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This is a format for miscellaneous items that may fall under a different category, but does not apply to the particular template. Stone of Ssentra, Apple Juice, and Clockwork Cat are all examples of this. Note: Since this is such a short format, you're welcome to add as many ===Subheadings=== as you need to pertain to your specific item. Follow the main headings and feel free to expand on anything apart from that.

Template:Info items The intro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the following in an intro paragraph:

  • Hook sentence
  • Describe the subject of the article
  • Offer a little historical context about the subject
  • Give a detail about the subject unrelated to the history
  • State what impact the subject has made, why it is important, or its present day state.


(From who and where did it originate and how has it evolved in time?)

Purpose and Common Use

(Why does it exist? Who uses it/what kinds of people/races, or if it isn't abundant, what was its purpose -- in other words, why does it exist or what is it used for?)


(Optional. How is it manufactured, by whom, and why? How common is it? Where would one most likely find it?)


(If there are any useful things about animal supplies, or items to be obtained from this animal, then this is the spot to put it!)

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Writers No need to link them.
Artists Delete line if none.
Processors Separate, by, commas.
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