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Large organizations have risen and fallen many a time within Aloria's vast history. Some of them have very specific focuses, while others are much more broad. Some are for more productive gains, while others are for mere entertainment. Furthermore, they have a wide array of interests, some being about the arts, combat, or sports. While some are player-run and currently exist, some are part of history or run by NPCs. You can learn about organizations created by empires, nobles and commoners alike, and find out how they rose to power below.

Regalian Organizations

The organizations of the Regalian Government are some of the most powerful in Aloria, and have easy access to the resources of the Regalian Empire and those who serve them. Most are organizations seeking to protect and expand the Empire, but others are more sinister with goals not as clear as those filled with public servants and the common populace. Several are also private organizations, closed off from the public view, and so their goals or mission remain, at best, unknown.

Regalian Guard

The Regalian Guard works to keep the City of Regalia safe from the criminal elements and those who would abuse their power with malicious intent. They have several chapters which deal with individual areas of the city and these chapters are most commonly identified by their possession of light armor known as the “Old Standard” and weapons in a public place.

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Regalian Navy

The Regalian Navy is the most robust and powerful naval force in the world, even after the frequent warfare of the past decade. Made up of several classes of ship, they sail the waters of the world protecting the Regalian Empire and assisting either the Empire directly or those vassal states who serve the Empire.

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Black Order

The Black Order is a shadowy organization which some claim have existed since before the Cataclysm. Apparently an organization made up of assassins and spies who report only to the Regalian Emperor, their name is spoken in hushed tones whenever something sudden occurs or someone suddenly disappears. However, if such an organization exists, they have been very enigmatic, as concerted attempts to find them have yielded little to nothing. It has reached the point that some do not believe the organization even exists and that it is simply a legend from the early days of the Regalian Empire which has spiraled into the large spectre it is today.

Knight Orders

There are as many as a dozen Knightly Orders across the Regalian Empire, all springing forth from the same seed, the Viridian Order, whose ideals of chivalry and good contact has greatly expanded across much of Aloria. The many Orders of Knights across Aloria have, however, diverged from this origin, often in extreme ways.

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Kade House of Trade

The Kade House of Trade is a powerful economic force in the Regalian Empire, and while not only quasi-attached to the Regalian Government, is now fully attached thanks to the rise of House Kade to the throne. The organization is run by the leadership of House Kade and is mostly involved in one type of product: grain. The Kade House of Trade controls 90% of all trade in Anglia and as the region produces so much grain, it is ultimately the House of Trade that sees millions fed each and every day with literal tons of Anglian Wheat, Dorinn Rye and other grains. This House of Trade is also ruthless, deeply invested in maintaining their monopoly and are rarely known to deal with outside economists.

Anahera House of Trade

The Anahera House of Trade, also known as Casa de Anahera, is considered by many to be the dark sister of the Kade House of Trade. A prestigious and powerful organization in its own right, the Anahera House of Trade was founded by the formerly disgraced House Anahera to help them deal with trade back to their homelands in eastern Daendroc. To that end, they ended up monopolizing the Opium trade of the Regalian Empire, but also came to dominate the sale and acquiring of exotic foreign spices and other similar goods. When House Anahera fell, their House of Trade followed suit, but it has since regained a position of prominence on the economic stage. While the Kade House of Trade has rarely if ever been connected to criminal activity despite the rumors that swirl about its methods, the Anahera House of Trade has a far more prominent criminal side, though some would call that cultural profiling seeing as many employed there are Daendroque Ailor.

Other Organizations

Wider Aloria has many organizations. Some are loyal to the Regalian Empire, while others are more distant. But each does bear an impact on Aloria, though sometimes that impact is only felt by certain minor populations or groups of people in comparison to the millions who populate the world.


The Soor-Rassa-Allar, often incorrectly called the Court of Alchemists by Ailor, has been the civilian-governing body of the Allar people for over 300 years. It has played a major role in southern politics for all of those years as the body that brought the Sendrassian Civil War to a close by electing to flee to nearby Hadaria, and played a role in governing the Chrysant Kingdoms that emerged after. The organization was largely captured by the Regalian Empire before the conflict ended, being spirited off to the City of Regalia to work with the Scholar’s Court. However, their good behavior and demonstrations of the positive aspects of Allar society soon allowed the unique arrangement that now stands between the Digmaan and the Regalian Empire. The court itself is made up of 24 Allar, and all are master alchemists who help run the Allar people.

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Iron Fist

The Iron Fist is a major alchemy organization founded in 280 AC by an entrepreneuring Ithanian noblewoman known as Amelie D’fer. Her great family fortune allowed her to set up this academy, and she appealed to those Allar not native to Hadaria, as well as enterprising Humans, to come and stay within her institution. She protected her Allar students when the Chrysant War took place, using her relationship as the Ithanian Sovereign's chief beauty-product supplier to show, in her own way, the value of the Allar. When the war ended, she expanded her operations and today, the Iron Fist plays a major part in alchemical creation. They are known to be an organization that skirts what most consider “humane” or “scientific”, and often push alchemical boundaries in search of several fabled Allar substances, but also to help keep the candles lit. This is primarily done through special contracts with nobles of many regions that see tons of high-quality Iron Fist alchemical products shipped to clients who order substances to help them look their best. Unlike the Soor-Rassa-Allar, the Iron Fist doesn’t have agents across Aloria, though they do hold a powerful grip on Daen. Despite the recent political turmoil, Amelie D’fer remains in Ithania as does the Iron Fist, more than happy to cater to the large collection of male nobles who came over with King d’Gosselin.

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