Jīnyú dú

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Jīnyú dú
Appearance Translucent Green Liquid
Application Consumption or injection
Proficiency Requires 20 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown Alchemist
Potency Single Teaspoon
Injectable No, instant death
  • 16/20 Distilled Water
  • 2/20 Rock Salt
  • 1/20 Iron-sand
  • 1/20 Yǒudú Jīnyú Secretion
  1. Slow acting poison that causes immense pain as it slowly halts all bodily functions.

Often referred to as Liquid Death, Jīnyú dú is a compound derived in the fabled halls of Liànjīn Shù Xuéyuàn, and has been adopted by various government entities as a special torture method. The terrible experiment that created this compound occurred in the dark of night, behind closed doors. Even the name of the original creator has been lost, though soon after the creation of the poison, the recipe was bought by the Regalian Government for a large sum. Jīnyú dú is a slow-acting poison derived from the natural toxins produced by the Yǒudú Jīnyú fish, diluted down to a mere fraction of its original potency. To this day, it is considered one of the deadliest, and most painful poisons ever created.


Jīnyú dú is a relatively new entry into the field of torturous poisons; being first created in 298 AC by an unknown alchemist. The original goal of the project was to tamper with the natural toxins of the Yǒudú Jīnyú native to the Yang-Tzu Isles to find a natural anti venom, or preferably immunity, for the countless fishermen who died to the foul beast every year. And while the experiments did succeed in creating an anti-venom, it also created one of the most painful toxins employed by alchemists today, as a side project. The alchemist that produced the compound quietly attempted to sell the recipe to the Regalian Government in exchange for his own weight in gold. Unfortunately for him, his superiors did not appreciate this, and slipped him his own poison mere weeks after his treachery was uncovered. Jīnyú dú is used during torture sessions by various government entities, as it causes extreme amounts of pain to the victim but does not outright kill them if used correctly, and it is hard to detect its use. To this day, only a select few have access to the recipe, though secrets are hard to contain in a realm where the deadliest poison is the greed in a man’s heart.


The process of making Jīnyú dú requires a largely sterile environment, to help prevent anything from going awry. It begins with the boiling of half of the distilled water in a contained vessel. This is to further purify the water, whilst not allowing any to evaporate as steam. Any mismeasurement of any ingredient can result in an imperfect batch, which leads to botched or fatal effects during attempts to use it. Once the water has been brought to a boil, it must be allowed to cool back to room temperature. While the water is chilling, the rock salt and iron-sand should be mixed in a separate container away from the water. These two components act as a deterrent to the natural toxicity of the Yǒudú Jīnyú secretion, and helps keep the subject alive for longer. The mixture should slowly be stirred into the water, until completely mixed in. At this point, the alchemist should wear a pair of thick leather gloves in order to protect themselves, and anyone who is not directly involved in the next few steps should vacate the area. The final stage of the procedure is to add the single drop of Yǒudú Jīnyú toxin to the compound, taking special care to not drip the toxin on any other surface, especially uncovered skin. The compound is then ready to be bottled into glass beakers.



All it takes is a single spoonful of Jīnyú dú for the subject to begin feeling the effects. Anything more will result in near instant death of the individual, as the concentration of Yǒudú Jīnyú is too great for the individual to filter.


The effects of Jīnyú dú begin with sweating and hot flashes as the poison makes its way into the bloodstream. Around the five minute mark, the subject will begin to feel immense stomach pains as their kidneys and liver begin a slow process of shutting down. Over the next thirty minutes, the subject’s pain will continue to increase as the poison continues its path through the bloodstream, feelings of intense nausea, vomiting, and muscle cramps following the stomach pains. Around the forty-five minute mark, the subject will begin to feel short of breath, and have a hard time remaining conscious. This is usually the time when torturers will introduce the anti-venom to keep the individual alive. An hour after ingesting the poison with no anti-venom, the individual will begin to produce blood through every orifice, an effect which will last anywhere between ten and fifteen minutes before the subject suffers a severe heart attack and dies.

Physical Characteristics

The poison appears as a green, cloudy liquid—often being mistaken for salt water. The concoction smells of rotten fish, however, a characteristic that has baffled alchemists as to how the small amount of poison still maintains such a pungent aroma. Finally, it tastes largely like that of a salt-water fish, with a painful, burning aftertaste similar to a hot pepper.


  • While the trade of Yǒudú Jīnyú toxin is highly regulated, some samples of it have been known to exist on the black market for incredibly high prices.
  • Orcs have shown a surprising resilience to the effects of Jīnyú dú, often lasting three times as long as a normal Ailor. However, they are not immune to the poison, and will eventually succumb to it.

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