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Appearance A deep, mahogany red liquid
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Anglian chefs
Class All Classes
  • 9/10 parts fermented juniper berry juice
  • 1/10 cranberry purée
  • Optional: Pinch of cinnamon, anise or dried Angle Bushberry

Joonferbeer is much more a form of wine than a beer and is made with juniper berries and cranberries though other ingredients can also be added to give it a hint of spice or fragrance. Its origins are unknown but most agree it is as old as the Anglian people themselves. Joonferbeer has since begun proliferating to other regions of the Regalian Archipelago through means of trade and commerce. It is now a stable indulgence of many port-cities and capital trade centers, and encompasses a proud place in Anglian cuisine and heritage. It uniquely transcends lines of class, and is thus enjoyed as readily in wayward coaching-inns as it is among the bickering courts of Dragenthal nobility.


The origin of Joonferbeer is widely and diversely storied. The most colorful Anglian legends suggest divine epiphanies from Old Gods deities given to a pauper, who then went on to see great success by means of selling his gods-given concoction. In actuality, Joonferbeer is simply the result of home-brewing experimentation by Anglian foragers, and merely triumphed as the tastiest among the many varieties of forest-berry wine. The earliest marketing origins of Joonferbeer as a true commodity can be traced through financial records to the early 100s BC, when an Anglian brewery first transcended tradition by selling the beverage in bulk - the rest is history. Many Anglian breweries took to producing Joonferbeer and these breweries were brought success by the coin of Anglia’s peasants and farming class, who quickly became enamored with the beverage’s economical attainability, sweet taste, and considerably high alcohol content.

In the Anglian heartland, Joonferbeer is legendary for its status as a harvest festival staple. The late harvest festival is almost synonymous with imagery of deep red Joonferbeer consumed amongst brilliant fields of golden wheat, alongside tables laden with freshly baked bread, colorful vegetables, cured cheeses and salted meats. In the most modern day, Joonferbeer has gradually become more readily adopted into the food and wine culture of the Regalian Imperial Court due to the rise of House Kade. Joonferbeer now sits in the wine cellars of many prominent families and merchant-houses in the Regalian Empire. Thus, Joonferbeer is a beverage on the ascent - a drink of humble origins carried aloft on the back of fickle aristocratic trends.


Joonferbeer continues to evolve as it spreads to various cultures. However, this list of preparational steps is of the type found in Anglia and much of the Velheim world (deeply rural regions). Taking juniper berries from the trees, one must then crush the berries and leave the resulting juniper juice to ferment. After a week, the cranberry purée must also be added, and optionally flavored with one of three spices (the only variation permitted by purist standards). It must then sit for anywhere between a month or two before being suitable for pouring and serving at any event.


  • Joonferbeer appears as a dark red liquid, easily poured and drunk though a small level of pulp may be found at the bottom of large glasses or tankards of the drink due to the cranberries.
  • The alcoholic drink smells fruity as well as of cranberries. It can also smell slightly of whatever has possibly been added to it in the process (cinnamon, anise or dried Angle Bushberry).
  • Joonferbeer tastes bitter though some say a better description is tart. It tastes primarily of cranberries as well as whatever additive has possibly been added.


  • According to financial records, the first brewery to produce Joonferbeer in bulk was Dragon's Edge Fermentary Co. - notably, this brewery remains Regalia’s foremost Joonferbeer brewery and produces solely using the traditional methods.
  • The Old Joonferbeer Brewing Tournament, held immediately after the late-autumn harvest festival, remains one of Anglia’s foremost tourist attractions - many Anglian breweries rely on the revenue from this festival to carry them through the winter.
  • Of the three largest Joonferbeer breweries in the Regalian Archipelago, which collectively produce a sure majority of all Joonferbeer sold in the Regalian Empire, two sit outside of the drink’s original province of Anglia. The largest remains in Anglia.

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