Jared Kade

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Jared Kade
Notable Person
Full Name Jared “Silverhand” Luchs Kade
Race Isldar (Imperalized Ailor)
Date of Birth 25th of October, 247 AC
Date of Death N/A
Claim to Fame Regalian Politician, Field Commander

Jared Luchs Kade (Birthname: Jared Craulnober, Old Ceardian Jared Silverhand) is a Regalian Field Commander and politician, who most notably was the first non-Ailor to be Imperialized and given full Ailor status within the Regalian Empire. He was adopted as a member of House Kade in 305 AC by the 13th Emperor of the Regalian Empire, Cedromar Kade. During his life, he would hold a variety of positions within the Empire in the State, Military, law enforcement, and otherwise, while also proving to be a controversial figure due to his various treason charges and crimes against the Empire. As a public figure, Jared had shown to be a blunt individual. With a somewhat short stature for an Isldar at 6’2”, Jared had broad knotted shoulders and lengthy lean arms, hands usually resting near the two scimitars he carried. In battle and while serving in the field, his tendency to raise his curved blades far above his head became something of his signature in command battle. He would be wounded badly multiple times throughout his military service, but persisted through several decades of military service to the Empire, rising to be one of the more skilled commanders and bladesman in the Regalian Army. Leading into his sixties, his temperament showed significant changes, becoming more of a calculating and considerate leader due to his varied experiences in politics.

Origins and Early Life

Jared Luchs Kade was born on October 25th, 247 AC, to a pair of unknown Isldar within the Isldarrin Hold beyond the Frost Maelstrom, where the Frostweaver, Frisit, once resided. Jared had an older and a younger sibling. Initially trained for service as a Wyrm-rider within Isldarrin society, he was raised to fight with blades and mounts both, but was strictly governed over by the matriarchal system of the Isldar Holds, and often punished physically for his unusually stubborn and free-speaking attitude, anomalies for an Isldar. At age 13, he was caught supposedly trespassing near Frisit’s chambers, and was promptly tortured and cast out of the Holds, left to die in the snow with his Frisit faith waning. Miraculously, he was found by a traveling pair of adventurers, who took the broken and beaten youth to the nearby town of Bereshkel. For a year, his wounds slowly recovered to the extent his foster father could teach him to swing a blade. With the coin the couple had earned over their travels, they sent the youth to train as a Ranger at various Schools, and he would finish his training at age 24. Before his training was complete, he would begin traveling across Aloria, offering his services abroad. Jared left to investigate a series of attacks in Old Ceardia. This, along with the Massacre at Silverwind, was found to be the work of the Archdemon, Bahaesel, taking the form of the murdered Silverwind Mayor’s life, “Mrs. Baver,” and the young Isldar would spend years chasing after this terror to limited success. Eventually, the Capital of Old Ceardia, Silveredge, would fall in 268 AC, and Old Ceardia would fall to ruin with it, with Jared being unsuccessful in assisting the local militia in saving the port city from destruction and corruption from the Archdemon. He would end up ultimately traveling to Ithania in search of treasures, and some way to combat the potentiality of a full-blown void invasion.

Early Service to Alexander I

Jared met future Alexander the I in 280 AC, as Alexander was studying ancient ruins abroad, and ran into the young Isldar by chance in a small city in the south of Ithania. Jared would earn the young Kade’s trust after a few dangerous battles in this region. Swearing his sword-arm to the young Kade, the two would travel the length and breadth of Ithania, Ellador, and other such continents in search of knowledge from experts on Seraph history, ancient Elven lore, and old calligraphers. The two would seperate as the Chrysant War began. He would arrive in Regalia shortly thereafter, entering into service under the Violet Order, and assisting in the formation of the Tenpenny Army under Emperor Justinian II.

Military Service

Jared first served in the Chrysant War at the behest of Alexander the I. He would also serve during the Ranger Crisis, a few years before the fall of Old Ceardia. In this conflict, he would fight on behalf of the Regalian Empire but grew disillusioned by the cruel and opportunistic practices of the Ailor, retreating for five years back to Ellador. In the year 300 AC he would travel to Regalia to begin service as a Violet Guardsman while working to train soldiers in the Regalian Army. In 302 AC he would reluctantly sign up to fight for the Empire once again, in the Elven War. During the Second Battle of H'rellen, he would lead a contingent of Tenpenny Soldiers to defeat a large mass of Wind-Mages within an Elven Temple, securing the Imperial Elven Crown, the Ríë’coréllë, and delivering to Alexander the I aboard the Laridae. This was considered one of his greater military successes, though he was later knocked out by a magical creation of the elves. In the leadup to the Songaskian War at the end of 302 AC, Jared would slay the Soul Mage that the demon Behesael was using to attempt to possess then Emperor Alexander I’s body. Midway through the ritual, Jared would strike down the mage with his scimitars and force Behesael’s body into a nearby statue. Later on, he fought in the Estel Conflicts, Songaskian Occupation, First Songaskian War, the First Regalian Counteroffensive, the Battle of Sundanlet, and the Old Rivergrand. During the Regalian Civil Strife, and the later Lo Occupation of the Capital, Jared would be unsuccessful in an assassination attempt on the Usurper Lo. Leading up to this attempt, he worked as an undercover agent on behalf of the Kades, going so far as to deliver members of the Howlester family to the Lo to gain her trust. This would forever leave a black mark on his name in the eyes of the Howlester and Jingonist contingents. In the Summer of 303 AC, he assassinated Gustavo Anahera in the midst of the Anahera Dictatorship, ultimately partaking in a rescue mission on behalf of the Black Order, and rescuing Cedromar Kade from captivity. A few months later, he would serve at the Battle of the Curag Fields, losing the tip of one of his ears in the conflict. He, later, bested Percival Ravenstad at the Spring Joust of 305, and would undergo several special operations in Jorrhildr to recover one Osric Howlester from Url captivity, and again in the Burning of the Black Tower. He partook in the operation to end the Anglian Mist Crisis, recovering his prized scimitars in the process. More recently, he has served in the Kathar War as a Field Commander, fighting directly opposite the Silver Tear Paladin.

