Light Magic

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Light Magic
Hidden No.
Classification Celestial Magic
Energy Source Exist
Origins Elves
Average Level Caster
  • Healing Light
  • Blinding Light
  • Barrier Light
  • Cleansing Light
  • Cutting Light

Light Magic is known around the world of Aloria as the most practiced and, arguably, the most accepted and tolerated form of Magic. Light Magic is primarily used to assist, heal or otherwise support those who it is cast upon, but often also the caster themselves. Having almost no effective offensive capabilities, it is purely a force of protection and salvation. Because Light Magic is so popular across Aloria, it also has the most sub schools of any form of Magic, scholars far and wide researching new ways to use it almost daily. Light Magic is readily taught in various countries, a unique situation, since Magic is still largely distrusted by the common people of Aloria. Even in the capital of the Regalian Empire, some schools exist under the watchful eye of the Witch Hunters. Light Mages are able to freely practice their magical art in various sectors of society without scrutiny or otherwise being hunted. Some Light Mages have also passed into history as some of the most influential people, and certainly some of the world's most famous mages.


Healing Light is universally accepted in most states, even Regalia permits it in public if proven necessary to save its citizens, Though most Light Mages are still registered and mistrusted by many.

Nowadays it is readily accepted that Light Magic is as old as the Elven Empire, if not even older. Some legends claim Light Magic was passed down from those who came before, to the Elves as a gift to show them the light of Estel. There is no record left of the exact circumstances, though it is known that Light Magic in those early days already had healing properties. The other forms of Light Magic developed in later centuries by Elven experimentation. Due to its age, Light Magic was the first form of Magic learned by the Elves, though forgotten in the later centuries before the collapse of the Elven Empire. Light Magic became popular again in the first century after the Cataclysm by the Songaskia of the Songaskia Masaya as the Blinding Light subschool. This form of magic largely played an important role in their religious proceedings and temple processions.

The Songaskia were thus the first to pioneer Blinding Light as a distinct subschool of Light Magic, away from the Healing Light subschool. Merchants who witnessed Blinding Light magic being performed in Farahdeen would bring stories and sometimes even tomes of it back to Ceardia and Regalia where the form of magic caused a sudden burst of archeology and research into Elven Magics, particularly by the forerunner organizations of the Azure Order and various government institutions, mostly out of fear of being outmatched with Magic by the Songaskia. The Ailor eventually rediscovered Healing Light around 122 A.C. after finding an undisturbed Elven archive on Arvost. Most of the Magical knowledge of that vault was lost or hidden in Regalian archives, however Healing Light became what was known as a sanctioned magic form.

When Healing Light became sanctioned, teaching and learning this form of Magic became fully legal in the Regalian Empire, albeit under strict government supervision. In 178 A.C., the first Healing Light school was founded as part of a small abbey in the countryside of Regalia, which raised a few Healing Light Mages for special deployment in wartime situations. As time passed by, these mages would eventually settle down and open special healing houses. These places were fairly unpopular early on due to the mistrust towards Mages, yet some endured with a small clientele, thus preserving the interest in the form of magic.

Around 223 A.C., experimentation in the form of magic resulted in the creation of Barrier Light Magic, though some would later come to claim that the form of magic was rather rediscovered than pioneered. A group of Elves managed to congest and funnel the otherwise uncontrollable light magic into physical objects, or more specifically, panels. They were able to form barriers of Light Magic which resembled shields, and found them strong enough to deflect heavy objects and even arrows. These barriers appeared to be smart, sensing the intent of any object or person attempting to break through, and denying entry to anything that would have harmful intentions on the caster. The drawback was discovered however that Barriers in turn also have no will to harm, and simply dissipate if the caster would attempt to harm someone with it.

This limitation would lead to further experimentation which later resulted in the Cutting Light Magic subschool. This particular subschool was pioneered by Humans who wished to create a more offensive form of Light Magic, and they succeeded in doing so. Cutting Light Magic would allow the mage to use Light Magic as a means of cutting through objects with intense heat but making it chaotic enough not to fix the damage it does, by forming small cutting blades that extended between the wrist to the elbow. This form of magic was however quickly banned in most states as the fear was that its widespread teaching would result in a ban of all Light Magic. To this day, most Light Mages look down on those who practice Cutting Light Magic and revile them as some sort of corrupt disciples of their holy art.

