Iron Fist

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Iron Fist
Leader Amelie D’fer
Headquarters D’fer Manor in Ithania.
Affiliation Allar and Ailor alchemists
Related Groups Soor-Rassa-Allar

The Iron Fist is just one of the two most powerful organizations in the realm of Alchemy. Said organization is based out of the manor of Amelie D’fer, an Ithanian noblewoman, and its leaders seek financial gain from alchemical knowledge. Favored by Allar for the acceptance and easy money, their main pursuits are the Universal Solvent and the Stone of Ssentra to provide this wealth. As of yet, there has been no major breakthrough, and only time will tell how much longer that will last.


The Iron Fist was the result of one woman’s vision for her future wealth. This was Amelie D’fer, a young and crafty member of Ithanian nobility. When she was twenty, her mother and father died in a shipping accident, leaving her uncle in charge of their Iron foundries, and their daughter with the family manor. Having journeyed to Hadar with her parents a few years before their deaths, she had been gripped by the ideas of alchemy. While she had only dabbled in it, she became a healer of minor renown and saw a business opportunity open to her. After a brief period of renovation, she opened up her home to alchemists, allowed them to rent rooms if their goals aligned with her own, and provided them supplies to work. This functioned for years, and while the manor became an oddity in the region, the organization functioned with little to no trouble.

Then came the Chrysant War, bringing with it Iron Fist’s first significant hardship. Most of the organization’s alchemists were rounded up by the local Ithanian military forces and kept in prison until they were eventually released at the end of the war. Soon multiple applications arrived from Allar across the Regalian Empire, who were seeking a place to be left in peace. They all found the Iron Fist and most were accepted, filling the rooms again. Today, while Amelie is well into her twilight years, the organization of alchemists runs smoothly, pursuing its goals with a vigor and selling alchemical products to the public.


Iron Fist was originally named “L'Accord de D’fer Alchimist” (The D'fer Alchemist's Accord) for its first few years. Eventually, Amelie was convinced that she needed to strengthen their name. This was generally agreed on, so the common title “The Iron Fist” was chosen. The first part was both derived the D’fer mining business and something the Stone of Ssentra could produce. The second part represented the strength and power of a fist.


The process of joining the Iron Fist is substantial. First, a letter must be penned to Amelie, explaining who they are and how they’re worthy enough to enter the order. Those who have accomplished a significant or unique alchemical achievement are accepted quickly. If the applicant is an Allar, regardless of their past or background, they are instantly accepted. Upon arrival and acceptance into the D’fer manor, members pay a small monthly fee for the equipment and lodgings they receive. If the manor has a spare room, they can then choose to be housed there. If not, rooms in local houses or inns are rented out for them.



Amelie D’fre

Amelie runs the Iron Fist efficiently as a business and is surprisingly open minded for an Ithanian noble, taking an increased interest in the Allar over the years. This is mostly out of necessity, given the number of Allar living under her roof. She presses to meet individually with Allar within and outside the order, and money under her watch has been known to disappear inexplicably from time to time. She acts as a person of great ability, privilege, and humility. Some theorize that she’s up to no good but as no proof of ill intent has surfaced, these are only chalked up as rumors. She still adamantly fights for the goals sought after by the Iron Fist, and her behavior since her creation of the organization has been nothing but cordial. However, Amelie is well aware of the possibility of passing from old age, and in recent times has been looking for a worthy successor to lead the Iron Fist after her death.


The Alchemists make up the core of the Iron Fist, often individually or working in small groups, they normally take after the two main pursuits the Iron Fist seeks. Many work in and around the manor, congregating once a week to discuss how their work is going and any breakthroughs they have made. Not all of them stay in the Ithanian manor, instead traveling about Aloria under the Iron Fist banner, selling medicines and salves produced by the others. While a number of members are Allar, most members are Ailor and Altalar.


