Ithanian Puffe Cien

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Ithanian Puffe Cien
Official Name Ithanian Puffe Cien
Common Nicknames Hautedog, Hedge Hound
Classification Mammal
Habitat Ithania
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Uncommon

The Ithanian Puffe Cien much like its sister breed, the Mini Strouffle, is a medium sized fluffy dog bred for the sake of court intrigue among the Ithanian Ailor. As the notion of using smaller breeds as accessories took over the scene of the Ithanian royal courts, there became a greater desire to have a dog to be with you as you traveled the many long hallways and corridors of the various palaces and estates. This idea of accessorizing a pet grew to include being able to style the grooming of one's dog for greater individuality and thus the Ithanian Puffe Cien came to be. In the modern day, this breed can be seen at the side of their Ithanian masters, ever expanding the idea of what haute culture truly is.


The history of the Ithanian Puffe Cien comes roughly a decade after the idea of dogs as court accessories, which began to emerge among the affluent circles of the Ithanian Ailor. At this time the idea of micro sizing one's dog to be able to rest on their lap or in a handbag was wildly popular and added a degree of charm to the absurdist haute Culture. Still, there was a minor group that wasn’t satisfied with this arrangement. Seeing the pocket dogs, as the smaller breeds were referred to, as nothing more than a chore, their poor physical stature being a disgrace to the posh movements and courtly rituals that were expected among the Ithanians. These Ithanian breeders looked at how the Mini Strouffle was developed and began to engineer a better breed in the opposite direction. Trading the more common canine body for something more thin and elegant, and having the movements be less animalistic, more dignified and refined. By the time they were done the Ithanian Puffe Cien had emerged.

The breed became a massive success, becoming popular practically overnight as there became a dog that was just as dignified and courtly as the Ithanians themselves. Added to the fact that the breed was able to be groomed in a wide range of styles led to many prominent court circles to develop grooming styles of their Ithanian Puffe Ciens to represent themselves and their social cliques. Despite the breeds popularity, it remained largely a rarity as the early breeders of the Ithanian Puffe Cien began to set up legislation and barriers to ensure that no one outside of Ithania would be able to breed the dogs leading to the fact that only those litters born in Ithania can constitute as being a true Ithanian Puffe Cien. However, this legislation has since been reduced due to heavy lobbying on behalf of the Ithanians located in the Regalian Archipelago.

Today, despite the recent politics of the Ithanian Sovereignty, the Ithanian Puffe Cien remains popular in the region and among its citizens. Ever since the execution of the late Sovereign by the decree of King d’Gosselin, the Ithanian Puffe Cien has taken on a new role as a symbol of solidarity for the Ithanian way of life. It has even grown to the extent of many prominent Ithanian noblewoman walking their dogs in front of the royal palace as a form of protest against the death of their beloved Sovereign. Still, despite this politicization there is no indication that the breed is under threat, still remaining stable as a breed of choice among the Ithanian elite.

Physical Appearance

The Ithanian Puffe Cien is a medium sized breed at one and a half to two feet in height and roughly the same in length. The weight being forty to fifty pounds depending on the build and shape of the breed. The head shape is similar to that of the Mini Strouffle, being a fluffy bulb, however, the Ithanian Puffe Cien possesses a longer snout and ears, both of which grow hair shorter than the rest of the head and the body. The legs of the dog are long and thin, sitting proportionately along the agile frame of the breed. The chest of the Ithanian Puffe Cien sticks out slightly with a medium length neck on which the head sits. The tail comes off the hindquarters of the animal, being medium in length, and roughly the same as the length of the legs. The fur of the Ithanian Puffe Cien is similar to the Mini Strouffle, being longer and curly, however, it’s texture is less wooly and more soft. This leads to the dog not having the same water wicking capabilities of its sister breed. Due to the even spread of this coat across the body of the breed, this has led to many Ithanians grooming the breed in a variety of patterns. From shaving the main body, tail, and legs to a fine length and leaving the rest to grow out to styling the top hair to grow in length akin to a wig, fitted with various ribbons and bows. There are even some Ithanians that style their Ithanian Puffe Ciens hair to be full of dreadlocks as a mocking of the seafaring Asha which they enslave. The coloring of this coat is diverse, ranging from whites, greys, and blacks, to tans and browns. This coat is always uniform with no spotting or patterns, however, there are some Ithanian Puffe Cien that grow a salt and peppered fur pattern. These members of the breed are unpopular and often purchased by the poorest of the Ithanians as the coat coloration is viewed as impure and something that can lead to disgrace in court, being likened to a loose thread on one's gown. In fact, the salt and pepper coloring is so unpopular that there have been many breeders that have lost respect and business due to their Ithanian Puffe Cien litters having a high quantity of this coloration. A small aftermarket among the New Regalians exists that purchases these rare colored breeds to poke fun at the over the top culture of the Ithanians.