Today there are various schools in Regalia that teach Healing Light: the Human-only schools of Riftvallen Light School, Ytrisaive School of Healing and the Utrov Academy of Magic. Furthermore, there is a Nelfin only Light Magic school called the Truviate College, and a school that accepts all races called the Tinker Light School. Despite their names, these schools are very small and often only have ten to twenty students at a time and two teachers. Additionally, the schools are tightly controlled by the Regalian Government by means of the Azure Order and Witch Hunters who frequently spy on the students to make sure they don’t break the Anti-Magic law. Those who graduate often open small, Celestial Healing Clinics, as they are called, where Light Magic is fully allowed to be practiced. These clinics are still much smaller than conventional medicine healing houses and tinctuaries, but they are steadily growing in popularity due to the various benefits of Light Magic healing. Light Magic can also be learned from various Daendroque based Cielothar communities, who are particularly adept at using Light Magic.

Specific Types

Light Magic is one of the forms of magic which is almost entirely performed by hand gestures, but sometimes song and spoken spells can enhance the effects and focus. Hands must be used at all times to cast Light Magic and a Light Mage without hands is a useless Light Mage that cannot cast their magic. Light Magic is in most cases an active casting, meaning the mage must constantly cast the spell for it to continue being effective until completion. When a Healing Light mage stops their spell in the middle of the process for example, the wound will just spring open again, often more violently than before as it snaps back. Distracting or disrupting a Light Mage in the middle of their spell will often disrupt the spell effectively and cause a range of unpredictable side effects like lights flashing all over the place or intense pains for the person who is being cast upon.

Healing Light

Healing Light is the most popular form of Light Magic with nearly eight in ten Light Mages practicing. Healing Light allows the caster to mend certain wounds in an effective and quick way, though not without some drawbacks. Healing Light uses the Exist essences to heal damage on a body, however it cannot help a body recover. Healing Light is practical for closing cuts and mending bruises, not re-attaching limbs or repairing blindness. The Light will close a wound quickly or make a bruise disappear, but Healing Light has more trouble stopping internal bleeding. It requires the mage to get their hands inside the body of the patient and actually touch the bleeding area in order to close it, as the Healing Light mage can only heal injuries that it can touch and see. Broken bone procedures are further complicated as they cannot be mended in a single session, and requires several hour long sessions in which Light Magic is steadily pumped into the affected area to heal the bones. It is important to understand that Light Magic does not actually reverse time or magically make wounds disappear. It rapidly accelerates natural healing to a matter of seconds or minutes. This obviously means there are some things Light Magic cannot do, like resurrection, reattaching limbs or curing brain damage. Light Magic also cannot purify poison or bloodborne infections, only remedy their symptoms. Finally, it should be understood that despite the faster recovery rate, Light Magic is inherently a painful experience for the patient. Light Magic is often described as feeling like a fire-hot iron is poked around in a wound, sealing it shut purely by searing heat. It feels like the affected area is literally on fire, making the experience short, but painful. When casting Healing Light, the palms of the caster often emit a bright white light while they are close to an area that is being healed. It is impossible to hide this light. Self-healing with Healing Light is almost impossible. The pain caused by the healing will distract the mage so much they can no longer focus, which causes the magic to become unpredictable and unfocused. Healing Light doesn't really leave behind much in terms of scarring, but the skin around the area may be slightly rougher and darker in tone color when restored.

Cleansing Light

Healing Light also developed a separate discipline which became a subschool in its own right, Cleansing Light, using the magic from Healing Light to cleanse diseases and other infections. Cleansing Light requires the mage to be in direct contact with blood of the patient, meaning in many cases the mage will have to tap open a vein and push their fingers as closely as possible to the opening, both preventing blood from flowing out, but also allowing connection to the bloodstream. The mage will then “flood” the blood circulation with Healing Light Magic through their fingers, spending several hours to do a cleansing cycle of the bloodstream. Most blood-borne diseases can be cured through several sessions of this over the span of a few weeks. More interestingly so, Vampirism can also be cured after several intense sessions of three days to a week. Additionally, certain disease side-effects will lessen or completely disappear. Necrotic diseases or fungal infections cannot be cured through these means. Healing Light doesn’t actually kill any foreign or dead tissue, it simply accelerates healing by boosting the body’s own defenses. It cannot resurrect tissue or magically make ulcers and the like disappear, just remove the underlying effects. Cleansing Light mostly uses Healing Light, but because the process of actually cleansing the blood stream is such a different skill to the regular use of hands to heal wounds, it is classified as a different subschool. Those skilled at Cleansing Light can also use this form of magic on bodies of liquid outside of bodies to cleanse pestilence and other corrupted substances. This makes Cleansing Light the only form of Light Magic that is able to affect non living things. When performing Cleansing Light on, for example, a pond that is infested with bloated and diseased animals, the fingers are pushed into the water, after which a glittery blue light spreads from the fingers to eventually encompass the entire pond. This will usually cure smaller diseased animals and cleanse the purity of the water, removing any harmful toxins or substances.

