Ithanian Sucre Cien

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Ithanian Sucre Cien
Official Name Ithanian Sucre Cien
Common Nicknames Sugar Pile
Classification Mammal
Habitat Urban regions, Ithania
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Ithanian Sucre Cien is an Ithanian breed of dog, produced by selective breeding and auctioned off around urbanized areas. Its rapid growth in numbers and unique appearance has earned the dog the name “Sucre Cien”, which directly translates to “Sugar Dog” in common. This is accounted for the fact that a laying Sucre Cien resembles a pile of sugar, due to their flourishing, long, snow-white hair and small figure. The dogs are most commonly carried, as when they walk their hair picks up dirt and other things that require it to be cleaned out. With love and compassion, this dog is a mixed bag; loyal to its owner, but needy. It is antisocial to others when not properly introduced to the world. This, and its ear-piercingly renowned high-pitched bark that classifies as more of a ‘yapping,’ earns the Ithanian Sucre Cien more than its fair share of infamy. Even then, any of high wealth or prestige seeking to pamper a loving and fluffy, tiny companion, often get directed to this breed, and end up happy with it.


The Ithanian Sucre Cien is a delicate animal bred by competitive Ithanians selecting what breeds of dog to work together, hoping to come across something that fits their necessity for luxury and display. Originally, the Sucre Cien was expected to be a cute little competitive trained dog, but the breed has since become more lazy by the generation. The breed began production in 171 AC, though the breeder and by extension his business did not sell the successful litters as they went through the generations, only announcing the final product by 263 AC. The first litter of recorded official Ithanian Sucre Ciens had been bought by an Ithanian poet who proceeded to popularize the dog with poems and auctions involving them. The breed quickly expanded, and was branded with its present name, recognized for its unique appearance. Ever since, it has become commonplace in the wealthy Ithanian household.

Physical Appearance

This breed of dog is a small, paper-white figure, with long drooping hair that will often drag behind it as it trots. With small, beady and most often dark-brown eyes, as well as a short snout and generally small skull structure, the Sucre Ithanian Cien’s proportions are a large part of its frame. The dog is also exceptionally light, weighing anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds by either gender. The males are often 8 to 9 inches in height (20 - 23 cm) while the females are found to be slightly shorter.


The Ithanian Sucre Cien barely differentiates between genders. All are associated with excessively long snowy hair, a small skull, and short, thin legs as well as thick tails. With the selective breeding that brought this dog up, it has been narrowly determined to this almost singular description, though is often seen as a blank canvas for artistic owners to decorate to their liking. This dog is only common in Ithania, though can be found as a rare commodity in Regalian households.

Life Span and Development

These dogs are frequently born in triplets. The stage of infancy sees the Ithanian Sucre Cien as nearly unrecognizable, skinny, exposed, pure soft pink skin with white fuzz. During this stage, the mother often takes careful care of the dogs, but they are extremely vulnerable to conditions and illnesses. Within only a few weeks, the dog will begin growing in hair, and by the end of a month, will look more elegant as opposed to its infancy. The dog will enter a phase where it has trouble walking, getting used to the rapidly flourishing hair. It trips and stumbles, until it finds a more elongated step that pushes its hair out of the way of its paw temporarily. This often appears as if they are trotting.

The dogs quickly develop into adulthood, by about only the age of four being seen as fully grown. The only part of the Ithanian Sucre Cien that grows at a recognizable pace is the hair. Despite early weakened immune systems, the petting dogs often live long and healthy lives, though the statistics are seen to be due to careful and gentle Ithanian owners. The moderate life expectancy for a healthy Ithanian Sucre Cien is 17 full years.

Mental Overview

The Ithanian Sucre Cien have been bred and raised on domestication, and they cannot live without it. Often friendly at a very young age, Sucre Cien quickly become acquainted with whoever takes them into their service. After the age of four, these dogs usually become much more uncomfortable around those they do not see on a daily basis. The breed is very picky and antisocial in this regard. When a Sucre Ithanian Cien does not like a particular person, they will know, as the dog is prone to barking fits.

To note, these dogs get surprisingly well with children at times. When children are babying them, playing with them, and generally giving them attention, an Ithanian Sucre Cien will treat the child with love and compassion. However, when the child itself is getting their own share of attention and love in the household, the dog will lurk, watching enviously, and will take any opportunity it has to transition the center Should the child be particularly unfavorable, it is highly likely that the Ithanian Sucre Cien will enter a yapping rant on the child, often ruining their day.

The petting dogs are pampered, spoiled, and babied on a common basis. The very sight of one is usually seen as proof that the owner of the household has the dog simply to treat as an overindulged child. The Sucre Ciens are not ignorant of this, it would seem. They enter a barking fit whenever dissatisfied, often pushing their owners to their whims. Summed up, the dogs are commonly picky, antisocial, fickle, stubborn, pushy and all around seen as nuisances by less articulate cultures.

Territory and Groupings

The territory of an Ithanian Sucre Cien is the home of a pampered person of wealth. When exposed to natural environments, the dogs rather just lay down on the grass and bathe in the sun, not willing to budge an inch until returned to their homes. It is a known fact that the Sucre Ciens do not get along well with other breeds, though they get along fine with their own unless they feel the other dog is driving the attention away from them.


  • If left untrimmed, the Sucre Cien will outgrow its hair to the point that walking and eating becomes a near-impossible task.
  • The Sucre Cien is actually a very expensive dog. Not many are transported to the Archipelago, and when the few arrive they are quickly bought off as an investment by speculators that quickly raise their prices, having firm grips on the breed’s population in Regalia.
  • A Sucre Cien requires constant attention. Without it, the animal can fall into a severe depression.

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