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The Knowledge Proficiency Category summarizes all the Proficiency Skills which are related to Character Knowledge, both for in-game Roleplay, as well as Progression Report Skills, which may be relevant to some Knowledge Checks. These Skills are fairly broad, for example, Sailing Knowledge covers a wide range of air and sea sailing knowledge as well as navigation, so it is up to the player to specialize the character to apply this knowledge where applicable.

Sailing Knowledge

Sailing Knowledge covers the know-how to (either solo or as a captain) know how to sail a ship, airship or desert sailship, but also grants greater knowledge of astronomy, chart reading and navigation all in one. Proficiency points added to this Knowledge Proficiency dictate the effectiveness of sailing techniques, as well as chart reading and course plotting for navigation and exploration.

Hunting Knowledge

Hunting Knowledge covers the know-how to hunt or track either animals or people. This includes being able to read tracks of animals and understand them, follow individuals in crowds but also knowing when and where to strike certain animals, knowing their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being hunted, and how to make and use traps to trap creatures. Points invested in this dictate the efficiency at which a character can track other creatures and people and hunt them down. Note, Hunting Knowledge is not the same as Perception Training, for more info, see Perception Training below.

Underworld Knowledge

Underworld Knowledge covers the know-how to understand the underworld of any state, to know who to contact for a smuggling deal, to know who to contact for illegal substances, and to generally understand how the criminal world operates in an area. Points added to this skill allow for greater contacts in the underworld, and more Progression freedom to acquire certain goods and items that are not freely available to the general population.

Statesman Knowledge

Statesman Knowledge covers the know-how to rule a realm and to govern a state. This includes but is not limited to legal knowledge, banking, commerce, trade, public speaking, diplomacy and other such treaty management. Points invested in this Proficiency dictate the capacity to perform all of these actions with skill and class and to mingle with high-society and successfully manage an Empire.

Marshal Knowledge

Marshal Knowledge covers the know-how to command troops in the field of battle, but also in greater theatre movements, combat techniques for formations, strategic skills, tactical skills, and also logistical understanding. Points invested in this Proficiency Skill allow for more advanced combat leadership during battles and wars and allow for ever greater troop commands and wartime commissions. Note, in the Regalian State Army, only those who went to the State Academy for Officers are allowed to become Generals. Without that formal education, a character can still become a general for nobles and foreign nations and private armies, but not for the Empire itself.

Magical Knowledge

Magical Knowledge covers the understanding of all magical things, ranging from magical spells, aberrations and afflictions to planar theories, dimensional understanding and anything and all that has to do with Magic (though not Dragon Magic, that has to do with Eastern Knowledge). Proficiency spent in this Knowledge Skill dictates the character’s depth of knowledge, the more points, the more the character knows.

Religious Knowledge

Religious Knowledge covers the knowing of all religious things, ranging from a character having an in-depth understanding of their own religion to also having a greater understanding of all the other religions in the world and how they affect the local populace (and in some cases even assist in their conversion). Points put towards this proficiency not only deepen the understanding of one’s own religion and philosophies, but also learning the other world religions and even local variants and denominations.

Admiral Knowledge

Admiral Knowledge covers the knowing of naval tactics and supply train (not being the Captain of a ship) and knowing how to command multiple ships in battle as well as global operations. Points put towards this Knowledge Skill will deepen a character’s understanding of naval tactics and strategies, as well as in-battle flexibility and commanding skill.

Historical Knowledge

Historical Knowledge covers the knowing of the world’s history, in knowing the events that have taken place in recent centuries, but also knowing where to find information on older subjects like the Elven Empire all the way back to the archeology of the Seraph ruins. Points put towards this proficiency deepen historical knowledge; so to say, a greater number of invested points results in a wider spectrum of knowledge.

Eastern Knowledge

Eastern Knowledge covers the knowing of Sihai history, a piece of historical continuity entirely separate from world history, but also knowing about Sihai astrology, and Dragon Knowledge as well as Dragon Dogma. The latter in particular is mostly focused on the Loong Dragons, but also touches on all other varieties of Dragons in Aloria, including Dragonblood knowledge. Points put towards this Proficiency deepen the wealth of knowledge available from memory.

Linguistic Knowledge

Linguistic Knowledge covers the knowing of Linguistic theories and in-depth understanding of what makes a language, as well as being able to decode the various dialects. Someone who invests in Linguistic Knowledge is allowed to choose another language beyond the age-based language max at a rate of one language per 6 points invested (so 5 in total if capped at 30). Furthermore, when a character has at least 24 points in Linguistic Knowledge, they are able to translate dead languages such as Seraph Language, Old Ceardian Human languages and even Void Script.

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