Ithanian Laceurci

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Ithanian Laceurci
Official Name Ithanian Laceurci
Common Nicknames Pocket Pooch, Butterfly Dog
Classification Mammal
Habitat Urban regions of Ithania and the Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Ithanian Laceurci is a small sized lap dog breed in which the Ithanian Ailor finally saw full success in their aggressive breeding to produce an ideal animal accessory. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the proud Ithanian Puffe Cien, this dog is seen with fondness as the ideal small dog, able to be carried by purse or left to wander the tea party rooms of various Ithanian manors. Being free of birth defects and boasting a longer life span, the Ithanian Laceurci has grown to become one of the most popular court breeds of recent times. In the modern day, with the civil unrest in the Ithanian Sovereignty, this Ithanian pocket pooch is often left to its own devices as its Ithanian masters plot for the security of their Culture amidst progressive male rule.


The Ithanian Laceurci came to be during the year 176 AC, more specifically upon the birthday of the Sovereign at the time, Claudette Joëlle Chiette Javienne Illuminée D’Noutte. By this time, the popularity of breeding the small Mini Strouffle was at its peak, however, the short lifespan of the breed was proving to be an issue for the Sovereign. Finding it ridiculous that her dogs could never live longer than a few years, and that the dog was so sickly that it couldn’t even live without caretakers, the Sovereign decided to have a new dog bred to satisfy the court’s desires for a small lap dog, but one that wasn’t a physical embarrassment to the prestige and grace long associated with the Ithanain Culture. On the date of her birthday, the Sovereign announced her plan to her masses and soon many veteran breeders went to work to breed a new dog. It would take two decades, but finally a suitable dog we created; the Ithanian Laceurci. The Sovereign would die prior to the final dog being brought before her, and so the breed became associated with her legacy. The Ithanian Laceurci quickly overtook the Ithanian courts as it was much more playful and energetic than the Mini Strouffle that predated it. Despite this popularity, many still clung to the belief that owning the Mini Strouffle was more prestigious as the cost of taking care of these dogs was much higher since it required it’s own servants upon birth. In the modern day, the Ithanian Laceurci is growing more and more popular as King Florent de Gosselin has begun to strip away the absurdist court protocol long upheld by the Ithanians. Even if isolated courts still believe in their haute ways, the growing image of this trend is slowly fading as the Ithanian Laceurci becomes the mascot of the new Sovereign’s court.

Physical Appearance

The Ithanian Laceurci is eight to eleven inches in length while being the same in height, weighing anywhere between eight to ten pounds. Its small size has led to the Ithanian Laceurci being known as the pure lap dog, and in some cases the purse dog. This is due to some Ithanians at court carrying large handbags to place their dogs inside of. These bags have become a style icon of their own, being larger than the average purse used to carry makeup or perfumes. The head of the breed is what one would consider the average for dogs, round with a snout that protrudes out proportionately. What is different about the head, and also a key feature of the Ithanian Laceurci, is its ears, which are described as butterfly shaped. Each ear is as large as the face of the animal, with medium length hair that hangs off, filling in the shape so as to not appear odd off the small dog. The breeder that came up with this butterfly shape, Madame Madeline Vrillais Troissant de Gabbon, was inspired by the butterfly room, a glass greenhouse that is a signature of the royal palace of the Ithanian Sovereign. Some also suspect that the ears are inspired by the large bows which are featured on some of the most exquisite court dresses and gowns, but this has been denied by Madame de Gabbon, who insists that the fluttering of the butterfly that inspired her, and that an animal that moves with such care and grace is a fine example of Ithanian beauty. The tail of the Ithanian Laceurci is of medium length and features longer hair that hangs down the rear of the breed. The legs of the dog are proportionate to its body and the overall coat is longer in length, leading to the dog having a chest that sticks out proudly, like the Ithanian Puffe Cien, but layered over with this long hair. This coat is popular within the Ithanian courts to run one's fingers through, as being able to pull through the long hair cleanly is a sign of the dog being well groomed and thus acceptable in the setting of a royal court. The coloration of the Ithanian Laceurci’s coat is black, white, and brown respectively, with the black and brown coloration being mostly on the head while the majority of the body is white. The ears of the breed are exclusively either black or brown while the face can be black or brown with a white streak down the front. It is possible for an Ithanian Laceurci to be born with black ears and a brown face and vice versa, or a single shade of either. Patches of brown or black are known to appear along the top of the back and the tail of the Ithanian Laceurci, but appear nowhere else on the body, being isolated to those areas.


There is very little diversity between genders of the Ithanian Laceurci, though the males do tend to weigh one to two pounds heavier than the females, likely due to an increase of muscle mass due to testosterone. Because of this lack of noticeable dimorphism and the fact there is absolutely no difference in coat color, both genders are beloved by the Ithanians. It is often suggested that the longer fur allows the owner to hide the gender of the dog to the point that it makes little sense to uphold the standard of female superiority in the breed.

Life Span and Development

The Ithanian Laceurci is born in a litter of two to three pups. Immediately after birth, the puppies are blind for approximately two weeks, and do not open their eyes until after this time. At first their eyesight is poor, but eventually will develop to match the adults. While most breeds shed their softer puppy fur, the Ithanian Laceurci keeps this soft texture into adulthood with no variations, resulting in the adults having soft, silky coats. At this point, their personalities will also be determined, having reached social maturity. The lifespan of these dogs is between twelve and fifteen years.

Mental Overview

The Ithanian Laceurci is a fully domesticated breed with none of them existing in the wild, instead they are kept within various breeding centers and later on courts of some of the most prominent individuals of Ithanian society. While not quite as intelligent as the Ithanian Puffe Cien, this breed is a close second when it comes to Ithanian dogs. The Ithanian Laceurci is able to be playful and energetic one moment and quiet and dignified the next. This is a trait that was bred in early on as the idea of having to train out the things that make an animal an animal seemed silly, but still desiring it to be a proper court accessory. In fact, it is almost alarming how quickly an Ithanian Laceurci can transition from being joyful and bouncy to quiet and still. This has led to the dog becoming even more popular in the Regalian Archipelago where the idea of the Ithanian court isn’t as tangible and so the process of training a dog for it is mostly out of the question due to the effort involved. The breed is so successful there that the Burdigalan Ailor have adopted the breed as their own dog of choice, enjoying being able to come in from the fields to pick up their pet, sitting on their porch, stroking the animals fur as they sip wine. The Ithanian Laceurci is especially good around children, as they tend to match the animal's energy.

Territory and Grouping

Being a wholly domesticated breed, the Ithanian Laceurci lives a life entirely dedicated to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Unlike other breeds, owners of the dog tend to obtain many of them to keep each other company as they’re relatively easy to train and maintain. It is even a popular practice among the Burdigala to own as many Ithanian Laceurci as they can for no other reason than for the small dogs to be able to roam the expansive fields and vineyards freely whereas larger breeds would destroy the landscape. Being as popular as they are, the dog is able to freely enter into other cultures and races as the dog is small enough and intelligent enough to be left alone.


  • There is a secondary market for the Ithanain Laceurci in Farah’deen as the Songaskians find the breed charming.
  • Some believe that the ears of the Ithanian Laceurci is secretly Maraya propaganda; the race in question has ears often described as being butterfly-like.
  • Many Admirals of the Regalian Empire keep Ithanian Laceurci’s on their ships as the dog is small enough and trained well enough to not disturb the functioning of the ship or fall overboard.

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