Ithanian Gracee

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Ithanian Gracee
Official Name Ithanian Gracee
Common Nicknames Ithaniel Dog, Burd Hound
Classification Mammal
Habitat Urban regions
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Uncommon

The Ithanian Gracee was developed by Ithanians living in Vixhall around 170 AC, and has since developed into a popular animal among the upper classes. It has a simple elegance to it, and a great deal of energy, but still responds to commands well after being trained. Additionally, it is generally a quiet animal and tends to avoid yapping like the purse dogs of the wider Ithanian dog pool.


Unlike most Ithanian hounds, the Ithanian Gracee did not have its start in Ithania proper. Instead, it emerged sometime around 170 AC among the Ithanians of Vixhall. Its creation was largely due to the manipulation of several different breeds. Upon emerging as a successful species the local Ithanian population adopted it as their own and, soon afterward, the future Burdigala did as well. This resulted in the animal’s spread north, and into interactions more obviously with Heartland Ceardians. The animal’s role has remained small throughout history, as Vixhall has been stable for quite a long time, and the breed has simply been popular throughout that time. Today, the same remains true, though most Ithanians prefer animals with pale fur colors and a smaller build like the Sucre Cien over the larger Gracee.

Physical Appearance

The Ithanian Gracee stands at two to two and a half feet in height, with a weight of forty to forty-five pounds. Their heads possess a broad and long muzzle, a normal mouth, two black, brown or blue eyes, and two ears at the top of their heads. These ears are pointed, but they hang down and are very fuzzy with long hair, giving them a rounded appearance to most. They also possess several pairs of small white whiskers behind their small black noses. Their heads are connected to their slender bodies by a short neck, and the dog stands on four slim and pawed legs. Their body then ends in a medium tail covered in hair. The animal’s coat is most commonly black with streaks of grey or white along the chest and shoulder areas. Other coat colors are majority brown with white, and the rarest, cream, or pale brown with white. The animal’s fur is generally thin along their sides and limbs, but longest around the ears and on the tail.


Gracees have an equal gender ratio, and possess no obvious sexual dimorphism or distinctions between the genders, though their names often easily give such information away. The only differing factor between different members of the species is their coat colors. About half of the species is majority black, with a little over a quarter being brown with white before the rarest existing in the remaining portion.

Life Span and Development

Ithanian Gracees are liveborn in litters of up to five. As puppies, their hair is actually quite long and requires cleaning, either by the mother’s licks or by human attendants assisting in the birthing process. However, within a few months, the animal has grown enough that such original long hair either isn’t as much of a problem or solely exists in its customary place. They finish maturing at the age of two and can live up to fifteen years.

Mental Overview

The Ithanian Gracee is filled with energy, and greatly enjoys exercise or play with Humans or its own kind. Despite these traits, it is surprisingly quiet for a dog, rarely barking or making loud noises except when those they see as owners or as friends are under threat. The animal can be vicious when such occasions come up, even attacking the offender, though such a thing is rare. Children get along best with this animal, as the two can keep up with each other in their mutual energetic behavior. Additionally, the animal takes to learning commands quite well, which comes in handy due to their position within Ithanian society.

Territory and Groupings

The Ithanian Gracee was bred by Ithanians living in Vixhall, and thus that remains the animal’s largest population area, though it has also spread in areas of nearby Dragenthal, Anglia and so forth. It has also, obviously, made its way back to Ithania. The animal is best suited to the more well off members of society, and there it has remained, the companion of many an urban mercantile or aristocratic family.


  • Among some uninformed circles, the Ithanian Gracee is called the Burd Hound, thanks to the animal’s introduction to wider Aloria at the hands of the Burdigalans.
  • The Ithanian Gracee’s lack of fur means that it does not do well in mountainous or cold climates, instead greatly enjoying southern or humid regions of both the Regalian Archipelago and Daen.

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