Treason Charges

As of writing, Jared Kade has found himself in Krakenburg, the prison dedicated to Treasonous Criminals, on seven different occasions. The incidents are as follows.

  • I ~ Charged with High Treason for raising his weapons against the Emperor at Greygate and then fleeing, Charges dropped after a lengthy prison sentence.
  • II ~ Charged with High Treason for disobeying a direct order from the Emperor, Charges dropped a few days later.
  • III ~ Charged with High Treason for conspiring to rebel against the State Government, Charges dropped after a lengthy prison sentence.
  • IV ~ Charged with High Treason for assassinating Gustavo Anahera and taking over the Violet Order by force, Charges dropped in order to serve against the Anahera Dictatorship.
  • V ~ Charged with High Treason for acting as an Agent during the Lo Occupation by Christopher Black, Charges dropped after a Noble Peerage vote of innocence.
  • VI ~ Charged with High Treason relating to rebelling against the Government by Constanze du Brierust, Charges dropped when the Emperor intervened.
  • VII ~ Charged with High Treason relating to the Conduit’s Activation in Regalia, Charges dropped by William Howlester.

Political Career

Jared has held various political offices, seeming to be a constant among the Regalian State for the past five years. Directly following the death of Celine Anahera, the Isldar began applying for and seeking political offices, being met with mixed success overall. He would serve as the 6th and 14th Lord Commander of the Violet Order, being titled "The Swift" among the lineage of Commanders. This is partially due to his two-weapon style in combat, but is also used as a slight against his first tenure, which lasted for just over 24 hours. He also served as Mercenary Commander of the Empire on a few occasions.

In his first proper political office, he would be named the Grand Commissioner, a position in which he would investigate Law Enforcement Charters of suspected corruption and treason. Soon after this work began, he was adopted by Cedromar Kade, his persona shifting from that of a gruff mercenary and Field Commander to an out and out Politician. After a brief run on the State Council in 306 AC, he served as the Warden of Fort Purity where he would develop a reputation as a more calculating individual, suppressing the Abberants within while stopping the spread of illness within the city. During the Anglian Mist Crisis, he briefly ruled as Consul of the Empire, before leaving office as the State Council dissolved into infighting. In late 306, he was appointed to the Secretary for the Faith role in the New Government, and began a crusade on Frisit Worshippers. He attempted a coup of Chancellors Constanze du Brierust and Amelina Peirgarten, ultimately being unsuccessful on both counts, later serving the Lord Chancellor Louis Delmotte as Secretary for the Faith for the third time, whilst also serving as the Grand Commissioner and leading the burgeoning Dragon Faith alongside Gwenyth Zylmoira. After the Government Restructure in early 308, Jared found himself on the Chancellor’s Advisory Cabinet.


Jared was known to have an overbearing, stubborn personality. While driven by idealistic, well-intentioned ideals, the Kade always seemed intent on some larger goal or picture, for better or worse. This goal appears to be the overall strength of the Empire, the Kade often citing the fall of Silveredge and Old Ceardia as a lesson for the rest of the realm: without strength, all is lost. This ideology is largely why Jared has always supported the Kade family, seeing them as the most powerful dynasty and, therefore, hope for a united alliance against Beheasel upon their return. This grand idea is complicated by the Kade’s seeming unwillingness to act with outright cruelty. Jared would be quick to try and command over others when he felt he could, and would exhaust those he had to convince into submission through a sheer stubborn will for others to see his perspective. Jared often defended the rights and respect needed for the peerage, but did stray from protocol often, and would expect the nobility to pay in coin and blood for their positions and privileges. He was far more understanding and friendly to both soldiers he worked with in the field, and the scant few nobles and close friends who worked with him in the State. To work toward a better, larger goal, seemed tied to establishing a friendship, to the Kade. Jared would truly devote himself to the Kade family and the leaders within the House, always concerned with fighting on behalf of the family. This came off in his tendency to act as a cold, calculating commander in the field and political stage both, despite being a more unsure but devoted friend to those he got close to.

Extended Family

Jared’s blood family is unknown to public record, with the Isldar himself having very few memories of his initial childhood. Jared is the adopted brother of Cedromar Kade. No other Kade relation is officially recognized, but he very much treats Florance as a younger sister, and Vhilomir as an adopted nephew. He knew Tristan and Leah Kade from far before he was adopted, and the two are close friends to this day. He is currently single, and has been the source of court mockery for his seemingly celibate practices.


  • Jared is seen as a Race-traitor by most Isldar, and those in Ellador often decry him as a lap dog to the Imperial House. He is also mocked for holding a somewhat fetishistic love for his two scimitars, with Court Rumors running rampant on what he does with them behind closed doors.
  • Jared is known for his materialistic tendencies and treasures. He once won a suit of Nightsilver Armor from a Seraph Ruin, a suit he keeps to this day, along with a personalized suit of Blacksteel Armor. He keeps two “Howling Blade” folded blacksteel scimitars, named “Khazid” and “Icedeath” respectively.
  • Jared carries a reputation for consorting with criminals. While nothing has so far been proven, he can often be seen talking with gang leaders and underworld figures, creating many disturbing rumors as to how loyal he is to the Regalian Empire.

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