Julian de Montverrat

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Julian de Montverrat
Notable Person
Full Name Julian de Montverrat
Race Daendroque Ailor
Date of Birth circa 20 BC
Date of Death January 1st, 62 AC
Claim to Fame Founder of the Viridian Order, First Knight of the Regalian Empire

In modern times, the concept of knighthood to many appears to be a constant in the Regalian Empire, having existed before the Five Family Rebellion, and into the present. As with all institutions, however, there needs to be a starting point. Fleeing from the fractured Allorn Empire after the Cataclysm, Julian de Montverrat came to the Regalian Empire at the dawn of the Rebellion, where he used the skills learned from his Altalar masters to secure the Five Families’ control over the new nation. For his services, he was granted a Royal Charter to create a school to teach other Regalians of his combat. What would come from this is the Viridian Order, along with the concept of elite warriors known as knights.

Origins and Early Life

Julian de Montverrat was born around two decades before the Cataclysm in the Allorn Empire’s capital of Alar Talea. His family were Daendroque slaves to minor Altalar princes, who trained in the ways of bodyguarding. Through his devotion to Tal'Sieth, the Stalwart of Guardianship, Julian grew competent in military skill, and it was only by chance that he was not selected to journey to the north during the start of the Fifth Void Invasion. Instead, the young Ailor remained in his masters’ palace, where he witnessed the first signs of the Wildering, and fragmentation of the Empire.

When the earthquake hit the capital and the subsequent plant life began to infest the once glorious city, Julian at first attempted to protect his masters from destruction. However, he never did secure them. Whether it was due to the chaotic nature of the city or other reasons, Julian ended up fleeing east to the sea, leaving behind his past to be consumed by the plant life. After making his way through many miles of retreat, he came to the region of Lusitell’voma, now known as Lusits. Settling down as a dock worker, Julian renounced his faith, seeing Estel and the Pantheon as beings of destruction that came from the Wildering.

The Ailor, now without an identity, would have his stay in Lusits cut short, as the Ailor slaves began to revolt against their Altalar masters, who no longer could oppress the masses due to their loss of Magic. While these revolts were tamer compared to the ones in Daenshore, Lusits saw itself split into several petty kingdoms, with various interest groups arising. Instead of remaining in the city, Julian decided to take a stolen ship alongside other Daendroque slaves and former bodyguards, sailing into the eastern unknowns, wherever they led.


The small ship eventually landed in western Anglia, then part of the Regalian Kingdom. As if by chance, Julian and his men ended up coming across the rebel army led by Thulric Ivrae. After a few days of discussion between the two men, Thulric made a deal with the Daendroque refugees: break the front lines of the enemy and be rewarded in the new era of Regalia. Expecting the Daendroquean ex-slaves to fall quickly due to their history being marginalized, Thurlic would soon be proven wrong, as the Altalar combat techniques of Julian’s men proved to outmatch even the most elite of the Regalian Kingdom’s forces. In fact, it was the Daendroque ex-slaves that were the first to breach the outer walls of the City of Regalia, a feat which secured the Five Family’s control over the kingdom, now proclaimed as the Regalian Empire. True to his word, Thulric Ivrae now crowned Theomar I awarded Julian de Montverrat with a Royal Charter to train other Regalians to become as skilled as his men were. This charter would become the Viridian Order, with Julian de Montverrat as its first Primae, or leader. Selecting the best warriors from each of the Five Family armies to become the first Paladins of the Order, Primae de Montverrat began to instruct them in the ways of martial prowess.

Over time, the Viridian Order would establish their current identity as elite warriors, with their Primae eventually taking up the mantle as Commander of the Royal Guard, as well as Lord Commander of the City Guard. With the Viridians in control of the most elite forces in the Empire and tasked with its security, Julian de Montverrat was declared the head of the military, an honor which would become synonymous with the Viridian Primaes for a time.

Later Life

With his responsibilities laid out in front of him, Primae Julian would spend the rest of his years on the Crown Isle, where he would take an active role in instructing the future generations of Viridian Knights. Eventually, the scars of age began to take their toll, and Julian appointed his best Paladins to the ranks of Elders, tasking them training the knights as a collective. Through this delegation of authority, Julian created a lasting system that the Viridians follow even today. As he took a less prominent role in public life, the Primae’s health began to rapidly deteriorate, until he finally passed away at the start of the new year at the age of 82.


Julian de Montverrat was known as a charismatic individual, who was able to win the trust of complete strangers after a few hours of discussions. This ability is what many suspect allowed him to be grated so much authority in the new Empire, though others owe it to the honor of Theomar I, who kept his word to the Daendroque warriors after proven themselves on the battlefield. Religiously, Julian started out as a devout Estel worshipper, until becoming agnostic for many years after the Wildering shattered his faith. It was not until the Revelation of Theomar that he found faith once again, becoming one of the first converts to the Unionist Cult, and requiring future Viridians to convert to this faith before entry. As Primae, Julian was both ruthless and fair, pushing his knights to their breaking points in order to mold them into the warriors they were tasked to become.


Julian de Montverrat’s formation of the Viridian Order is seen to be his lasting legacy, though his actions paved the road for many other organizations to follow. By demonstrating his martial prowess, Julian showed the Regalians the benefits of elite warriors, causing many individuals to open up their own military schools to showcase their own combat abilities. Many of these Schools would go on to earn prestige in their own right, the noblest becoming the Schools of Knights which now dot the Empire, training young men and women in the ways of the sword to lead the Empire to greater feats.

Extended Family

Julian de Montverrat’s family records were lost to time, either due to the Wildering or intentional destruction by both Ailor and Altalar alike. He mentioned having a few siblings, but after his flight to the east, he lost contact with them and assumed they had long since perished. He never married, owing largely to his responsibilities to the Viridians, Royal Guard, and City Guard. When he passed away, he designated the Viridian Elders to elect his successor, a practice which was maintained up to the present times, save for a few cases where the Regalian Emperor personally elected a Primae, the most recent being in 305 AC.


  • When creating the Viridian fighting style, Julian initially thought about copying over the Altalar bodyguarding skills he was taught as a slave. Due to the lack of Altalar War-Glaives and Glaive-Shields however (signature weapons for these types of guards, and having possessed the only set in the Empire at the time), he decided to use the kite shield and longsword, while placing the halberd as a symbolic weapon in homage to the Altalar. Over time, future Primaes removed connotations with the Altalar, instead citing the Ithanians as the inspiration for their knighthood.
  • The Viridian Order originally derived its name from the Wildering and the green foliage that caused their first Primae to flee his past life. However, this origin also was removed by future Primaes, with several origin stories now told to different generations of knights.
  • Unfortunately, the Viridian Order planned a coup that was to take place exactly 60 years after Julian’s death. After Henri III learned of the plot, he summarily executed the ringleaders of the plot, placing the sole surviving Elder as Primae, albeit with relinquished control over the Royal Guard and City Guard, which became the Tyrian and Violet Orders respectively.

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