Isalora's Nectar

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Isalora's Nectar
Appearance A viscous, pale yellow liquid
Application It must be ingested via mouth
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown Alchemist, Dorinn
Potency A cup of the substance is enough to trigger the effects
Injectable No
  1. Allows for greater fertility of the body for a week
  2. Side-effects of irritable mood-swings and acne on the chest and back

Isalora’s Nectar, named for the Heron of Mothers, was created to aid women and men who had issues conceiving. While unable to reverse infertility, it can make incompatible matches compatible and increase fertility in women. The drawback to this are the pervasive moodswings that come with the hastened ovalation, as well as the increase in acne. While most non-Unionists dislike the name, none can fully discount the potion’s ability to aid in the spread of Ailor across Aloria.


Isalora’s Nectar was created in 210 AC by an unknown alchemist from Dorinn. The urban legend of its creation which has been propagated by many is the only real origin story of this concoction to date. The story goes that the alchemist’s sister was declared barren by physicians. As her brother was unable to bear watching her suffer a long, childless life, he acquired a number of ingredients, testing various mixtures of each over several years. After nearly a decade, he succeeded, and his potion was said to make his sister almost like Isalora, the Heron of Mothers. Since then, the potion has remained rare due to its time-consuming preparation and the equally time-consuming acquisition of its unique ingredients. It should be noted that, while being sold as an aid to alleviate pregnancy issues, it truly cannot revert a person’s barren state nor help with the act of gestation or giving birth. Conservative Unionists dislike the potion for its implied miraculous abilities and because some salesmen pitch the creation as having been touched by Heron Isalora herself.


Isalora’s Nectar has a lengthy preparation process. The first step is for fresh bird eggs to be added to the honey upon a low heat. This substance must be left to marinate for up to three hours, stirring gently to allow the ingredients to mix naturally. Before the end of that period, the alchemist must prepare the Dragonflower. Ideally, it should be dried and ground up into a spice with other herbs to taste, though fine chopping achieves the same effect if a mortar and pestle cannot be obtained. When the three hours have passed, the Dragonflower should be slowly added into the mixture as they are gently folded together. The heat can then be gradually increased to activate the Dragonflower and whisked, adding in small amounts of Dorinn Herbal and Anglian Black Breed Cow Milk as you whisk the mixture. The liquid should be kept at a continuous low heat for the next several hours, or until the substance has no lingering traces of the white Anglian milk visible on the surface. From there, it must be periodically let to cool until it begins to solidify, before being reheated for a full night in the embers of a fire, burning away all powdery traces. In the morning, the alchemist must add in Lady’s Shine petals and let this too burn away. Once it has reached boiling point, take it off the heat and let it cool completely before bottling. Overall, the time investment needed for this potion is constant as too much heat, or a poor whisking will render the potion into a very exotic, if not bad tasting, drink.



The liquid-like substance should be drunk or ingested via mouth with the measurement of approximately one cup. Consuming any more of the nectar will increase the effects of the potion but most have found the itchiness this causes utterly unbearable, and both alchemists and physicians advise against it.


Once ingested, the potion works to provide both sexes with increased fertility twice as potent than normal. However, in doing so, it also causes a slew of emotional mood swings akin to adolescence, followed shortly by acne on the back and face. Ingesting more than a cup will almost quadruple the effects of the potion, and while some say this is more than certain to help allow barren women to become fertile, the moodswings and acne are almost unbearable at this stage. Regardless of how much is ingested, the potion only works for a week, after which the emotional issues and the acne fades. The potion can be chained, but a week's pause at least once a month is necessary to allow a womanly period to occur.

Physical Characteristics

Isalora’s Nectar looks like plant nectar, resembling a viscous, liquid like substance. It has a light yellow tinge to it with a smell reported as “interesting”, some claiming it smells as whatever excites the subject the most. The Nectar tastes sweet like honey, and is generally pleasant despite it's unorthodox ingredients.


  • There are a few different versions to the legend of how Isalora’s Nectar was created. Some say it was the alchemist's wife that was barren and one even states Alestaire Middencroft created it.
  • Most people are surprised to know that the Nectar can help both men and women as the name implies it is meant for a woman.
  • The potion is highly popular in the intensely competitive world of consorts and paramours. For both the Masaya and Regalian Empire, these figures use the Nectar to further their chances to rise in standing among the court as first wives or primary consorts.

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