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Appearance A clear liquid.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class All Classes
  • ½ parts barley alcohol
  • ½ parts spring water
  • Miniscule portion of sugar

Kossu is a unique regional drink of the Tarkkin, made using barley alcohol and an intensive, days-long distillation process. While once isolated only to the lands of the Tarkkin, its unique status as a distilled, yet often soft-hitting alcohol with a unique tang has led to its export abroad. While expensive for the everyman, it is nonetheless found filling the cups of many tavern goers across the Regalian Archipelago, though it is always easier to find among the Northland Cultures.


Kossu is a drink that has existed for well over 300 years and knows no origin myth or tale beyond the rather mundane explanation of the Ylhällä, the older half of the Tarkkin Culture. They state that in their movements through the mountains, they desired warmth and mirth and ultimately made use of the wild grains growing in mountain valleys to provide this. While prayers to the Gods are offered for the grains being provided to them, this is the extent of godly intervention, and so many take this story at face value. Some also believe the Ylhällä might have learned how to distill Kossu from another, as-yet unknown external contact; despite this, Kossu is invariably considered ‘their’ cultural beverage. Unique in the Regalian Archipelago, Kossu was highly prized among the Skagger Horde given its unique taste and singular origin location. Today, this reputation as a fine, though rare, alcohol has endured as the Tarkkin trade it more freely with outsiders. Tarkkin access to the barley needed to form the drink has greatly diminished over the years, the result of a higher population and a very low percentage of farmers all but eliminating the once wild grains of the mountains. As a result, Anglian grain is now traded to the Tarkkin for them to make this drink, which finds its bottles kept by the upper class. Though in northern realms, it is often far more accessible thanks to the Tarkkin preference to the northern Cultures they know over than the southern ones they don’t.


The ingredients of Kossu are very simple, but the creation process for the drink is often an arduous one that has been greatly improved by Tarkkin’s relationship with the outside world. The barley-based alcohol and spring water should be combined along with the sugar, but then, an intense and constant distillation process must begin. While varying from Clan to Clan of Tarkkin based on regional varieties, in general, three or more days of constant, repeated distillation is engaged in by a brewer. Gradually, very pure alcohol emerges, similar in many minds to Vocadine, though Kossu is far more palatable to the general population.


  • Kossu has a clear appearance, with very little cloudiness, though there is occasionally a bit of sediment at the bottom of bottles.
  • Kossu has little to no scent to the undiscerning nose, though those with alcohol experience might call what can be smelled “sharp.”
  • The drink has a less harsh taste than other heavily distilled alcohols, and can actually be fairly soft depending on the regional variation, though a few do reach a high alcohol count that bites.


  • Kossu is best drunk chilled, which is easy for the Tarkkin given their regional climate but is achieved in other regions through the use of ice.
  • The spring water used in Kossu is said by some to also add to the drink’s unique properties, but this has yet to be confirmed by external alcohol aficionados.
  • The Tarkkin name for the Spirit of Kossu is Huma, and they often give thanks to it at parties and other celebrations, even when there is no Kossu in the area.

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