King Folly

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King Folly
Author Benedict Yates-Varley
Genre Poetry
Accessibility Nobility Knowledge

The piece of poetry known as King Folly was written by a newcomer to the noble scene of the City of Regalia as part of an Effleur contest in 307 AC. His poem, the winner of the contest, gained him some acclaim and was spread around to several noble groups both within the capital and in some of the largest cities of the Regalian Empire.

King Folly

F'rsake the flight of ye beating heart, that gent who is't ent'rs h're​
F’r thy lodge the cloth, flung out and soaked, upon ye noble ears.​
Fair Folly liveth, his fool’s hat jingling and gay, did dress in a costume so vivid.​
F’r Folly wears the col'rs of of tyrian and red, with gold adorn’d w’thin it.​
Fett'r'd and fretted, folly did dance and abetted, waving his tall marotte of plast'r.​
F’r plast'r didst fib, crumble and unfix, madeth by the artist Disast'r.​
Fickle disast’r undoeth thy mast'r, the fair Folly not fast’r than fate.
F’r Folly has a date, with living so great, on meals of mutton and steak.​
Fine wine flows deep, f'r all to drink, less those gents falleth from Folly’s fav'r.​
Funny, they know so little, for they drink and dith'r, to grinning reap'r’s embrace.​
F’r their King, Great Folly, who cometh to party, has shepherded them to here.​
Friends with reap’r they go, queer from head to thy toe, to yonder blind and deaf.​
F’r when Folly acts alone, with only fools and foes, he goes only to death.


  • Benedict Yates-Varley is now the sole provider of cattle to the Imperial Palace.

Writers Mooffins
Processors HydraLana
Last Editor HydraLana on 11/7/2019.

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