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Appearance A milky, runny, bubbly alcoholic liquid.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Early Szabadok in Etosil
Class Primarily Szabadok and other nomadic peoples
  • Mare’s milk

Kumisz is an unusual liquid created for the pleasure of the Szabadok of the Regalian Archipelago. What began as a simple procurement of protein-rich mare’s milk for the Szabadok riders quickly became a popular choice of alcoholic consumption across the entirety of the Culture from their early years in Etosil to the current day. Originally isolated to these nomads, Kumisz slowly began to spread into taverns around the Archipelago for those alcohol connoisseurs who are a bit more daring to drink the Milk of the Pagan.


The origin of Kumisz is as vague and unconfirmed as the early life of the Szabadok themselves. It is widely accepted that the beverage was created by accident, though the Szabadok claim it to be a testament to the hardy nature of their nomad culture. Given the abundance of horses and other livestock among the Szabadok, their culture developed around the bond they shared with these animals, using their meat and their milk to survive on the plains. The early Szabadok would develop butter from the milk, agitating containers of the substance in order to obtain the rich substance. During this process, in the heat of the Etosian sun, bacteria could be cultured in the milk, turning the rich, creamy milk into the alcoholic drink the Szabadok are known for. After several years of perfecting the process, the Szabadok are now able to enjoy Kumisz across the entirety of the culture, and the drink can nowadays be found in the obscure collections of taverns dotting the Regalian Archipelago.


While the process for creating Kumisz is rather simple, it is the ability to obtain the mare’s milk that is the challenge, with many Szabadok saying it takes the strongest among them in order to avoid being trampled to death by the mare. Oftentimes a farmer will have to hold the rear legs of the mare with one arm while they milk with the other hand, and they have to be careful not to upset the animal. Once the milk is obtained, it is placed within leather pouches and is hung on the top of a yurt for several hours in the sun to begin fermentation. By that time the pouch is taken down and agitated by hand, squeezing and beating the pouch to prevent any clumps from forming in the milk. Another process is to attach the leather pouch onto the horse of a Szabadok rider before they leave for a long trek. The movement of the horse agitates the milk, allowing it to ferment. After a few more hours of this agitation process, the Kumisz is strained into another container to remove any remaining chunks from the liquid before it is able to be drunk freely.


  • Kumisz is runny and milky, far thinner than the milk that is taken from the mare directly. It has a uniform white color throughout, though if it is prepared incorrectly it can appear with a slight yellowish-brown tint.
  • Kumisz smells like one would expect from milk that has sat in the sun for hours. It smells sour and bitter, with a strong note of alcohol.
  • Kumisz has a creamy, yet smooth taste. While easy to consume, it has a very strong flavor of pungent milk with a heavy alcoholic taste.


  • Kumisz has been attempted to be replicated by some dairy farmers of the lands bordering the Szabadok camps, though with mixed results as they lack the horses necessary to blend the mixture properly.
  • The most powerful leader of the Szabdok, Lajos az Oroszlán, is said to have only drank Kumisz, owing to his military prowess against Regalian towns and villages.

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