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Appearance Jar of pink dust and berries
Application Heated directly beneath the container
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Friedrich Muller
Potency A medium-sized jar, half-filled with ingredients.
Injectable No
  1. Reacts when base is heated to cause Fireweed ignition, which creates an explosive burst of air from within the jar.

Friedrich’s Luftkanone is a deceptively simple jarred weapon, used mainly for stunning opponents in criminal confrontations. Discovered accidentally by a Regalian alchemist, the Luftkanone’s capability for artificial gales of wind is highly renowned, especially in the criminal community of the Holy City. Although mainly seeing use in crime as a weapon, Luftkanones have also been used to blow open doors or create diversions by knocking over objects like vases and light furniture.


With a relatively recent creation, the origins of Freidrich’s Luftkanone are well-recorded and entirely unaltered from the day they were reported. In 283AC, amateur Regalian alchemist Friedrich Muller’s boredom-driven experiment of heating powdered Fireweed and a handful of Popberries on a metal plate lead to the discovery of a new reaction. Unexpectedly, the heat caused the Popberries to burst explosively, sending burning Fireweed powder flying and, reportedly, burning off Muller’s eyebrows. Realising that the Popberries had such explosive potential, Muller began refining his creation. Eventually, he realised that he could direct the blast via only allowing one point of exit, increasing the power of the gust. With some interest from the criminal elements of Regalia, Muller began to distribute his creation in jars, marketing it as his ‘Luftkanone,’ or ‘air cannon’. With the recipe for the Luftkanone being visible to the naked eye, the buffeting, jarred gusts became commonplace across Regalia, spreading fast around the Holy City and its territories where, despite its predominantly criminal usage, it remains legal on the principle that it cannot directly cause harm.


The creation of Luftkanones is deceptively simple, with the only real lesser known information being that the pink dust is dried, ground-up Fireweed. To begin with, the Fireweed should be properly dried between parchment before being pulverized with a mortar and pestle. A good deal of Fireweed needs to be converted for the concoction, enough to layer the base of the jar at a depth of around a quarter of an inch. The Popberries should then be placed within the jar and on top of the pulverized Fireweed. At this point, the Froid Pourde also must be added into the potion, which has the effect of frosting the glass and lightly freezing the ingredients. Following this, the jar should be loosely sealed so as to enable the pressure to escape. If sealed too tightly, the jar itself may shatter outwards with much weaker force than that which escapes the lid, wasting any kind of potential by removing its container. It is then ready to be heated up at any time.



The Luftkanone is unreactive until heated at the base via a match, so as to ignite the Fireweed and induce a gust in the direction of the jar’s lid. The smallest jar possible for use is a regular jam jar, given that anything smaller will produce little more than a strong breeze, whilst any jars larger require greater quantities of ingredients that are, in the end, wasted due to creating effects barely stronger than those found coming from the jam jar.


Once heated, the sheer number of Popberries in the container, coupled with the single point of exit for their air, creates a powerful gust capable of staggering the average Ailor male in light armor. Notably, the Luftkanone doesn’t actually cause any damage; the Fireweed is simply used to make the Popberries burst, at which point the rush of air extinguishes any flame so it cannot cause burns. The Popberries are irretrievable following their bursting, though small amounts of the pulverized Fireweed can be recovered for later use. Smaller containers of Luftkanone are frequently used to create gentler, more docile puffs of air—especially when combined with the use of confetti for novelty purposes. Any container of Popberries larger than the average jam jar, however, cease to cause an outward reaction, as the sheer amount of force immediately consumes all outward energy.

Physical Characteristics

Friedrich’s Luftkanone takes the form of a simple jar made with thick glass, containing a thin layer of pink powder at its base with what can only be described as oversized blueberries on top of that. Oftentimes, a match is tied to the lid of the jar. The contents of the jar smell overpoweringly of ash and fire, with no scent of the Popberries lingering, while the taste is said to simply be ash and blueberries.


  • The Luftkanone has recently seen use as a ‘confetti cannon’ at parties, with colorful scraps of paper being placed inside to be fired out throughout the celebration.
  • Attempts to restore the original fiery reaction reported by its creator have always failed. In fact, some suspect that Friedrich’s story about losing his eyebrows to the flame is an outright lie to make his creation seem more powerful.
  • Friedrich’s Luftkanone is known by most criminals within Regalia as the “Jar o’ Wind”, owing to its gale-force gusts upon activation. Other variants of the name include “Wind-in-a-Jar” and “Glass of Gusts”.

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