Lanarra's Hand

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Lanarra's Hand
Maedin's Hand.png
Official Name Lanarra’s Hand
Common Name Ambrosia, Sweethand
Classification Tree
Common Use Culinary, Cosmetic
Origins Essalonia
Habitat Forests and wetlands

Lanarra’s Hand is a sweet, tangy fruit from Essalonia which takes its name from the Old Gods goddess, though it was once named for a variety of Oldt Fayth gods and goddesses. The fruit can be eaten raw but is most commonly converted into incense and perfume for use on the person or for altars dedicated to Old Gods or Oldt Fayth deities.


Lanarra’s Hand was first discovered during early exploration of Essalonia by the Velheim Ailor of what is now Hedryll. In their piety to the Oldt Fayth, they named it after goddesses or gods of love or health, such as Balla and Bjarkan. This name was eventually struck down in favor of the Old Gods’ diety Lanarra when that religion spread into the region. Arlora and Torse were some of the earliest adopters of this name and during conflicts with themselves and against the Regalian Empire, the tales of a sweet, hand-like fruit hanging from trees became known throughout the area. When the Regalian Empire set up the New Ceardian Colonies, they pushed to discover if these heathens had been telling the truth about the plant or if it was a tall tale. However, the Empire also discovered the plant and accepted it as a crop for the locals. Eventually, the plant became more known for its pleasant aroma, with merchants and others setting up facilities to refine the fruit into perfumes and incenses, the former frequently used by Velheim worshipers of the Old religions. The plant has remained a popular scent in these industries while also serving as a food for the Colonial Ailor and others of wealth who can afford to pay the increased prices for the raw fruit.


Lanarra’s Hand is a small amber-orange fruit with a rough and textured skin that is also thin. The inside of the fruit is white and has white curved seeds as well as five protrusions, each over an inch long pointing down toward the ground like a hand. A small stem holds it to the squat and sparse trees that bear it, which only reaches six to seven feet tall and has small, light green leaves.

Uses and Abilities

Lanarra’s Hand has several uses. Once it is harvested, it can be used to make a delightful perfume. Such products are often used by older women and many female Old religion worshipers due to its pleasant smell. It can also be made into incense which is commonly used by Old Gods and Oldt Fayth worshipers of both genders for the altars of their gods and goddesses. The fruit can also be eaten raw and it is naturally tanged with sweetness.


  • The scent of the fruit, perfume and incense can be detected and enjoyed by most races, though to Naylar the smell is that of rot and decay for unknown reasons.
  • Most animals enjoy the sweetness of Lanarra’s Hand, so in the nights of the spring and summertime, when its scent is the most potent, farmers thickly net the plant to keep the animals from eating them.
  • The Colonial Ailor of Essalonia often call the plant Sweethand in opposition to those non-Unionists who originally named the plant.

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