Lancyon Order

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Lancyon Order
Leader Grandmaster Alexandros Stravrakios
Headquarters Havre-sur-Bastillion, Bastadon
Related Groups Helerian Guard


The Lancyon Order was established around the time of the formation of the Etosian Schism, when Dogmatic Unionists began to gather small forces of zealous guardsmen in response to the growing tensions in the Unionist community. While the greatest of these bodyguards became part of the elite Helerian Guard of the Divine College, the remaining forces went on to establish the Lancyon Order whose goal it was to create future Helerians, while also ensuring a path for those who wish to protect those devoted to the Unionist cause.

As time went on, the Lancyon Order formed its own identity outside of the religious overtones of their duties to the Divine College. This identity grew even more prominent with the inclusion of the Genevaud Cantons into the Regalian Empire, which helped the Lancyons adopt the usage of the halberd, thus earning their members the current name of Lancyon Halberdiers. As a consequence of this cultural inclusion of the Genevaud, the Lancyons began to brand themselves more as mercenaries for hire rather than preparing members for the Helerian Guard. Since then, the Lancyon Halberdiers have become a secular organization, continuing to provide the Divine College with the best of their members, but also hiring themselves to other clients who wish to ensure the security of their estates or victory on the battlefield.


Any Unionist is able to join the Lancyon Order, regardless of Race (though Ailor make up a majority of the Order’s membership). As Unionism plays an overarching role in encouraging trainees to become Helerian Guards, those with lesser piety (or attempting to fake being a Unionist) quickly find themselves rooted out by the instructors. Given the humble background of the Order, it is an accessible military organization that is attended by members of lower and upper classes alike.



The Lancyon Order is loosely organized into a simple pyramid hierarchy, placing an elected Grandmaster at the top of school administration. Below this are several Master Sergeants who actively train and teach new recruits within the school; further below are normal Sergeant-at-Arms who are hired graduates, often remaining past their graduation to aid their younger peers in education for a handful of years. Everyone below this status is considered an initiate until they have served a few years as a Sergeant-at-Arms.



It is taught to students of the Lancyon Order that there are three imperative aspects of good conduct in melee: spatial awareness, discipline, and endurance. These traits are honed through a variety of arduous yet creative exercises, demanding significant involvement from every prospective trainee. The most commonly performed practice is the Trial of Hallways, which involves the fighter blocking a large hallway from passing students using a wooden staff. This is made even more difficult with the addition of thrown leather balls, which must be deflected with the staff else they collide with the defender’s body. Specific stances and swinging postures are also taught in the school, encouraging swift and easily recoverable strikes for polearms. Students are often forced to hold a heavy blunted halberd for hours in specific stances, changing only when a wandering Sergeant-at-Arms calls for a different stance as he passes by the training hall. Physical training is also undergone, consisting of long Turaall-like treks for endurance and lifting heavy wooden logs for upper body strength. An ideal Lancyon Halberdier can allegedly fight for hours on end, using his movement to both evade strikes and put phenomenal amounts of force into his strikes.


The Lancyon Order is housed within the grand chapterhouse of Havre-sur-Bastillion, a temple-turned fortress that bristles from a hilltop in Bastadon with towers and spacious halls. It looms over the surrounding countryside, a cultivated wilderness of rocky hills and sparse forest that flanks the provincial capital of Bastillion.

Present Day

Today, the Lancyon Order is viewed with high esteem among all Unionist Schisms. While it was initially exclusive to the Dogmatics, with the influence of the Genevaud they encouraged Lancyons to travel all around Aloria, and in doing so quickly entered the service of the Etosian Theocracy and its own chapter of the Helerian Guard.


  • The Commander of the Helerian Guard doubles as the Grandmaster of the Lancyon Order, as Helerians are essentially just more esteemed Sergeants-at-Arms.
  • Due to the similarities between the structure of the Lancyons, the promotion of some members to Helerians, and a focus on being an example of good Unionist behavior, many compare the Lancyon Order to the various Regalian Knightly Orders, referring to their members as “landesknechts”, a Genevaud term for mercenary foot soldiers. However, Lancyon halberdiers are not knights, and its members often rely on the Regalian Mercenary Charters for their private usage of armor and weapons outside of the Divine College’s services.
  • Some Lancyons have gone on from Helerian service to become Imperial Guards, though many prefer the more open employment of the Lancyon Order than the for-life commitment of protecting the Imperial Family, despite the immense prestige associated with such.
  • The name “Lancyon” is a unique name that is derivative of the Ithanian word for spearman: “lancier”.

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