Pursuit of the Universal Solvent

The Universal Solvent was an incredibly guarded secret by the old Soor-Rassa-Allar from Hadar. However, when the Chrysant War came, the knowledge of its recipe was lost. The Universal Solvent allows any substance to be broken down to its most basic ingredients. The Iron Fist currently believes Vocadine is part of the key, but they have only taken a few steps towards uncovering the full formula. Along the way, they’ve developed a number of acids, solvents, and cleansers as prototypes. They typically proclaim these formulas and creations as detriments to the process and are discarded. Of course, some of these failed experiments end up as being beneficial and are sold to the general public. The Iron Fist makes a point to emphasize this: how much they’re helping, how great their remedies are, and how empowered they are to bring about benefits to Aloria. Despite that, some of their detriments have been known to slip through the cracks and fall into darker hands.

Pursuit of the Stone of Ssentra

The Stone of Ssentra is a tale from the ancient past of the Allar race when they lived on Sendras with the other subraces. It was said to have been the ultimate product of a mythical alchemist which has the ability to heal any wound, increase the life of its user, and transmutate common metals into rarer ones. It was supposedly lost in the ancient Sendras kingdom of Ssentra, where it was sealed in the grand temple by its guardians as they fled from the coming Void Worshippers. Rumors of texts and sites with clues towards this temple’s location, or the parts that made up the stone, are still heard of today. Amelie often hires archeologists and worldly Allar to bring alchemists to Hadar in search of anything that could point them to the stone. Traveling to Sendras is incredibly dangerous though, and they haven’t found the means to safely reach it. Allar returning from Hadar bring back documents written in Zasta, and typically translate them for the alchemists. It’s difficult to tell from the get-go what is alchemical knowledge, or what is simply a storybook passed along through generations. Amelie especially is known to offer large sums of money for any Allar document that even mentions the Stone of Ssentra, driving the search on to this day.


The D’fer manor, left to Amelie by her parents, is the headquarters for the Iron Fist. The structure has stood for around one hundred years but still holds well. It is built into the side of a hill and is composed of white Ithanian stonework at the bottom which flairs into ornately decorated timber framing at the top. The manor is taller than it is wide, and stands at around three stories high at its main wing. Smaller extrusions settle at the foot of the hill, coming in the form of greenhouses and extended suites for resident alchemists. Chimneys seem to sprout everywhere from its roof. Inside, it contains about a dozen bedrooms (each with an en-suite washroom), a couple of small kitchens and a series of sitting and drawing rooms. Only about 20-30 people can live in the manor at a time. The cluttered conditions have led some alchemists to pair up and share their rooms. The turnover rate for rooms depends on its occupants; while some leave quicker than others, some stay their entire lives. Amelie has her own bedroom in the upper level of the manor, and is as private as one would expect from Ithanian noblewomen. Beyond this, the manor contains gardens, fountains and other features of Ithanian decadence.

Present Day

The D’fer manor and the Iron Fist as a whole are viewed as a quirky bunch by the local population. Those wishing to explore the grounds are met with challenge due to the tall iron fencing around the property, as well as infrequent, private guards that patrol the area. When the manor does entertain guests for one of Amelie’s events, guests are forbidden to stray from the permitted areas. Permission is sometimes given to certain guests to enter into the alchemists’ areas, but often need an incredibly good reason. Alchemists staying at the manor are highly interested in the Stone of Ssentra, usually joining in to help find it. However, some simply keep tabs on trips the Iron Fist takes to Hadar. Allar are also drawn to the Iron Fist for the financial opportunity it offers them, whether it be through alchemy or their skills as historians or scholars being put to use. To the wider world, the Iron Fist is seen as a relatively normal and peaceful organization, though Regalian nationalists are usually wary of the number of Allar among its ranks. Relations with the other major alchemy group, The Soor-Rassa-Allar, have been cordial, but there is a bit of tension due to a few Soor-Rass-Allar members leaving their order to join the Iron Fist in recent years. While no actual act beyond heated words have been shared between both organizations, the situation may deteriorate over time.


  • Forged and fake objects tied to the Stone of Ssentra is a common issue the order has been running into, especially from money-hungry Allar. Recently Amelie has been catching on to these tricks.

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