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Official Name Kaolinite
Common Nicknames Ch’ien-olite
Origin Yang-Tzu
Uses Dye, Pottery
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Exclusively found in the Yang-Tzu Islands, Kaolinite serves as one of the islands’ main exports. Appearing as a pale white stone above the surface of the Yang Tzu islands, there is even an infamous stone known as "Biggugureisutōn" or "Big Grey Stone" in the countryside that can supposedly be seen for miles around. Records of state that Kaolinite has been around as long as the Ch’ien-ji have inhabited the Yang-Tzu islands, even before them, and it continues to be one of their largest exports to this day.


The first discovery of Kaolinite was around 500 BC by the migrant Shen-ji, who eventually would end up becoming the Chien-ji. They kept to themselves for the most part, refraining from trading the stone or its various products with anyone else. In recent years, trade with the Ch’ien-ji has opened up far more, and they now sell the stone to the Songaskian Masaya and the Regalian Empire, who have nicknamed the mineral "Chi’en-olite", as a lucrative export. Scholars believe that Yang-Tzu is the only place in the world where one might be able to naturally find veins of the rock, and thus it is an exclusive export of Yang-Tzu.



The rock is always a pure white color, with the consistency of chalk. It is even possible for someone to write with it when it is in stone form, a property that many stories from Yang-Tzu are based around. Usually, a Chi’en-ji sailor finds himself shipwrecked, and writes a message on a cliff face using Kaolinite to signal for rescue.

General Uses

Kaolinite’s most common use is as a dye, which is shipped around Aloria in a powdered form. Once it reaches its destination, the powder is mixed into water, forming an opaque, milk-white syrup, used to dye clothing white. Less common uses include utilization as a white hair dye, though the Kaolinite syrup does little to hair unless Pureza’s Powder has bleached it of color beforehand.


As previously stated, Kaolinite can be used as a substitute for chalk, though this is not so common, as most of it is ground up and turned into the syrup-like base for white dyes.


  • It was once said that a man jumped into a vat of Kaolinite’s powdered form, only to suffocate from inhaling the substance.

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