Long Fluff Ithanian

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Long Fluff Ithanian
Official Name Long Fluff Ithanian
Common Nicknames Long Fluff
Classification Mammal
Habitat Urban Environments
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Long Fluff Ithanian is a large, long-haired domesticated cat native to Ithania; known and prized for its heavy coat of fur. They are found very commonly in more wealthy homes in Ithania, but have recently begun becoming more commonplace in Regalia, mostly among Ithanian families and those who have travelled to Ithania and purchased a cat as a souvenir of sorts. These cats are quite expensive, require high maintenance, and are hard to find outside of Ithania, meaning they can only be sighted in Regalia in the homes of the wealthy—be it Ithanians or Nobility.


The Long Fluff was originally bred from other cats. The breeders picked out generic cats with the thickest and shiniest coats of fur, the biggest ears, and the largest builds to breed an ideal pet for the first family that hired them exclusively for breeding a cat of this standard. When other families noticed the appearance of this cat, they all hurried to hire the same breeder to try breed a cat with the same aesthetics, resulting in a large amount of similar looking, expensive cats with very few differences between them. The original noble house to breed these cats was outraged, and it then soon after became a competition among the richer folk to see who could have the most “perfect” Long Fluff—something that causes rivalry among owners and breeders of the Long Fluff to this day. At this point, a minimum of one Long Fluff is found in the majority of wealthy Ithanian homes, both in Ithania and Regalia.

Physical Appearance

The Long Fluff is larger than a standard sized cat. They are well-built; females weigh from seven to ten pounds, and males weigh twelve to sixteen. Their coat of fur is naturally very long, thick, and glossy, and is water repellant. Their undercoat is thickest at the head, chest, and legs, typically bearing a lighter color than the rest of their fur. The most common coloration of the Long Fluff is stony gray with a very light grey or white undercoat, although brown and tan color mixtures are not entirely uncommon.


While both genders have the same general appearance, the males are a fair amount heavier than the females when it comes to Long Fluff cats. Both genders have the same thick coat, large ears and strong claws native to this breed. There are few differences from gender to gender however, although most are very small and unnotable. The most common difference is the typically darker fur tones of the males in comparison to those of the females. Additionally, the ears of the females are slightly more angular than that of the males, and tend to be larger. Larger, rounder eyes are more common with the females, as well as larger paws in proportion to the rest of the body.

Life Span and Development

The Long Fluff has an average lifespan of fourteen to sixteen years if properly cared for and fed. They require a larger amount of food than an average cat due to their larger size, adding to the reasons they often aren’t owned by less wealthy families. They are quite small when born, barely larger than a hand with a very large head. In fact, their head doesn't change in size nearly as much as they age compared to how the rest of their body grows. When fully grown, their head is still larger in structure and scale than the rest of their body, but the thick coat of fur makes it appear otherwise.

Mental Overview

Due to mostly being raised in wealthy homes, the Long Fluff is a docile, solitary and elegant creature. It is generally not used to having to do much work or put much effort into anything, as they spend most of their time either being showed off to friends, lying around, or being groomed. They are somewhat solitary, but usually will have one master that they are bonded to above others and will often remain loyal and friendly to them. They don't tend to be friendly with others of the same species unless they are of immediate family, as they aren't used to seeing any cat outside of their house appearing the way the Long Fluff does. From childhood these cats are trained to be poised and elegant creatures, which means they do not run away or get into trouble once they're out of their young kitten stages. However, this mentality is typically overwritten when they are challenged by another Long Fluff.

Territory and Groupings

Long Fluff are very solitary outside of their own family and do not take kindly to feeling threatened or challenged. They are fiercely defensive of their family's territory, particularly when pitted against other Long Fluff.


  • The Long Fluff have extremely strong and sharp claws, which typically have to be painfully clipped.
  • The fur of the Long Fluff is often used to stuff winter caps, although this is illegal in the holdings of most noble Long Fluff owners.

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