Lady's Shine

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Lady's Shine
Lady's shine.png
Official Name Lady’s Shine
Common Name Purge Flower, Vallea's Withdrawer
Classification Flower
Common Use Medical, Alchemical
Origins Northern Daen
Habitat Thrives in forests, swamps

Known throughout Aloria as a miracle flower, the most prominent feature of Lady’s Shine is its ability to counteract most toxins barring the more potent like Nightshade which have cures far more specialized. Lady’s Shine is a flower of great renown to the Altalar as it is a cultural symbol, that of their heritage and lost empire. To the Cielothar, they revere Lady’s Shine as a spiritual flower given to them by Estel.


The existence Lady’s Shine dates back long before the Allorn Empire’s inception, as some have suggested the plant's appearance on ancient artwork of the Seraph. However, it was first recorded conclusively to be growing in the thick jungle groves and swamplands of Daendroc and southern Ithania when the Allorn Empire spread into these regions. Soon though, Lady’s Shine was spread across most known Aloria for its ability to counteract most poisons. At the height of the Allorn Empire's decline, many Altalar kept gardens full of Lady’s Shine for that reason, in order to help defend the Altalar nobility from the poison of would-be assassins. Over the coming centuries, the plant would only grow in popularity as the Regalian Empire evolved, and its nobility required protection from poison. However, the evolution of healthcare also saw the plant grow in popularity with the public, and is now a sought after, commonly available cure for helping deal with flushing toxins out of the body. However, it is also enjoyed still for its natural beauty and can be found in many topiaries and gardens across Aloria.


Lady’s Shine is easily identified as an elegant and vibrant deep blue that develops into an almost indigo color towards the base of the large petals of the flower. It curiously has small, almost hardly noticeable white specks, that dot the elegant petals. The flower gradually widens from the base and blooms into flared triangular shapes. While its height usually varies, Lady’s Shine can grow up to sixteen inches in height if given the right climate and nutrients. Towards the base of the flower, it grows large lanceolate leaves that fan out from the flower and small vines that penetrate into the ground around its roots. The stem of the flower is usually always thick, about a quarter of an inch in thickness.

Uses and Abilities

Although most commonly harvested and used in gardens for its natural beauty, Lady’s Shine most prominent feature is its ability to counteract most toxins baring the most powerful that have far more specialized solutions. Those seeking to use Lady’s Shine as an anti-toxin often take the flower as is and grind it up with a mortar and pestle until it is a fine paste. It can then be consumed as is or combined with other substances for an alchemical concoction.


  • Bees are extremely attracted to Lady’s Shine and the honey produced from the flower is often said to be sweeter than most honey produced by other flowers.

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