Kade Compendium

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Kade Compendium
Author Arch Chancellor Caldomir I
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Accessibility Common Knowledge

The Kade Compendium is a book which details family ownership in intricate detail with many directives on how to remain stable. Written by Arch Chancellor Caldomir I in 32 AC, the Compendium dictates how House Kade’s internal cohesion, reliability, and political fluency is to play out, earning the Imperial Family a reputation as a grandfatherly family that hovers over the lesser families like a law enforcement unit or a stabilizing factor. Despite the book being written nearly three centuries ago, it has never been edited or altered from its original form, and continues to guide both House Kade, noble houses, and some commoner families to this day across the Regalian Empire’s many lands.

The Kade Compendium

Law 1: Purpose

The purpose of the family is to strive for supreme political power, as well as inner stability that radiates outwards. All members must endeavor to follow these ideals and work towards them for the greater good.

Law 2: Authority

Central authority must always lie with the Patriarch. Each Cadet Branch has a representative on the Elder Council, though the Patriarch retains the final say and decision taking powers.

Interlude: Cause

Without centralization, there is anarchy. Without control, there is a lack of purpose. The family will fall into obscurity without central focus. Political power keeps us safe. Nurtures us. Helps us to live in prominence. Without this prominence, life is mundane and ambition is like a sour apple. Political power must only be used as a shield and never as a weapon. A prey forced into a corner will make unpredictable moves. Unpredictability is Anarchy. Anarchy is death.

Law 3: The Rule of Three

Every family union must endeavor to give birth to three male children, They should continue to attempt to provide three male children until the health of the female may no longer allow it. The final number may exceed the three demanded, and there is no limit or requirement on women. The first born child will bear the banner. The second born child will support the weight of the banner and the third child will peer behind ever vigilant. The first child shall be educated in the field of politics, a silver tongue to provide the central authority and direction the family needs. The second child will be trained in the field of military to support the first with all might and prowess. The third child shall be ever vigilant, choosing whichever role will serve the first to the best of his abilities. Only when these three are in harmony can the Central unity truly function and can anarchy and obscurity be warded off so the family can live in prosperity and splendor.

Interlude: Wealth

The family must live in prominence and wealth to live in the center so that the inner stability, peace, and standard may radiate outwards to the Empire. Every member must work towards this wealth. The family must possess the financial means and political power to propel itself into the shining light. The third cause is the self. The second cause is the Empire. The first cause is the Family. Family above all.

Rule 4: The Inner Peace

The family must always act as a shield to one another. Fraternity and unity are paramount. Never permit another family member to be publicly insulted or ridiculed without your defence or retort. Never speak ill of family members to other Regalians of blue blood. The family must trust one another explicitly, for instability and quarrel within will radiate to outside and destabilize the very Empire and in turn the very world around us.

Rule 5: The Direction

Marriage is strictly arranged by the family. Courtships may be engaged in with consent of the Patriarch. Paramours may be engaged in with consent of the Patriarch. Marriage is not optional.

Rule 6: The History

The family must study and learn from history, to determine the future the discipline of the past must be taught. Those that deviate must be punished by whatever means available and necessary.

Interlude: Disciplinary

The family will seize whatever means to ensure loyalty and obedience to the Compendium. Without obedience and trust, there is no stability. The family will maintain the ability to banish members to far away places or strip them from the family tree altogether if they are deemed a threat to internal stability as well as external peace. Such measures are taken by the Patriarch and enacted by him. The primary cause of discipline is to bring the wayward souls on the right path however. For how can the family lead the Empire when it cannot even lead the hearts and minds of individuals who have fallen from the righteous path or duty that was bestowed on them from birth.

Interlude: Privilege

Everything in the world is an equal reaction to something. Living in wealth and prominence means sacrifices have to be made. The greater the privilege, the greater the work and effort we must make for the Family

Rule 7: Politics

Never show political favor. Never insult someone of another family openly and plainly. Never take the offensive against another family's inherent interests. We are the Middle. We are Neutral.

Rule 8: Balance

The family must strictly observe balance in the Empire. The Patriarch will presume to have the prerogative to support or sabotage another family when they become too much for the others to overbear.

Interlude: Conclusion

The Patriarch's word is law. The Family's direction is law. The Empire's purpose is law. We are the foundation of the Empire, and the Empire looks to us for guidance and an example. We must not fail the Empire, but more importantly each other and in extension ourselves. We strive for the power and wealth to be what we want to be, and to be what all others wish to be so there may be peace and union.


  • Many families maintain the same Kade Compendium with slight alterations for their own family rule. This has often led to the terminology, “A Kade-like fist” in reference to a family tightly controlled by a single patriarch where all sons and daughters become subservient to the heir.
  • The original Kade Compendium is housed in the Kade Citadel, House Kade’s ancestral seat of power in the City of Axford.

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