The Ithanian Puffe Cien has a common diversity as it relates to body size. The male members of the species are larger in size while the female members are smaller. What is odd is that the male Ithanian Puffe Ciens are the only ones that can attain a salt and pepper coat, adding to the reason why some New Regalians enjoy the social commentary of owning one.

Life Span and Development

The Ithanian Puffe Cien is born in a litter of two to three pups. Immediately after birth, the puppies are blind for approximately two weeks, and do not open their eyes until after this time. At first their eyesight is poor, but eventually will develop to match the adults. While most breeds shed their softer puppy fur, the Ithanian Puffe Cien keeps this soft texture into adulthood, however, there are some that do develop courser hair, though this is only a minority and is often only resulted from selectively breeding the dogs so they can have their hair styled a different way. At this point, their personalities will also be determined, having reached social maturity. The lifespan of these dogs is between ten and fifteen years.

Mental Overview

The Ithanian Puffe Cien is a fully domesticated breed with none of them existing in the wild, instead being kept within various breeding centers and later on courts of some of the most prominent individuals of Ithanian society. Out of all the Ithanian breeds, the Ithanian Puffe Cien is viewed as the smartest. Being bred to be able to function in all of the various court settings of the Ithanians. As early as they can walk the breeders start conditioning the Ithanian Puffe Cien to ‘march’ rather than walk in the typical bob that other canine breeds do. Additionally, the dog is made to not bark as to do such in a court setting would spell disaster for the animal's owner. Still, despite all of this early training, the Ithanian Puffe Cien can be seen as a friendly and caring dog, especially among the minor New Regalians who own them, albeit this does involve unconditioning the dog as they receive them over from Ithania. However, once this lengthy process is taken, the Ithanian Puffe Cien is lovable and warms up to their new master.

Territory and Groupings

Being a wholly domesticated breed, the Ithanian Puffe Cien lives a life entirely dedicated to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. While living in litters, and existing within small grouping within Ithanian breeding centers, much of the life of the dog is spent in isolation, living with their Ithanian masters. There are many that own a single Ithanian Puffe Cien, however, it is often encouraged to own two so that the other has a companion. It has become accepted that a lonely dog isn’t as dignified and sporting as one that has a companion to keep them company, this has led to many Ithanian Puffe Ciens to be seen as socially deficient and lacking the pride that has become associated with the breed. However, despite this trend of single dog ownership, the plentiful amount of children born to Ithanian households give these dogs some semblance of companionship, albeit one that is animal and owner instead of equal species.


  • There is a trend among those who own white Ithanian Puffe Ciens to dye their coats in various bright colors. This is done to have the dog match the dress color of its owner.
  • Due to the wide styles of grooming for the Ithanian Puffe Cien, it has become known as the ‘hedge hound’ among the common masses, likening the breed to the delicate manicure of palatial shrubbery.
  • Since King Florent has taken up the mantle as ruler of Ithania there has been a shift in the breeding of Ithanian Puffe Ciens to turn them into loyal guards and attack dogs. Time will tell if this effort proves successful.

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