A Northerner once used a massive Blinding Light spell to blind an entire army and spell certain defeat for them at the Battle of Calemberg.

Blinding Light

Blinding Light is very similar to Healing Light, though it harnesses Light magic in a much more uncontrollable manner. There are two ways of casting this form of magic, passively and actively. A passive manner of casting this magic is by creating a small sphere of light that emits a constant burst of light until the spell wears off, often dictated by the casting time of the mage. For example if the mage casts a spell for about ten seconds, the ball of light will remain for up to ten minutes without needing further attention or casting, unless the mage manually snuffs it out. Such spheres will often float where they have been cast, though can gently be pushed around the air almost as if defying gravity. The more active form of casting this magic will cause an intense and sudden burst of light from the palms of the caster’s hands. As an aftermath of the active form of casting, the mage’s hands will feel incredibly hot to the touch, almost like wax from a candle that has just been blown out. While it doesn’t seem to harm the mage themselves, it can cause small light burns when the mage touches anyone else. The active form of Blinding light can cause a flash anywhere between a very gentle glow to a flare that is strong enough to blind a person for up to 15 minutes if they weren't looking away. It is often not possible to shield one's eyes fast enough to avoid Blinding Light as the flash is near instant and bright enough to require not even a second of exposure.

Barrier Light

Barrier Light is a very defensive form of Light Magic that allows the caster to form shields of varying sizes with Light Magic. The shields will lose their healing properties, but still emit a considerable amount of light while still being slightly translucent and also radiating a comfortable body temperature of heat. The shield can be as small as a typical buckler, or as large as a tower shield. Some really skilled mages may even be able to form a barrier light in the shape of a dome that is as high as a person and just as wide, creating a light barrier capsule. Barrier Light shields can be slightly bent or perfectly straight, and usually emit a more yellow-ish light than Healing Light or Blinding Light, which emit white light. Barrier Light shields are considered pseudo intelligent in that they seem to be able to recognize the intent of what is passing through. A person intent on harming the caster behind a shield for example will be deflected. An arrow that is shot to harm the caster, will also be deflected, just as fire that is harmful to the mage. Critters such as butterflies or even dogs who just want to play fetch with a mage however, will pass through the barrier with no problems as the shield recognizes that they mean no harm to the caster. Small shields can be created with a single spell capable of sustaining a buckler sized shield after ten seconds of casting for up to three minutes. Much larger barriers will require constant casting, generally speaking anything larger than a meter tall and half a meter wide requires a constant casting. A mage skilled in both Barrier Light and Healing Light is able to form a protective barrier and then flood the inside with Healing Light, creating a healing pod of sorts. This expert level skill is extremely effective at stabilizing a patient as opposed to actually curing them. It halts immediate mass bleeding and ensures a patient will remain alive when they are in a critical state. This technique is mostly used to buy time for other doctors and light mages to arrive to save a person who is near death, but it won't actually do much in terms of healing. Curiously enough, Barrier Light does not allow cold or heat to pass. Barrier Light shields can be used to warm up a cold person when put onto them as it radiates a comfortable body temperature without letting cold through.

