Lyss-Eish Dust

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Lyss-Eish Dust
Appearance A fine, transparent powder not unlike sand from a white beach.
Application Contact with skin, or applied in paste form.
Proficiency Requires 15 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown; Allar origin
Potency Mere skin contact.
Injectable Yes, immediate onset. Effects last 20 minutes at injection site.
  • 2/10 parts Vocadine.
  • 2/10 parts Clove oil.
  • 2/10 parts Witchhazel oil.
  • 2/10 parts Willow bark.
  • 1/10 parts Turmeric.
  • 1/10 parts Ground saltpeter.
  1. Freezing/Frostbite sensation at contact.
  2. Painful sensitivity of skin when moved.
  3. Perceived fatigue when inhaled.
  4. Difficulty of movement at affected extremities.

Lyss-Eish Dust, known to the layman as “Potted Frost”, is a powerful and debilitating substance described by alchemists as a ‘weaponized anesthetic’. While practical to use for emergency pain-killing, many professional rogues and villains have taken to using the dust as a form of frost bomb. Those affected are subject to the sensation of freezing and loss of sense where the dust may touch the skin. Sluggishness of movement and thought may follow when the substance is inhaled, effectively slowing any who are not draped with thick cloth from head to toe.


There are two possible origins for Lyss-Eish dust, though there is no way to attest the legitimacy of either theory. The more commonly believed history for the dust attributes its creation to Allar alchemists who sought to create a pain-killer that could be used for both medical and hostile purposes. Others credit the creation of the dust to an unnamed criminal syndicate based in Hallonq who had access to trained alchemists. Both theories are supported by the fact that Lyss-Eish Dust found popularity after the Chrysant War, which opened the world to both possible creators of the substance. The recipe for the substance has spread through southerly trade routes and has become exceedingly popular within Farah'deen.


Lyss-Eish dust is extremely dangerous to make. Failure to comply with the strict recipe can cause the dust to break loose and temporarily paralyze anyone who breathes in its unrefined form. The process is started by steeping chunks of willow tree bark in a measure of Vocadine for a day. The treated alcohol is then slowly introduced to clove oil and Witchhazel oil through dual alembics until the ratio between oil and liquid is approximately 3 to 5 respectively. The resulting mixture is then poured in precise measurements in small clay pots along with turmeric and saltpeter. These clay pots are then sealed with a cork with a hole in its top, and heated over a fire for two days until the liquid mixture has evaporated and left behind the dust. The alchemist will know the mixture is done when fumes stop escaping from the holed cork.



As mere skin contact can start sending tendrils of freezing sensations to the affected area, those who work with the dust must wear leather gloves and ensure their mouths are covered with a cloth. To apply as a pain-killer, the dust must turned into a paste with clean water and rubbed onto the skin where the soothing sensation is needed. As a ‘frost bomb’, Lyss-Eish must be kept in the clay pot it was brewed in. The pot serves as a grenade casing, whereupon smashing the vessel will send the dust everywhere within an approximate ten-feet diameter. Airborn Lyss-Eish has a tendency to get through anything short of padded cloth.


Touching the raw powder of Lyss-Eish gradually imparts a severe numbness upon where it made contact with skin within the span of five minutes. Those affected compare the sensation to that of plunging one’s self in freezing water from the northern edges of Aloria. As the sensation makes its way throughout the nerves, almost all sense of touch is robbed from the affected area. Movement and response becomes difficult as their motion and stimuli is severely hampered and disoriented. The only way to reduce the disturbing and sometimes painful sensation of supposed frostbite is to remain still, thereby enforcing its identity as a frost bomb. This effect often only lasts for five to ten minutes. Inhaling the dust will send the numbness into the body itself, proving harmless if not alarming. In spite of its debilitating nature, Lyss-Eish has no reported long-term effects. However, those who are repeatedly doused with the dust will often experience sporadic chills when out in the open air.

Physical Characteristics

Lyss-Eish dust, in its pure form, appears like sand infused with clumps of sandstone from a white beach. It’s visible form dissipates when the granules are disturbed, thereby becoming a blue-tinged mist when fully dispersed in the air. This same ice-blue hue is reflected in wetted Lyss-Eish when turned into a paste. There is no way to tell its smell nor taste, as those senses are subdued if the dust makes contact with the nose or tongue respectively.


  • Lyss-Eish is often sold in a diluted form at markets in the continents of Farah'deen for its cooling effects. This version, a popular knick-knack for foreigners, isn’t known to debilitate or ‘freeze’ the body like its pure counterpart, making it a very useful supplement for desert travel.
  • Outside of the Qadirrye Caliphate and its client states, Lyss-Eish dust is illegal. In Regalia, possession of Lyss-Eish is punished with the confiscation of any alchemical equipment and penal servitude for six months.
  • Lyss-Eish dust was introduced to Regalia in 299 AC when a group of Varran smugglers doused the entire lobby of the Pub-By-The-Well during an ill-fortuned deal. The scene, as described by men of the Violet Order, was occupied with unmoving and weakly groaning patrons who winced with pain or alarm if they dared move their body.

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