any limitations on who can enter, ranging from noble to commoner, though some may have unique limitations that will be listed on the pages.

All Intellect Disciplines are divided into skill levels, similar to Combat Schools, with the following structure:

  • Acolyte
  • Novice
  • Student
  • Learned
  • Scholar
  • Expert