Cutting Light

Cutting Light is the only forbidden form of Light Magic that is rare and looked down upon by all other practitioners of Light Magic. It allows the user to focus Light Magic at the tip of a finger and, with constant spellcasting, create a cutting force from that finger that can rip through most soft objects like fiery scissors. Some skilled mages are even able to slowly melt iron with it and cut through armor, though this can often obviously only be done to restrained people as the cutting is too slow to actually be practical mid-combat. Another way of using this form of magic is by creating small magical blades on the underside of the forearms, often stretching from the wrist to the elbow with a slight bend outwards. These Light Blades work very similarly to Barrier Light, but have an inverted stopping power; they go through inanimate, dead material and only touch or cut living organic things. This makes Cutting Light extremely dangerous as an offensive form of magic that nullifies any protection the target is wearing. The Blades "phase" through any clothing and armor and directly cut the skin of the target. Cutting Light can however not be used to effectively instantly assassinate anyone. Due to the shape of the blades, they are only able to cut by about half an inch deep, and still require the caster to get close into melee range. Cutting Light Magic emits a bright red light as opposed to the yellow and white of the other forms. This form is often popular among assassins as it allows them to summon the weapons without having them on their person when infiltrating. Cutting Light casting from the fingers requires constant spell casting, while the cutting blades on the arms can be summoned with a ten second spell and remain there for a good two minutes before requiring a re-cast.

Supreme Form

The Supreme Form of Healing Light is often called "Divine Being" due to its almost holy appearance, being the "Ultimate Spell" of Light Magic. Only a Light Mage who is mage level at Barrier Light and Healing can actually enter the Divine Being state, the form being even stronger when the mage is an expert at both. When the Light mage activates the Supreme Form, their whole body starts emitting a bright yellow/white light as their clothing will start to defy gravity and gently flow around. Their eyes turn solid white and emit light and they will levitate off the ground by about a foot. Hair will often also flow freely in the air as if underwater, giving this form a very ghostly appearance. When in Supreme Form, the mage is able to actually cast Healing Light and Barrier Light from a distance of up to thirty feet, while also able to cast on up to twenty people at the same time. While in this form, the Light mage seems very vulnerable, but can actually cast small localized light barriers with single hand movements to deflect incoming projectiles and melee hits from weapons which clash with such force it often sends the attacker back with enough force to throw them up to nine feet. It is by far the most broad spectrum healing spell available as it can quickly mend the wounds of soldiers all around, though this form is often only used as a last resort by Light Mages. As with any Supreme Form, this skill is incredibly taxing and when the Supreme Form wears off, the caster instantly loses consciousness and simply drops to the ground. A mage level mage can sustain the Supreme Form for up to three minutes, while passing out for two hours afterwards. An expert mage can sustain it for twice the time at six minutes, but will pass out for six hours afterwards. Generally speaking, the time used to sustain the Supreme Form in minutes dictates how many hours the mage will remain unconscious afterwards. This Supreme Form is often worshiped by Cielothar as the most divine state anyone can be in to get closer to Estel. Other races often also appreciate the angelic properties of this spell, having depicted it in various rare paintings and sculptures. Curiously enough, Light mages are unable to speak in Supreme Form, uttering only almost harrowing calling sounds that border between angelic opera and terrifying ghostly howling. This Supreme Form cannot be used for a full week after the last usage, regardless of mage level skill.

Note: The Concept of Supreme Form is currently in BETA, meaning this may be redacted from lore if it is found that this adds nothing substantial to roleplay. We are experimenting with adding the concept of Supreme Forms to all forms of magic to make magic roleplay more interesting.

Modern Use

Light Magic can be found in nearly every modern army on Aloria, be it either tucked away into a corner or openly and proudly being used to save lives on the battlefield. Healing Light is often more practical to battlefield situations as it allows on-location medical aid, being faster and more reliable while a battle is still ongoing. In some rare cases a soldier might even be fixed up enough to continue participating in the battle where otherwise his wound might have proven fatal if he needed to be brought back to the doctors at the base camp. Celestial Healing Clinics are becoming more popular across Aloria, with Light Magic being well on its way to becoming a fully accepted and tolerated form of Magic in even the most Magic hating states. It is becoming so common that even small villages on the Regalian Frontier generally have at least one Elder who knows some basic forms of Healing Light to aid the village when medical supplies are hard to find. Blinding Light is used commonly by the Songaskia during religious ceremonies, glorified as some means to emulate the divine light of the sun. Barrier Light is not often used in modern times, though mostly seen by Light Mages who live out in the wilderness to protect themselves. Cutting Light is even more rare, only vague rumors being heard of shady individuals being able to cast this magic in the Regalian Sewers.


  • A highly sought-after healer once claimed that his Healing Light magic shone purple. It could never be disproved, because he insisted he worked best on unconscious patients.
  • Healing Light magic doesn’t work on Drowdar because of their natural resilience to magics.
  • An inexperienced Student in Cutting Light tried to take on the guards outside of his city’s tavern. He was quickly overtaken.

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